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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 2


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 2

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

=Amirah's Pov=
I woke up next to Ariel who was sleeping peacefully with Hopscotch, I brush her hair lightly with a teasing smile and pulled the sheets over so she could be properly covered since it was cold, it was already late and I need to get back my apartment, I slowly slide away from the covers, tucking her in, I dug my hands down my coat and pulled out the birthday card I got earlier, today was her birthday that's why she got all those toys and balloons from charity, I slide the card under her pillow and quietly backed up.
"Amirah?? " I jolted startled and turned to see Doctor Henry, Ariel's Doctor and my ex.
"Doctor Henry ?? I didn't see you there.. " I scoff a remark of disgust on my lips, he pushes his mask down and scales me from head to toe.
"Amirah you've changed." he complimented flashing me his crooked smile, I pushed a strand of my hair back and stared at him with a death glare.
"How is Willow? " I asked looking back at Ariel and then Henry.
"I apologized Amirah what else could I have done." he replied
He just smiled at me which made my heart fluttered all of a sudden striding next to Ariel's bed taking down some notes.
"Ariel is really lucky to have you Amirah, in her case I would have just given up.. " he said not sparing me a look.
"What do you mean by that doctor Henry? " I growled arching a brow.
"No kid could go through what she have and still wanna live, she's gone through a lot maybe she gets it from you that strong burning exhaust of hope, she reminds me a lot of you... " my cheeks burned red as he shares me a warm smile.
It was happening again my heart was beating like never before.
"Amirah please let me.."
"What we had was history Doctor Henry don't try to make any advances this time... " I breathe coldly staring back at with with a wicked glare.
"Doctor Henry we need you at the Emergency room stat, patient 509 has internal bleeding we need all hands on deck.. " a nurse barged in disrupting our supposed moment, Doctor Henry only nods at her and shot me a smile one last time.
"I'll see you around Amirah.. " he said leaving me baffled.
"Not if you end up dead." I said loud enough before he left the ward.
I kissed Ariel on her forehead.
"Happy Birthday Ariel.. " I whispered as she hugged Mr Hopscotch with a smile.
I went home with a wide grin plastered on my face, thinking about doctor Henry it's the first time he talked to me after our misunderstanding.
I took the subway to my apartment which was in the other side of New York.
I stride towards my apartment to see Avery, my roommate smoking while reading a magazine.
"Hey Bitch how was work? " she asked intoxicating the atmosphere with her ciga.
"Why do you care?? " I scoffed at her, she isn't the kind of person that cares.
"Can't I ask about my best roommate ever?? " she said as I arched my brow suspiciously
"What do you want?? " I rolled my eyes at her devious smirk.
"Remember Tanner? "
"Your Weed buddy?? I remember him, you guys had sex on my bed." it was a bad memory something I wish I could erase.
"good you remember, tommorow there's a new club opening and the entry and drinks are free for the first night it's going to be wild and I was thinking what's a better way of getting drunk." she said still smoking
"I think I'll pass.. "
"oh come on, all you ever do is work, work and work at least have fun for a change besides you owe me for all those times I used my pay check to cover your side of the bills.. " she snickered at me, there was no way I was going to get out of this now.
"Seriously?? " I hissed, I don't want to go to a stupid club and meet drunk idiots and weirdos.
"You owe me.. " she rhyme in a tune and I sighed.
"Fine I'll go but if anything gets out of hand I'm leaving.. " I warned but she rolled her eyes at me.
"What ever Grandma.. " she hissed smoking and puffing it purposely against my face.

The Next Day
After work I went home since Ariel was under sedation to get ready to go to that stupid Club.
Avery lended me one of her dress concluding all my outfits were outdated.
It was a red, V neck short dress which hugged my curves and popped up my cleavage.
I relentlessly try to walk on her high pomps without falling flat on my face with a bleedy nose.
Tanner and some of her weed buddies or should I call them friends showed up at the door to pick us up as we all went to the Club.
It was packed and full, Avery was dancing with some guys while I decided to order for drinks at the bar.
Tanner sat down next to me but on his own stool a inch away as we both quietly drank, which made me wonder why he isn't dancing with his smoke buddy.
"You look amazing.. " Tanner complimented, I almost choked on my drink
Is he flirting with me??
"Thanks.. " I eased but I was uncomfortable already as Tanner tried to buy me some drinks but I declined and started asking me if I had a boyfriend yet and that drew the line
I already know what happened
Somehow Tanner and Avery planned to do something with me and I'm not going to play their game, I tipped the bar tender ordering some drinks for Tanner and excusing myself from the Bar.
It was already 11:48pm, I didn't bother texting Avery, I took off the dreaded heels and walked barefoot to the subway waiting for a train, It was dark but some post lights brightened up the subway, my ride home was here and I got in sluggishly and sat down quietly, we were only five boarding the train and I didn't bother making eye contact with any of them but somehow I felt like I was being watched or followed maybe it was the drinks I had.
The train pulled to a stop, we all quickly got down the train I pulled out my phone to as a flashlight to know where I was going, the road to my apartment was pretty dark. In hast my phone slipped from my grasp on the floor, I heard footsteps coming my way.

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I try to spot where exactly my phone is it was already smashed and I couldn't make out where it fell.
The steps were getting louder, I couldn't just stand there and look for my phone, I ran over tossing my heels that Avery borrowed me hoping it could knock out who was after me.
I stressed my vision to find out which way to my apartment, the steps were out of breach and quickly I ran towards the building leading to my apartment it was on the fifth floor.
Before I could run through the building a hand gripped to me tightly.
"Amirah it's me.." I heard a familiar voice of doctor Henry and twirl to get a glance, it was him.
"Doctor Henry, How?? Why were you chasing me? " I asked breathing in and calming down for a second there I thought it was an insane serial killer or something.
"we need to talk?" he pleads
"We have nothing to talk about, stay away from me." I yanked away from his grip walking away slowly.
"I know about the abortion..." the news came like a dagger through my heart when I guess I was over it.
"You finally got what you wanted right, now that gives you enough reason to stay away from me." I said weakly on way to my apartment running but he followed, I got to my apartment and locked the door behind me before I slide against it in a sob.
"Amirah please open up." I heard Doctor Henry knock but I didn't answer.
He lied to me.
Soon more than half an hour there was nothing but silence, I was about to get up but I heard a knock.
I shook my head, maybe it must have been Avery probably high or drunk I wanted to ignore and teach her a lesson but she pays half of the rent so unfortunately I have to let her in.
I unlock the door with a fixed smirk.
"You couldn't... " doctor Henry dropped dead on the floor in my apartment in horror I run to him but he was already dead.
A girl stood in front pointing a gun over my head taking two steps closer to blowing out my brains.
"your boyfriend??" she said loudly popping her gum.
"you can end up next to him in a few seconds.." she said as she shot me in my arm deep enough as I bled.
She walked in without a care in the world and sat down making herself comfortable.
"Why are you doing this?? " I asked as she smiled.
"You brought this on yourself Amirah. " she grinned, I stare in horror on how she knew my name.
"How?? " I tried getting up.
"If you move any inch the poison in that bullet will freeze your heart under a minute, so stay still you won't die you'll only loose blood and knock out unconscious." she said as I felt my chest tighten and out of breath.

To be continued

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