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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 21


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 21

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

I sat down in the cell million thoughts were running through my mind and the only question I had was why?

Why was this happening?

Why didn't it happen to me?
Why Avery?

A tear slides down my cheek, it's no longer safe now, with or without Hunter someone was going to kill me or kill the people I love first.

"Rivera you're free, the police found nothing on you." I slowly got up from my dark corner and lifelessly walk out the cell.

I was taken in as a suspect for Avery's death and as expected I was cut off loose but I wanted to rot in that dark box because somehow the death of Avery was all my fault.

I look back at the two young women arrested for abusing of drugs and destruction of public property, they didn't deserve to be in jail they didn't kill anyone.

I slowly walked out as the office loose me from my handcuffs escorting me to the Longue, I looked back to see Alec, I called him after I called 911.

He got up from his seat and walks up slowly to me, I was down with misery and regret and I succumbed to him in a tight hug.

"She's gone, Avery's gone she didn't deserve to die Alec why would someone be so heartless and kill her I didn't even get to know her." I sobbed loudly Avery tried everything to be close to me and all I did was push her away and when I finally gave her a chance death takes her away from me.

It's true what they say, you only care about someone when they are gone.

Alec tried to comfort me as I sobbed heavily, he ran his fingers through my hair trying to calm me down.

After calming down a bit we both pulled away from the hug I turned to see Kaleb, Hunter and Thiago.

"Amirah? " Hunter questions as his icy expressions softens he looks at me for a while then back at Alec he pulled out his gun as I got in front of Alec before he could think of shooting.

"Hello cousin." Alec greeted as everyone were astonished at the awkward family reunion.

"Hunter we're in public and a police station, this is not a great place to settle both your differences." Thiago advise as he put his gun down.

"Amirah what are you doing here? " Kaleb asked.

"I just got bailed." I replied heaving deep breaths so I wouldn't cry.

"You got arrested damn." Thiago commented.

"Why did you get arrested ?" Hunter asked.

"My roommate was stabbed to death and I was held as a suspect they didn't find my prints on her so they let me go." I said as a tear slides down my cheek.

"Your roommate is dead? " Hunter asked as I nodded.

"The Mystery Killer is in New York and it killed her roommate instead of her? " Kaleb thought as he shared glances with both Hunter and Thiago.

"Whoever wants Amirah wants her dead probably he wanted to kill her instead but her roommate was targeted instead." Thiago said.

"But why didn't he kill her earlier when he shot those 15 people it doesn't make sense." Kaleb thought again.

"it doesn't matter, a killer is after Amirah she's no longer safe, the killer can strike anytime." Hunter said as I avoided his gaze.

"Amirah where were you when this happened?" Kaleb asked. "The hospital I went to see Arie.." I slowed down on my thoughts looking back at Alec.

He told me not to go home and Avery was stabbed to death how the hell could this be not more than a mere coincidence.

"Amirah?? " Kaleb said bringing me back to reality.

"Sorry I forgot today's Ariel final surgery I'm supposed to see her off before the surgery begins." I said as Alec remained calm and undisturbed.

"Can we check your apartment for probably clues on who might be responsible." I nodded.

"The police already taped it so you are free to do whatever you want with the place." I said about to walk out on them but Hunter pulled me back slipping a card in my grasps.

"If you don't have anywhere to go I'll be here for you." he said and I only nodded walking out of the station until I was far away from Hunter and the rest as expected Alec followed.

"You knew Avery was going to die that's why you told me not to go home what are you are you like Hunter too when I was getting tired of this shitty drama you show up isn't anyone normal at least first you guys killed Henry and now Avery what next?? Just kill me instead I should have gone to that apartment and died instead." I broke down everything I was holding up as Alec reached out to comfort me but I just brushed him off.

"Amirah let me explain." he said.

"What's there to explain? you knew someone was trying to kill me and you just kept quiet every thing is wrong about you what are you hiding." I half yelled as Alec sighed.

"Someone wants to kill you Amirah yes I knew but I didn't know they were going to kill your roommate." he said.

"Who wants me dead take me to the person so they can kill me instead I'm tired of being the reason everyone dies." I yelled.

"You're not the reason everyone dies." he mummered.

"Who are you Alec I don't know you, how do you know someone was going to kill me I can't trust you if you act all mysterious if you can't tell me who you are stay the fuck away from me." I muttered as he sighed.

"I came to keep an eye on my cousin, Hunter Dominiquez, he's responsible for the death of Henry Ford a doctor and doctor Laker and probably he could be responsible for the death of your roommate, I got information that someone was going to kill you so that's why I warned you." he said.

"Norah killed Henry not Hunter and doctor Laker tried to kill me I doubt Hunter would want me dead he wouldn't hurt me or go right ahead and hurt someone dear to me." I said as Hunter nodded at my reply.

"I don't know who wants to kill you Amirah, you're their target for some reason and I don't know why do you know anyone that would want you dead? " he asked
"possibly anyone at this point, coming back to New York was a big mistake." I sighed.

"Today is my last day in New York I can't overstay my welcome I need to report back the information I have for now." he said walking up towards me as I tensed up a bit.

"Come with me Amirah I can protect you." he stated as both our eyes locked in a stare.

He reached out to my hair running his fingers through with a smile.

"You don't have to worry anymore I'll be there we can both leave New York tonight, I'll keep you safe." he stated leaning up close to me.

Hunter's Pov
"Interesting." Thiago mummered inspecting the scene of the crime.
"This wasn't part of normal homicide I've got bad news and good news." Kaleb said.
"Good news? "

"They wanted to kill her roommate not Amirah."

"Bad news ?"

"This were not after Amirah so this isn't their full stop they are going to strike again Hunter." Kaleb said.

"So they are killing those close to Amirah instead of her to get her attention ?" I asked.

"We don't know their motive all we know is that people's lives are in danger." he said getting up.

"We need to find Amirah."

"We don't, if we get involved they might kill Amirah instead we just have to wait and see who next they strike." Kaleb said.

"I'm not going to stand here and do nothing." I said walking out on him.

Ariel's Pov
Today was the day for my final surgery I was nervous, I held up a forced smile to the funders who helped for my past surgeries, they held up cardboards with words of encouragement.

"Goodluck with your surgery Ariel." some of them wished, I was on my bed waiting for the last person I know would wish me before I underwent surgery.

The light in my room was flunky as a young man in black walked in he was very handsome as he leaned against the door.

"you're going to have your surgery? " he asked as I nodded.

"Are you here to kill me? " I spot his gun as he smirks at me. "you're not afraid of a gun? " he asked as I shook my head.

"Can I meet Amirah before I die." I said as he nodded.

"I'm going to give you two choices and you can pick anyone you want little girl and it all lies in your decision.

You will see Amirah she will be killed and you probably would survive your surgery but I'll kill you now and Amirah lives, your wish of dying would be honored by just granting me permission, you've been stuck in this hospital bed for a long time don't you think it's time for death to have justice." he said as tears roll down my cheeks as I squeeze tightly the teddy bear she left me.

"Will Amirah truly be okay if I agree to give my life instead." I said as he nodded.

"You're the last person she loves, you dying will make her live longer." I nodded.

"How would you kill me? "
Amirah's Pov
I breathe as I backed away before Alec tried to kiss me.

"I came back because of Ariel and I promise I'm not leaving her I can't go with you Alec I'll help protect myself." I said as he nodded although disappointed the ground shook like it had a minor earthquake for a bit until it died down.

"I'm going to see Ariel before her surgery commences." I said as he nodded.

"Take care of yourself." he said before walking out on me, I sighed and breathe hard, I decided to walked to the hospital since I could use it to voice out my thoughts, I was lost.

Why the hell did I get stuck in this paradox of darkness, slowly everything was pulling me down but only the thought of Ariel kept my hopes up after this surgery she'll be happy again.

Sirens disturb my thoughts as police cars and ambulances swiftly races past me, I was confused because they kept coming one by one.

"It was an explosion." I heard some passerbys mummur to themselves I decided to mind my business heading to the hospital then I saw all the fleet of police cards and the fire the ambulance was putting out.

They taped the place then it dawned on me that the place that fell to crumbles was the hospital, I ran past the tapes to see some of the patients were already saved while some of them were injured, I looked round for Ariel she wasn't there.

"6 bodies found." my heart stopped as I fell down on my knees as hot tears roll down my cheeks.

"Ariel... " I yelled at the top of my voice digging through the ground.
"I should have been the one, take me instead and bring back Ariel please, she was just eleven, she was my sister." I sobbed as my tears slowly dropped to the ground.

Hunter's Pov
"Thank you Kaleb... " I said over the phone walking to my front door as I hanged up.

I squint my eyes as an image rest on my doorstep.

"Amirah?? " she slowly looked up back at me, her eyes were swollen like she's been crying for a long time.

"The hospital where Ariel was going to do her surgery was bombed, she's dead, I couldn't keep her safe. an officer brought me here you weren't home and I had no where to go." she sobbed as I squatted down, she was crying endlessly.

"I'm sorry Amirah." she shook her head.

"First Avery now Ariel, she didn't do anything to them and they killed her it's all my fault."

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