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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 19


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 19

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

"So? " I looked back at Avery who was at the end of the couch cocking her devilish smirk.

"What? " I asked, she wiggles her brows constantly to get me to spill.

"How did you meet Hunter Dominiquez? "

I sighed, why did Hunter come to New York?

"Ummh well it's a long story and I don't wanna talk about it Avery." I glared at her but she wasn't threathened.

"How could you of all people know Nashville's billionaire it doesn't make sense...oh my gosh did you? " she wiggled her brows at me once again while I shot her a nasty grin.

"Eww I did not sleep with him.. " I blurted instantly as Avery shared me puzzled looks.

"I wasn't going to say you did..." she half yelled and cackled down to the floor laughing at my dirty thoughts. "So you do fantasize about sharing the same bed with him." my heart skipped a beat when she admitted those words.

"What the fuck is wrong with you ?" I tossed a pillow at her direction resulting to as my comfort.

"it's not wrong to have fantasies Amirah but seriously how the hell did you meet a billionaire? " she sad down serious though this time, sitting down I sighed looking back at her.

"I used to work for him in order to pay a large debt, he let me go and overlooked my debt." I said partially the truth.

"What large debt? " she asked
"I borrow a loan, I can't tell you what for it's personal but it's been overlooked and I'm debt free." I said as she nodded.

"So how was it like working for a billionaire? " she wiggled her brows again, I only giggle laying back on the couch.

"I almost died.." literally I almost died. "He was so rude, bossy and a total dickhead." I said with a grin on my face.

"Amirah, Language.. " Avery feign, I rolled my eyes she's swears worse.

"But he's kinda nice, sweet and cares for people he loves." I said as a sigh escaped my lips. "Does he love you? " I jerk from the couch rolling to the floor as Avery laugh at my hilarious stunt.

"What the fuck Avery? " I yelled at her as she shared me a sinister smirk.

"Oh my gosh you like him." my eyes widened in shock as she slowly gets up. "My roommate finally likes someone, she's not asexual she actually likes dick.. " she yells as I wish the ground will open and swallow me up.

"I do not like Hunter, he's married for God sake" I yelled sitting on my butt.

"Oh bullshit you like him and he likes you too girl, you need to get yourself that dick, can't you see he wants some of you too." I got up tired of the words coming out of her mouth.

"For your information he's married and he's just being nice checking up on me like a good employer would." I said.

"What kind of employer goes out of his way and visits his ex employee?? You should have seen the disappointment In his eyes when you weren't around, he's probably crazy for you." I picked up my pillow.

"I don't want to talk about this anymore, Hunter Dominquez is a thing of the past and I want nothing to do with him Avery." I said furiously stomping to my room.

I can't let what happened to Henry happen to Hunter, he was right staying away from him is the only thing that will keep me and as well him safe too.

I stood at the step of the hospital, I couldn't bring myself to move another step, I heaved another deep breath and froze again.
'I can't do this.' I coward in my thoughts.

'Yes you can Ariel is still your Ariel she loves you and that's all that matters for now' I try to convince myself, I let myself in no one paid attention to me and I was glad.
I asked to see Ariel, the nurses were bewildered about my presence though but I didn't care they were the least of my problems.

I took the elevator striding towards her ward, I heave a deep breath I knocked on the door about to twist the door knob but the pang of rejection hit me, I let go of the door knob stepping back slowly.

"Mirah? " I heard a very familiar voice I turned to see Ariel, her once long blonde hair was now shoulder length, I squatted biting back my tears, her eyes well up slowly.

"Why are you back? " she asked not sparing me a glance "you told me to go to hell, you told me you were never coming back why? " she mumbled in her tears why I tried to force a smile.

"I did something stupid and I had to pay for it, I didn't know if I would come back I was doing it to protect you Ariel I would never say those horrible things to you." I said as she slowly look me up but not at my eyes.

"You never meant all those words?" she asked and I nodded. "I love you Ariel I'm back for you." I stretched out my hand as he finally looks me back in the eyes.
"Promise me you'll never leave me again." she said as I nodded. "I promise sweetie." she didn't hesitate to run into my arms and sobbed on my shoulder, I ran my fingers through her hair pulling her closer as she cried louder.

"I thought you were never coming back, everyone said you were never coming back I didn't want to believe them." she lamented while I patted her gently.

"I'm back now princess and I'll never leave you again." I said as she pulled me more tightly into the hug.

After our happy reunion we went to the cafeteria, the nurses were relieved because she barely hate when I was gone and always waited for me at the visit longue when she wasn't supposed to, she's doesn't ever listen, I wonder where she got that attitude from.
"Amirah I ate another bowl of ice-cream." she excitedly squeal as I just giggled.

"Did you you make any friends when I was away? " I cooed at her as she shook her head.

"No one here is as awesome as you, they can't sing me lullabies and feed me like you do I don't like anybody here." she cutely replied.

"Oh come on what about boys, isn't there a boy you like here? " I asked as she snarled at me.
"Boys are dicks." she said, I almost choked on my silava.

"Ariel?? Where did you learn that language from? " I asked.
"Nurse Santia said it one time when she was talking to her boyfriend she called him a dick." she explained why I facepalmed myself.

"don't use that word anymore OK? " I said as she nodded. "So any gossips I know you've gathered plenty since I was gone." I wiggled my brows at her as she quietly thought to herself.

"Yeah, this stranger paid for my post surgery yesterday." she said. "What sugery?" I asked.

"The doctors found an infection after the last surgery, the money that was funded wasn't enough so yesterday the doctors said I was lucky because some billionaire paid up my treatment." she said, I was short of breath cause I already knew who it was.

"Do you know his name? " I asked.
"No, he's just anymonous, if you are you lucky you guys could meet and he could be future brother in-law." she said as I rolled my eyes at her fantasies.

"Come on let's get you cleaned." I said walking over to her and carrying her.

After getting her cleaned I stayed with her singing her favorite lullabies and tucking her to sleep, and rested my head on her bed.

The next day I left the hospital exhausted after getting Ariel convinced I wasn't going to leave her again, I couldn't go back to my apartment, Avery had her friends over and they give me nothing but the creeps.

I went to the park, I got a text from Avery asking where I was which was strange so I told her I was at the park, I sat down on a park bench as the evening sun kissed my skin.

"Hello Dorothy." I opened my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming and I pinched myself to check if I was dreaming.

"Alec? "

"Is this why you left Nashville to sleep in New York." he said sitting down next to me.

"What are you doing here? " I asked.

"Looking for you, I found you." he said sitting down next to me.
"Excuse me? " I muttered.

"I'm here to represent my Dad for one of his business deals since he's overseas, what are you doing here? " he asked and my tongue was tied.

"Ummh I'm here to, well the is.. I just." his eyes seemed to hypnotize me as I found it difficult to speak, he leaned closer to me his eyes sharply gazing at mine as our nose slightly touches.

'Abort, Abort Abort.. ' I thought to myself, my heart was pounding.
"Dorothy can I kiss you? " he said looking down at my lips.

I froze heaving deep breaths, he teased me by leaning closer I swear my heart lept out of my chest, he smirked backing up slowly but stopped when we were a inch away as he pushes a strand of my hair back.

"Well Dorothy I hate say good bye I'll see you around." he said and left.

What the hell just happened.
Not giving a damn I ignored it and rested what seemed to be about an hour and 30 minutes.

I went back to my apartment, the door was unlocked which was weird so I assumed Avery was home but I was wrong the entire apartment was quiet.

"She must have left the door unlocked when she left." I muttered under my breath going to my room, I switched on the lights to see Hunter.

He was sitting on my bed looking back at me with a pained expression.

"Hunter? What are you doing in New York?" I gasped.

"Who were you with in the park? " the question went like an arrow piercing through another arrow on the dot. "You seem to like him." he said his eyes seemed to darken more than they already were.
"Did you follow me to the park? " I asked

"Who were you with with? " he asked again getting up from the bed walking up to towards me as I backed up in fear.

His eyes were green with envy and darker than night, my back hit slightly against the wall.

He slammed me violently against the wall, my eyes widened in shock, i felt my lungs intoxicated in his cologne he was undeniably close, his stare was a vivid glare shooting back at me I almost choked on my silava as he leaned towards me.

"Are you Afraid of me?? " he smirked and a reply I didn't have but my batting lashes were my only reply.

He pushed his head against my ear, teasing my earlobe as his palm trailed down to my thigh but I grabbed his hand in a swift motion which amused him.

"don't... " he loosens away from my grip getting hold of both my palm slamming them against the wall wearing a frantic glare that sent chills down my spine.

"You know the rules Amirah, you knew what you signed up for when you agreed to be my mistress ..."

"I'm no longer your mistress, you let me go remember." I courageously speak up as he slowly came back to his senses he gently let's go of me backing a inch away from me.

"it doesn't matter who I was with I'm the hell free to be with anyone I want but you Hunter." I said as he stared awfully long at me.

"You're right so what do you want me to do? " he asks as I tried avoiding his stare.

"I don't know." I said as he uses his Index finger to push up my chin as our eyes locked.

"Tell me what you want me to do Vera? " be spoke softly as I sighed..

"I know you helped pay for Ariel's surgery and thank you but I don't want to be close to you, Henry died because of my affair with him."

"What does he have to do with us? "
"I had an affair with a married man, you're married too Hunter I'm not going to make the same mistakes again, thank you for everything but this has to stop I don't want the same thing to repeat itself, I want to to go back to Nashville and... " I looked around the room and back at him.

"Stay far away from me, I don't want anything to do with you please." he nodded smiling but I could see the pain in his eyes.

"Your wish is my command Vera." he said walking but stopped at my doorstep.

"Take care Amirah." he said before exiting my room, I fell down on my knees as a tear slowly slides down my cheek.

I quietly muttered to myself.

"What have I done? "

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