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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 18


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 18

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
I'm back in New York.

I was announced found to anyone who cared, I had to go through Therapy because I might have been traumatized during my fake kidnapping which might have activated my previous mental challenges.

It was a week Therapy I was forced to go to even though I wasn't mentally challenged through out my absence.
I moved back with Avery she was the first to visit me in the station when I was announced found, I was very confused about her expression I thought she would have been happy I was dead she even forced me to go to the Therapy.

I haven't visited Ariel yet, I couldn't bring myself to see her face, I was scared she was going to change during the time I left, now I know how Paisley felt when she was going to meet Alec.

I was excused from work after my disappearance when they heard I was back they let me go I was so glad because I didn't want to see Lilly.

Avery took some days off work, she's actually a psychologist that's why she has enough money to pay for her rent, that's why she forced me to go to therapy.

I was sitting down reading a newspaper, she was in the kitchen making vinegar and garlic tea, she's being doing so for the past one week since I was back.

"drink this.. " she said handing me my own mug, undelighted by the taste I stick out my tongue in disgust.

I looked back at her to see her wicked glare.

"Drink it or I'll make you." she growled.

"yes ma'am." I whimpered while slowly drinking the hot tea, she sits down next to me slowly drinking hers and just stared at me till I halfway drank my tea.
"Thank you.. " I muttered under my breath as she nodded.

"it was help make your mind sharp so you can improve in your therapy sessions." she said as I sighed and dropped the mug on the table looking back at her.

"Why are you doing all of this? " I asked at first it was a shock she was taking care of me but it's just freaking weird.

"Excuse me? " she arched a brow.
"How much did they pay you? Did Hunter put you up to this? " I asked as she furrowed her brows in confusion.

"Pay me? Who the hell is Hunter? " she asked.

"Why are you taking care of me? " I asked, she was shocked, she put down her mug giving me pitiful looks.

"Why can't I take care of you ?" she asked

"before I became your roommate, I never knew you were a psychologist, you put up fights with me every day and you're always out partying or whatever you do, I just came back and it's overwhelming all of a sudden you care, hell it's scary." I said as she only smiled and nodded.

"Amirah I didn't want you to know I was a psychologist because I knew you'd be uncomfortable towards me because of your previous mental challenges and I put up fights with you everyday because you don't listen, you're stubborn and sometimes it made me wanna kick you out, you're not the easiest person to talk to you know, you're always quiet keeping to yourself and ignoring everyone Lilly tried to be friends with you but you push everyone away that's why I decided to go out more so you wouldn't have me to deal with."

"You had sex on my bed and you smoke weed." I gaped at her as she giggled.

"Yeah that night was a crazy night." she giggled again looking back at me intensely.

"I was always intrigued by you, Amirah I just didn't want to scare you after hearing your back story but I scared you the more and made you grow distant, I wanted you to loosen up and have fun."

"By hooking me up with Tanner." I blurted.

"Okay that was a bad idea I was doing my job as a roommate and probably a friend, I haven't exactly been welcoming but I didn't mean for it to drive you away." she said and I could read her expression it was genuine.

"I'm sorry about growing distant it's just I'm just overwhelmed can you just dial back down a bit." I said as she nodded.

"thank you...." I said as she nodded again and her eyes traced down to my torso.

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"Cute necklace I've been meaning to ask you where did you get it?" she asked.

"Paisley gave it to me.. " I muttered in a whisper.

"What? " she voiced, I looked back at her, she furrowed her brows waiting for an explanation.

"Huh, Paisley the woman at the police station who brought me in gave it to me she said if I was feeling scared I should hold on to it." I exaggerated a bit of the truth.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through all that Amirah, I'll make popcorn let's watch a movie." she said as I nodded leaving me in the living room as I slowly drank my tea.

'Vera? ' I looked up to see Hunter, he was smiling.

"Hunter? " his grin struck wider as my mug slipped away from my grasp.

Avery prance to the living room to see me mortified, I looked back at the exact place the image of Hunter was standing, he wasn't there anymore.

"Amirah? are you okay? What happened? " she asked.
"I'm... fine..." I stuttered.
Hunter's Pov
It's already been two weeks, the first week I couldn't sleep I used work as an excuse to distract myself and take my mind of things I was exhausted and always tired.

The second week I went to her room just to probably feel her presence and to know she is okay and I sat down on her bed and then I fell asleep on her bed twice. anytime I went back to my room I couldn't sleep at all but the moment I stepped in hers, I had this comfort she was still here and slept on her bed.

I was in work going through some documents as usual, Hilary walked in with some files.

"Hunter, the prime minister wants your signature stating you'll provide the best security as compensation." she slipped the documents into my grasps as I signed it.

She collected the contract, still standing in my office I looked up to her she was finding it challenging to voice what she had in mind.

I stopped what I was doing looking back at her.

"is there anything else Hilary? " I asked.

"Well sir, ummh well remember that state endorsement we bagged well we got a fat bonus and the staffs were thinking if it's possible we could throw a party to celebrate." she said nervously my sharp gaze peirce through her self esteem, I nodded as a face of hope lit in her.

"Choose the venue and plan it yourself, we should celebrate." I said as she heaved a sigh of relief.
"I already planned ahead thank you so much everyone is going to be excited." she said as I nodded.
"Make sure the drinks aren't alcoholic I can't afford Amirah getting drunk." I said as she shared me puzzled look. "What?" I asked her.

"Sir, Amirah left Nashville almost two weeks ago remember? "

Realization hit me, she was gone and again I was talking about her.
"Sir is everything okay ?" she asked.

"Everything is fine, plan the party and leave me out of it okay." I said as she nodded and exited my office.

I facepalmed myself.

"Why can't I get you out of my mind Vera?"
Amirah's Pov
I wore a pink dress with one of Avery's heels and a sun hat, glasses strapping on a purse I took out the trench coat on the rack hanger and putting it on.

"Girl, you look like you're going to a funeral." she asked.

"I am going to a funeral." I hissed at her.

"What died? Your fashion sense." she hinted with sarcasm.

"Haha, very funny I'm going to a friends funeral, do not stop me from going after that I'm going to the hospital to see a friend of mine." I said searching through my purse.

"You have friends? " she asked while I rolled my eyes at her.
"Amirah you're supposed to rest." like expected she was against it.

"it will be quick I promise." I said slamming the door shut behind me before she could say anything.
I went to doctor Henry's funeral, it was a short ceremony I had my hat and my glasses disguising me from looking familiar.

After the funeral some people were chatting, I went up to his grave with the rose I bought laying it on top his grave.

"I'm sorry for aborting the baby, I was scared I didn't know you were married and now you're gone, I'm sorry Henry." I said falling down on my knees sobbing.

"Excuse me? " I froze "Do I know you? "

I got up and turned to see Willow, Henry's wife.

I shook my head sniffling.

"I'm sorry my name is Willow, you must have knew my husband, may I ask what was your relationship with him when he was alive." she didn't threaten me but that made my heart skipped a beat, my palms were sweaty and my pulse racing.

My eyes traced down to her stomach she looked at least a month and few weeks pregnant it wasn't showing off but I swear I could see a baby bump.

"I'm sorry about your husband, he was my doctor he helped me through a lot."

She smiled gently caressing her stomach.

"He was a great husband I just wish he could have seen his little bundle of joy unfortunately he was killed brutally, he loved children and after all those years being barren my prayers have been answered, he just couldn't stay like the rest of us."

"I hope you deliver safely." I whispered.

"I will I'm hoping it's a boy I'll name him Henry and if it's a girl I'll name her Henrietta" she giggled looking back at me.

"Willow let's go home." our eyes traced back to a young man, he was waving vigorously at us.

"Well that's my younger brother, it was nice meeting you." she said and left.

For some reason just seeing her uplifted my spirits.
Hunter's Pov
I was in New York I didn't care if it was wrong, I didn't care if she was mad at me all I wanted to know if she was okay, if she was happy, if she was safe.

I tracked her down to her apartment, after much hesitations I knocked on the door waiting for a reply instead probably her roommate showed up instead.

"Can I help... Hunter Dominiquez? " she dropped the bowl of popcorn gawking at me, I only grinned as she pinched herself checking she wasn't dreaming.

"I'm looking for Amirah.. " I requested, she was still astonished at my presence, she looked back at the apartment and back at me.

"Is she in Perhaps? " I asked, she excused herself. "just give me a second" she shut the door behind me her, I heard a loud high pitch scream.

She opened the door grinning in excitement.

"How can I help you? " she asked.
"Is Amirah in? " I asked.

"She went out a few minutes ago, she'll be back soon, you could wait for her." she gestured for me to come in.

"No need I'm just glad she's okay but can you do me a favor?"
Amirah's Pov
Ariel was asleep when I visited, I was relieved she was ok but nervous what she was going to say to me when I actually see her again.

I went home feeling tired, I let myself in my apartment to see Avery snacking while watching a movie.

"good evening." she giggled I shared her suspicious looks.
"What have you done? " I asked her.

"Excuse me? " she asked.

"you always have that lopsided grin stuck on your face when you did something what the hell did you do? " I snarled at her.

"Nothing." she grinned again, I grabbed a pillow and whacked her.

"OK I confess." she said tired of the beat down.

"I gave your panties and bra out... " she grinned deviously and I got ready to send her to her maker.
"You did what? "

"I'm just joking, I was instructed and paid not to look at what's inside this very envelope." she handed me the envelope while I looked strangely at her, maybe it's a letter of her moving out.

I quickly opened the envelope to see a picture of me and Hunter smiling when we were in New Zealand.

"He came... "

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