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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 22


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 22

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

A week passed in New York after the death of Ariel, at first it felt like a dream no it felt like a nightmare but as a week past it was no longer a nightmare it was reality and couldn't bring myself to accept it I buried myself in this dark corner and I'm afraid I can never come out of it.

A week passed after the bombing security has been tight because the Mayor thought another bombing could occur probably because they were attacked by terrorists but no I was partially the reason that hospital was bombed.

Hunter and I went to town square to be briefed on those that died, I was idle among the crowd I didn't pay attention to some of the names called.

"Ariel Dallas, her body had more hit during the bombing she survived with a mother and a few relatives."

Anger course through my veins, Ariel had relatives and they didn't once visit her after her mother left her they are all horrible people.
"We send our condolences to those who lost their lives during the bombing, thank you for making yourself present during this briefing we call it to a dismissal." The commissioner said as everyone slowly scattered I fixed my eyes at everyone one by one then my gaze stuck at Hunter.

He was wearing a black mask to hide his identity with a white and blue buttoned up shirt tucked under his black denim jacket and his dark blue jean to complement it all.

He walked up to me and stopped when we were a inch apart.
"Want to stay longer? " he asked as I shook my head.

Kaleb and Thiago were in Denver taking care of a mission, Hunter was supposed to be with them but he decided to stay and keep me company in New York.

We haven't discussed anything about the death of Ariel neither have we discussed about what's next for me, he was either waiting for me or heal patiently or he was afraid I was going to leave nonetheless he tried as much as possible to keep my mind away from the fact that Ariel was gone.

What was the point of Living?

"Thank you for coming with me to the briefing but I think this is where we part ways I don't want to keep holding you down." I said looking back at him for a reaction but I got none.

"What are you going to do? " he asked trying to study my thoughts but it was broken.

"I'm going back to my apartment to pack some few things and probably wait for whoever killed Ariel to kill me too."

"Amirah... "

"Let me be Hunter, I put everyone in danger I can't keep being the reason everyone dies thank you for everything but I have to draw the curtains here, go back to your Nashville because I'm not going back with you." I couldn't bite back my tears and I knew the more words that kept coming from my mouth the more it hurt Hunter but he couldn't show it.

I slowly stepped back before finally twirling around and walking away from him.

I first went to the hospital that was bombed staring awfully long at the crumbled building, pain and anger coarse through my veins, my blood boiled as every single of my tears drop down to the earth.

"forgive me for what I did from stopping you from living a normal life." my heart ached but it couldn't bring her back I went back to my apartment on the table was a tablet and a gun I went over and picked up the tablet it was on pause.

I sat down on the couch opposite the table and clicked on the video.
'Elenora Dallas compensated with half a million from the funds of her daughters surgery after loosing her daughter to the bombing...' my blood boiled as I watched how the woman greedily took the money after leaving her daughter to die.

The video stopped still continued playing as I saw nothing but darkness.

"This was the woman who abandoned her daughter and mostly the reason Ariel gave hope, now she's scott free pitied by the public eye while Ariel died unjustly your hope for living is gone." more tears roll down my cheek as the voice continue.

"There is a gun on the table and when the video ends the address to Elenora Dallas is pasted, pick up the gun and find Elenora then you can finally kill that woman who is taking advantage of her daughters death then after that you can decide whether to kill yourself or not." the video ended I put down the tablet and picked up the gun looking back at the Tablet.

I put down the gun and changed into a black dress which was knee length and a white jacket I took one of my purses and a sun hat and picked up the gun stashing it in my purse.

I strut out of the building slamming the door behind me as revenge burned at the back of my mind.

Hunter's Pov
Everytime I try to at least comfort her she always puts up a wall and now hell knows what's going on in her mind.

My phone rings disturbing my thoughts I quickly answer the call.
"How's the mission? " I asked, it was Kaleb.

"Nothing suspicious yet, what about Amirah? " he asked.

"She went back to her apartment, she said she needed to pack up some things." I muttered.

"I can imagine what she's going through poor Amirah." he said as I massage my temples.

"Kaleb? "

"Hunter you can't force her to just do what you want. I know you want the best for her but Amirah has lost a lot of people and she's only 21, you have to leave New York tommorow if it's her wish for you to stay away then stay away.." he said over the phone, I hanged up tossing my phone on the couch.

Amirah's Pov
I was at the Ceremony for Ariel's funeral, the funeral was as fake as her mother, they only came to comfort Elenora, they knew nothing about Ariel they were comforting a witch who wanted nothing to do with her daughter.

The ceremony ended as everyone were busy chatting while some who actually cared cried especially an old lady, I waited a few minutes.

"I loved my daughter so much I can't believe who would be so heartless to cause her so much pain." she sobbed and shed her crocodile tears I snapped pulling out my gun.

I walk up to her with the gun by my side she didn't notice because she was busy faking her tears, I pointed the gun over her head holding on to the riffle.

Her eyes danced in fear and I could hear her heart beat as she tensed up those who were chatting with her gasped and moved back.

"Please don't kill me.. " she stuttered in fear.

"You were busy showing how loud your mouth is but you can't speak because a gun is pointed at your head." a tear slides down my cheek as she stammered in fear.

"What do you want from me? "

"You don't even remember me Elenora you witch, you left Ariel all alone when she needed a mother, you left her to die not caring if she was your daughter, you all left her to die and now you claim the money that was supposed to fund for her surgery you disgust me." she shook in fear.
"Please take the money if that's what you want." I held tightly to the riffle as her speaking seemed to disgust me more she couldn't even apologize.

"I don't want your money, that won't bring Ariel back will it?? It won't replace the feelings of rejection Ariel got from you, it won't replace the feelings of loneliness." I said pushing the gun to her forehead while I stood in front of her.

"Please I'm begging you don't kill me." she pleaded, my thoughts were polluted with anger.

"don't worry we'll both go to hell together." I said about to shoot but someone knocked the gun away from from my grasp, I turned to see Alec.

"Amirah what is wrong with you? " he asked.

"She's the reason why Ariel was in that damn hospital, she deserves to die." I yelled.

"She didn't bomb the hospital did she?? She didn't kill Ariel and you know it you're just looking for an excuse to share your guilt, you don't have to do this." he said calmly while I looked around everyone scared, I looked back at Elenora she was also in tears.

"I'm sorry...." I said falling down on my knees, Alec ran over to me pulling me back on my feet, he hugged me as I sobbed loudly on his shoulder.

"I'm right here Dorothy.. " he said patting me on my back as I sniffled loudly, he quietly took me out as I tried drying up my tears.
"I killed her Alec and now I wanna kill someone else." I sobbed.

"You didn't kill anyone, you're just hurt." he said as I sobbed quietly.
We both got on his car as he drove me to Hunters place.

"How are you doing? " he asked.
"I'm fine, how did you know where I was, I thought you said you were no longer in New York." he first froze then caught up his breath.

"I missed you, I decided to see you and took the next flight to New York and I knew you were going to do something stupid so I went to your apartment and found a tablet and watch the video that sent you on a man hunt what were you thinking? " he said as I sighed.

"I'm sorry.. " I stated.

"You could have gotten arrested Amirah, I know she wasn't the best kind of mother but you can't kill someone you'll end up in jail." he half yelled.

"And why the fuck do you care?? I wanted to shoot myself after I killed her anyways you wouldn't understand because you never lost someone you love." I yelled, I hate my tears rolled down my cheeks when I was upset I felt weak.

"You're right I would never understand." he stopped the car at Hunter's place.

"Thanks for stopping me earlier , but right now I don't want you close to me just do me a favor and stay away from me you'd be doing yourself a favor."

I got out of the car, Hunter was standing not too far away.
I went past him as he followed behind and shut the door.

I turned to face him.

"I'm only staying because Alec can't come in here I'll leave in the morning." he gripped tightly pulling me back him.

He took out his gun and handed it over to me.

"if you really want me to stay away from you and part ways I want you to shoot me Amirah, then I can no longer pressure you anymore I'll be dead to you literally." he took two steps back while I pointed the gun at him, the gun fell from my grasp I couldn't kill him.

"I don't want to kill you." I said.
"But you don't mind staying away from me from the
 rest of your life." he retorted.

"That's different, I'm trying to protect you."

"And pushing me away and facing everything everything on your own you're just hurting yourself the more." he said.

"Because of me they killed Avery and Ariel Hunter why can't you understand."

"What do you want me to understand Amirah." he yelled like he's almost giving up.

"I don't want to loose you too, anyone that walks into my life or who is part of my life they just leave if I stay by your side they will take you too." I said before I realized it I just poured how I really felt.

Hunter chuckled to himself moving closer to me.

"You won't loose me Amirah no matter what happens dangerous or not I'll be right here after everything you've been through I'll be right here for you to lean on, I won't force you to stay and you can't force me to stay away from you so what will it be will you go back with me." he said peeking in through my soul.
"Ariel was my only reason to live, What else can I live for? "

"Let me be one of the reasons to live."
Hunter's Pov
Amirah finally agreed to go back with me to Nashville.

I was in my room going through some documents until I heard a light knock on the door.

I open it to see Amirah.

"I can't sleep can I sleep in your room? " she asked.

"Why? " I asked.

"You know what just forget it." she spat.

"Fine, just let me just make it comfortable so you can sleep then I'll leave." I said as she shook her head.

"I don't want to sleep alone." she said nervously fiddling with her fingers "I want to sleep with you." she mummered.

Alec's Pov
"You said you wouldn't kill the little girl I left New York and the next thing I know you bomb the hospital." I spat furiously.

"I didn't bomb the Hospital Alec, I didn't even plan to kill the little girl."

"And I should believe you, you sent her a gun to kill the girls mother." I hissed.

"I did but unfortunately you ruined the plan besides I didn't think she could do it she's not as brave as Norah."

"So if you didn't bomb the hospital who did? " I asked as he smiled.

"probably someone who Is interested in her why are you suddenly overprotective of Amirah? " he smirked as I froze.

"Falling sick in love with her right? " he asked.

"I'm not interested in her, you already killed her sister, you promise you wouldn't kill Amirah I'm keeping to the deal." I said.

"I'm keeping to my deal so you don't need to worry." he said.

"If I find out you killed that little girl you'll be sorry."

To be continued.

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