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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 20


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 20

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
It's being a few days now and I haven't heard from Hunter, my mind flashed back to three days ago when I told Hunter to stay away from me and sadly he did for some reason it hurts but I know this is the right thing to do, no more drama, no more getting involved and no more tagging along on dangerous missions I wasn't even a benefit to Hunter.
"Amirah Rivera.. " I looked up to see the receptionist calling out my name, I got up holding my files containing my information and that of Ariel.

Today I was finally granted permission to adopt Ariel, they already interviewed her two days ago and finally it was my turn to be interviewed after this Ariel will get her surgery and she'll be free to be a normal girl, I can't wait for her to do so.

I was so nervous and excited at the same time, nervous because if all this fails Ariel could get adopted by another family besides me and I may never see her again and excited because I was going to have a little sister.

I quickly picked up my files quickly filing them in my binder not paying attention to where I was going I bumped into someone nontheless and stumbled to slowly picking them up, I looked back at the person.

'You gotta be kidding me.'

His smirk rides up his face, I quickly picked up my stuff more than he could but he still helped anyways.

"The universe seem to be pulling us together Dorothy." I cringed at the name and sighed he kindly gave me back the rest of the files he picked up, I nodded walking past him.

"Hold up Dorothy." I stop at my steps turning to face him he walked up to me as his eyes gazed into mine.

"Why do you call me Dorothy? " I asked.

"You have brown hair and the dimples to go with it." I squinted my eyes at his reply and sighed.

"Are you stalking me? "

He chuckled to himself running his fingers through his dark hair clocking his tongue back and forth against his upper lip.

"Like I said the Universe wants us together don't you think? " he cooed and I rolled my eyes.

"I think the Universe was blind and sent you by mistake." I dissed snickering at him.

"Amirah Rivera.. " my name got called again as I turned to get my interview but Alec pulled me back. "Interview? " he asked as I slapped his hands away from me.

"Yes I have a very important interview." I said
"For what? " he asked.

"it's a child care service interview."

"You're adopting a kid? " he asked amused.

"Yeah, What are you doing here? " I asked arching my right brow.

"Taking care of the family business, I'm supposed to fire somebody in this building." I took a glance round confused.

"I thought your family were in the entertainment business, this is a child services department." I said
"We are in the entertainment business two years ago my dad rented this floor to the child services department, my family owns the entire building still but don't worry I'm not firing anyone from this floor" he said and I nodded.

"So this kid you're adopting, is this why you left Nashville to raise a kid." he said and unfortunately my cheeks flush red at his remark.

"No." I bite the inside of my cheeks probably to bite back my blush. "Ariel wasn't the reason I left Nashville." I retorted

"So the little angel is Ariel how old is she? "

"I have an interview to meet up with so I this our conversation has been drawn to a conclusion." I said as he nodded but held on to my arm.

"Let's hang out right after Dorothy." he urged for my reply, I yank away from his grasp.

"My name is Amirah." I scowled at him.

"I'll take that as a yes." he smiled as I glared at him and ignored his auara which was peeking into my thoughts.

Heading to the department, I organized my files along the way one by one, I got in and sat down opposite a woman who was on the phone.

"Miss Rivera, I've been expecting you, so my apprentice already shared me your files and we already interviewed Ariel now this interview will conclude if you get to adopt Ariel Dallas or not." she said popping out her pen holding down a sheet.

"So Amirah you're 21 years old right? Why do you want to adopt Ariel? " she asked.

"That's easy, because I love her she's like a sister to me and hopefully she'll be my sister, everything I've been doing is for her and her only she's the one that keeps me going and I want her to live a normal life." I said as the woman jot some things down.

"Do you have parents? " she asked and I shook my head.

"I see may I look at some of your files? " I gave her some of the files I brought in as she inspected it one by one nodding her head slowly, my heart was pounding and I swear it almost stopped when her expression dropped to a shock.

"It says you had mental challenges in the past? And recently you're undergoing therapy."

I nodded as she stamped it and gave it back to me.

"The adoption will be on hold, until your therapist confirms you're fine." she said and that statement alone broke my heart.

"What's that supposed to mean, are you trying to say because I once has mental challenges that I can't adopt Ariel, this adoption of a thing has been on hold for 9 months why the excuses? " I blurted out tired of this shit.

"I'm doing my job miss Rivera."

"Your part of your job is to make Ariel happy and let me adopt her stop giving excuses." I said.

"Amirah, your parents were murdered, your sister is dead you went into breakdown and later you got kidnapped and later announced found, adopting Ariel should be the least of your problems, you keep loosing everybody Ariel is going to have her surgery and there is a 30 percent chance she'll make it."

"So I can't adopt Ariel because you think she won't make it." I yelled.

"I'm slowing down the adoption process because Ariel thinks she won't make it." she breathes as I fall back on my seat. "Deep down you think she's always happy but she's scared, she lost her dad to the same surgery and her mom left not to bear the pain, she doesn't want to leave you but she's not sure so she said I should slow down the adoption." my eyes well up, during the period I left I had Ariel think all of this.

"I'm sorry, I'll come another time."
 I muttered picking up my files and quickly opening the doors my eyes welled up, I bumped into Alec who quickly noticed my tears.

"What happened? " he asked.

"it got held again because Ariel is afraid she'll die." I sobbed quietly looking back at Alec.

He pulled me into a hug running his fingers through my hair, slowly comforting me.

Hunter's Pov
'Stay far away from me please' her words across my mind, I let go of my pen I was in New York filtering deals with the commissioners to cough up some information.

Like promised I stayed away from her and it's back to my insomnia I barely slept I only took short naps and I was exhausted and the thought of seeing her and not talk to her was killing me.

After some arrangements I went to one of the houses I had in New York I was in my room scanning some documents as the house keeper came into my walked in my room with that skimpy black skirt that went up her ass and a half way button top that showed off her cleavages.

She had long black silkly hair swaying below her back side, I only ignored her as she did some dusting I mean dusting the lamp more than 10 times like a lost goat digging his head through the dirt for more grass.

She pretended to drop the duster just to show me a 3d view of her ass, I put my documents down and finger her to come, she victoriously strut towards me with her flirtatious grin as she flicked her hair back.

"I can't help to notice you're sexy what's your name." she bit her lip as she leaned in closer as her hands found it's way up to my torso.

"June." she purred moving her hands down my abdomen, I took hold of her hand looking into her eyes.

"You've got pretty hands too I'll hate to see them chopped off and nailed on your tombstone." she went pale, I squeeze her hand tightly. "Fucking stop this shit and go back to cleaning up your broke ass and giving your cherry to someone whose okay with a wide hoe." I let go of her hand as she apologizes and nods, I dismissed her as Kaleb and Thiago came in.

"We got most of the Encrypted documents you asked for." they said handing me a flash drive.
"Thaigo who the hell hired that keeper? " I asked.

"You did." he said.

"Well anything else I should know about? " I asked putting down the files.

"I think we can track who ever whoever is interested In Amirah but you're not going to like it." Kaleb said as Thiago elbowed him to go on.

"Is there anything else? " they looked back at each other unsure of who was going to break the bad news, Thiago came forth and sighed.

"He's back." Thiago muttered to himself.

"Who's back? " I asked.

Alec's Pov
Amirah was still bummed out about the adoption stuff, she blanchly looked back at her drink sadly.

"Will I even have kids? " she quietly muttered.

"Depends if you wanna change diapers for the rest of your life." I said as she rolled her eyes at me.
"I was pregnant once for your information." she yelled at me as everyone looked back at us, her cheeks flushed red in embarrassment, she quickly picked up her files.

"Amirah, wait.." she didn't listen as she spilled some of her drink down her documents, she tossed away the documents heading out of the dinner.

I paid for the both of us before chasing after her, I called out to her several times but she ignored speeding up I ran up to her pulling her back to me.

"Stay the fuck away from me." she tried pushing me away but all to no avail she gave up sobbing on my shoulders.

"Look I'm here as a friend Amirah, just tell me everything." she eased up finally succumbing to my fold.
"I can't, I'm just tired and want a break from all this drama but no matter how hard I try I never seem to get a break I'm always being tossed back to square one." she said while I patted her gently.
"You're Afraid of loosing Ariel? " I asked.

"I'll be lying if I said I didn't." she muttered quietly.

"don't go home, go straight to meet Ariel whatever you do don't go home Amirah." I felt her tense up as she looked up at me confused.

"I can escort you if you want ?" I suggested as she shook her head. "No Ariel might start to like you and I don't like sharing her." she smiled waving off my warning.
"I like this Ariel already but I'll respect your wishes Dorothy." I said as she rolled her eyes.

"My name is Amirah." she cooed.
I shrugged as she giggled and we parted.

Amirah's Pov
I didn't want to go home anyways so instead I decided to visit Ariel, she was getting ready for her surgery so she was practicing some breathing exercises.

"So how did the adoption go? " she asked, I breathe in trying to ignore what I just knew so it wouldn't spoil her mood.

"It's on hold, but don't worry I'll make sure you stay with me even though you don't get adopted I'll always be by your side Ariel." she got up to hug me.

"I'm scared Amirah." she finally confessed after all this times.
"I'm scared too but no matter what happens after this surgery you will keep making me go on Ariel." I said as she nodded in the hug.

I finally left the Hospital late probably Avery must be worried sick and probably locked me outside for me to learn a lesson.
I went to my apartment door knocking but Avery didn't open I sighed and opened the door which was unlocked.

I shut the door behind me and switch on the Light and turned to see Avery lying in her own pool of blood, fear course through my veins, my heart kept pounding as I tried to pull out my phone in panic to call 911.

I ran over to her, she was stabbed to death tears stream down my cheeks as I sobbed.

Avery was dead.

To be continued

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