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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 23


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 23

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

"You've been having nightmares? "
 Hunter asks I shook my head sideways staring back at him. "I just want to make sure they don't take you too." I couldn't bite back my blush the second I mentioned those words, Hunter pushes a strand of my hair back.

"You sure this isn't a trick so you can... "

"I don't want to sleep with you.." my cheeks blossomed crimson red, Hunter noticing chuckled to himself. "I didn't even know you wanted me that badly." he teased I lift up my hand to slap him swiftly he grabbed it and from that moment I knew I was a gonner when he flashed his subtle smirk.

I tried pulling away from his grip but be gently squeeze my hand, he tugged me closer to him, I crashed against his torso, my heart raced as Hunter lips teased the lobe of my ear.

"Don't you want me Vera? "

I swear I felt my heart stop a moment so did my defense mechanism, his hands trailed down both my thighs lifting me up in an immediately striding to his bed, he gently lays me down.

'Just fucking say yes and suck that dick' my inner thoughts screamed.
Oh my gosh what is wrong with me.

He leaned on closer till I felt his warm breath soothing against my skin, his eyes were focused on mine but then he stopped we were a inch apart, I tried so hard not to loose my mind.

"I'm not going anywhere Amirah don't worry I'll be fine." he cooed glancing down over my lips.

"Promise? " I ask as he smiles at me but genuinely.

"Promise." he said planting a kiss on my forehead before slowly backing off, I settled on the bed slowly dozing off to sleep my eyes trailed to Hunter who sat down on a chair on the right side of the bed going through some files.

My eyes went shut and for the first time in a week since Ariel died I didn't feel so empty anymore.

Delilah's Pov
Hunter was arriving at the airport, I wore the most sexist dress that could make any man kneel, Paisley slipped work and came too she wore a simple sun flower dress packing her blonde hair in a bun.

She only skipped work because she said she rather escort me welcoming Hunter than spend one more day in the company with all those strict diets.

She never takes her any of her diets seriously so I'm not surprised.

She was glancing through her phone going through her instagram.

"The world must be ending." she dramatically panicked in shock I scoffed letting out a chuckle and rolling my eyes at her.

"That's the same thing you said when you modelled that jump suit last week."

"Ummh that Jump suit was tight as fuck I swear I couldn't breathe and this time I think the world is gonna end." she said showing me a picture of Regina Hayles.

My breath hitch as I swiped her phone from her grasp.

"What the fuck she's back in Nashville? " I growled scrolling through her pictures she definitely photoshopped. "I thought she married Noah and moved to London." I voiced in disbelief.
"I thought so too." Paisley said snatching back her phone.
"Eventually they had a divorce after she allegedly aborbted his child and accused him of abusing her causing her to lose the child, her daddy went on to press charges and he had to share half of his working income and expenses after the divorce as compensation for abusing her but we all know she aborted it, Regina fucking hates children and she got away with it." Paisley spat.

"Because her daddy is Albanian prime minister." I said
"Bingo, to make matters worse she's back in Nashville and we both know for who" Paisley hinted the last part.

Regina Hayles is my childhood nemesis our mothers were pretty close and they expected us to be close but the thing was that we were not.

People thought that we were twins because we did everything together to make our mothers happy but the thing was I couldn't stand her she was just so full of herself and always getting us in trouble.

After my mom died her mom tried to make her try to be close to me so I wouldn't feel bad I knew what she was doing she didn't care she was just following her moms order, I just kept quiet until her father got promoted as the prime minister of Albania.

At first she moved back to Albanian but then her father cheated on her mother and they had a divorce, I don't know if it ever did have an effect on her but her mother moved back to Nashville so did she and I couldn't say we were friends then.

She had this huge obsession over Hunter and almost killed me once she found out we were engaged, unfortunately Hunter never liked her.

Her mother moved to London while she moved back with her dad and a few years later I hear she was engaged to Noah later they got married and I thought her obsession was over but no.
She divorced her husband and comes back to Nashville just to get Hunter to dick her.

The Plane landed I looked up to see the attendant loading off the plane.

"Arghh... " Paisley moaned in boredom like I didn't ask her to come.

I focused my gaze on the gateway, Hunter passed through it with his mask on with another figure, my nostrils flare up on glancing at the figure she was wearing a mask also walking behind him as his guards or security kept her cornered, they took away his bags and also hers.

Hunter stopped so did the girl, he nodded as the men by his side left, his gaze was focused on mine I froze I didn't know what to say or do he didn't look interested at all but walked towards me anyways.

"Why are you here? " he asked softly but it came out cold at the end which made me shut.

Paisley ran over and violently pulled the girl behind Amirah into a big hug.

"You didn't forget me." I couldn't see her expression but I knew she felt like crying I looked closely at the girl it was Amirah.

"Paisley, I think you popped my rib cage." Amirah said almost out of breath, she quickly pulls out of the hug running her fingers through Amirah's hair.

"I'm so sorry, God I missed you. Why didn't you tell me you were coming back to Nashville today? I could have at least wore something way fancy." Paisley blabbed as Amirah giggled.

"I thought you would be busy with work."

"Are you kidding? I skipped work and if I knew you were coming I would have skipped it a week earlier I'm just glad you're back." she said pulling Amirah into another bear hug while I watch in resentment. "You missed me right? " she muffled quietly.

"I'm glad you're not gone too." Amirah said patting Paisley at the back, my gaze went to Hunter who's gaze never left Amirah's it make me sick to my stomach.

"Hunter.." I went over and pecked him on the lips, his eyes widens since he was caught off guard. "I missed you baby." I said seductively, Paisley and Amirah pulled away from the hug as Paisley stuck out her tongue in disgust.

"Sweet Jesus, Delilah dial down your affection I'm busy showing Amirah how much I missed her." she spat I rolled my eyes at her. "Why don't you kiss her why you are at it." I said.

"I will, kiss me Amirah.." she puckered her lips playfully trying to kiss Amirah. "Hell no.." Amirah chuckled trying to push Paisley away as they both giggled to themselves.

"Come on I'll tell you everything that happened when you were gone, you're not going to believe this.." she muttered leaving with Amirah as they discussed what ever the hell Paisley brought up.

"I didn't expect you would come to the airport?"

"My husband was away for two weeks I had the right to welcome him back from wherever the hell he was." I stated bluntly.

"I was in New York doing business? " he claimed.

"What kind of business? I called Hilary and she said Thiago and Kaleb were in Denver what possibly could you be doing in New York Hunter and to top it all you brought that little mistress of yours."

"You're the one that wanted a break Delilah I didn't ask for it you did."

"Because you can't settle down and have kids, don't you think after ten years of giving you time you could have at least thought about having children once." I said as he sighed not interested in the topic.

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"I can't give you children Delilah." I felt my heart bleed as he slowly looked back at me.

"I can't keep hurting you and expect you to think about a false hope that will never happen." he muttered on. "So what are you trying to say I can't give you children, I can't be the one to bear your children? " I sobbed getting attention from the rest of the passerbys.

"That's not what I'm trying to say I can't keep holding you down and limiting your happiness Delilah."
"Then tell me what you want? " I asked

"I want a divorce."

I felt my whole world crashing down it felt like someone poured ink in my perfect fairytale and burned down the forest.

"Why are you punishing me? " I asked.

"I'm not punishing you I'm setting you free this is what you need, I can't keep you bent on false hopes." he said as tears flicked down my cheeks.

"Did I do anything wrong, then please forgive me, I don't want this Hunter, if you don't want kids then fine I'll lock my tubes I won't pester you anymore for kids." I sobbed choking on my tears.

"You didn't do anything, it's not about if I want children it's about us I can't keep fooling you." he said.

"it's because of her isn't it? " I muttered

"Amirah has nothing to do with my decision, This was a long made decision I didn't know how to break it to you." he said avoiding my watery gaze.

"I don't care if you already made up your mind, I love you Hunter If it means staying by your side and only having sex with me for pleasure I'll do it I don't want us to get a divorce."

"You need someone who loves you and who would grant you your wishes and make you happy we were both pressured into this marriage when we were 18, I wasted 10 years of your life to find someone who would love you, I don't love you Delilah." that was the final blow.

"Then let me love you, if you don't love me then my love is enough for the both of us to keep going." I sobbed loudly.

"it's not fair one of us doesn't get love, I can't keep lying to you or deceiving you."

"You bastard, you son of a bitch you used me." I heaved loudly.
"I'm sorry." he muttered lowly resistant to my tantrums, I slide the ring out of my fingers and toss it at him.

"I cheated on you with Derek you son of a bitch, he made me feel special and loved more than you could ever do."

He looked back at me with pain in his eyes.

"I knew you cheated on me with Derek, you're not the first and you were never going to be the last to open your legs to Derek." my eyes widened in shock.

"You knew?? " I asked, he nods
"I tracked down your phone when you left, and I encrypted both your chats thanks to Kaleb, I just let you because it was my fault I'm sorry Delilah."

"You Bastard." I yelled again getting attention from the passerbys.

Someone turned me, it was Paisley she was already in tears.

"How dare you fuck my boyfriend to cheat on your husband." she raised her palm in the air and slapped me.

~To be continued~

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