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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 17


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 17

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
"Free? " my voice cracked in a high pitch, I was expecting to be happy I'm here because of him away from my Ariel, I should be at least happy, my debt was paid and I could go back.

It was Arevoir, Adios, goodbye to Nashville and back to my normal life, a life with Ariel I wasn't sure of anymore.

"Why are you overlooking the debt ? " I asked.

"It's the only thing I can do to protect you, a mystery killer left you unconscious after killing 15 underground government thugs and they didn't take you Amirah, they knew I was coming to get you and left you there without even touching you."

"it could have been a good samaritan who saw me and followed to keep me safe."

"The least they could have done was alert the police when they knew not walk in and shoot 15 fucking thugs." he half yelled without realizing.

"you faked my death remember? How do I go back without being questioned by the authorities." I half yelled myself, everything was complicated as it is.

"I already arranged for that, Kaleb will try to hook up some story about you being kidnapped and the dead body being a detour, you'll be back to your old life Amirah, I can't keep endangering you it's inhumane, say goodbye to everyone you know you're leaving Nashville today." he said getting up and leaving my room.

I got up dressed a little bit down, this was what I wanted right? To be free and I got it but why can't i let go.

I changed into blue skinny jeans and a yellow tank top, the top of my hair was packed and rubber band into a neat bun while the bottom swayed below my nape.

I didn't see Hunter, he left for work ignoring me till I was ready to leave.

I went over to Paisley's she wasn't home so I traced her to her company, I walked in the big building to see different models addressing their agents.

I awed at how big this place is, it had everything a model could ever dream of except I'm not a a fan of modelling too much restrictions and schedules.

Dumbstruck I decided to look around the place until I bumped into someone, I looked up to see Delilah with a deep frown.

"What the fuck are you doing here? " she rudely asked me.

"I'm so sorry I was busy looking around and I didn't notice that.. "
"That you were in my way ? save it home wrecker first you seduce my husband and now you mess up my shoes." she said I gaped at her.
"Home wrecker? What the hell are you talking about I didn't seduce your husband and I just apologized." I redeemed my self but she did not give a fuck.

"I'll make sure you pay for this you hoe." she said smacking my cheek sore, I held tightly to my cheeks, that was it if I'm going to leave Nashville I'm fucking slapping her.

She scoffs pressing her stupid designer dress with her palms walking past me, I walked up to her and stopped her as she turned to face me.

"Don't you dare fucking touch.. " I slapped her before she finish her sentence, she looked back at me shocked.

"You're here picking fights with little girls while you left your husband thinking he will come back begging you, you're a disgrace and you disgust me." I said as she laughed like a maniac.

"So you do sleep with him, that's why you have the guts to talk back to me." she said and I laughed at her reply.

"You think your husband is unfaithful, you're so timid and stupid he keeps checking up on you, you are lucky he still does care about your existence and respects you." I said as she showed her facial expression of regret.

"Just stay away from my husband." she replied.

"I'm leaving Nashville today so you can fucking keep him." I said as she glared at me still.

"Amirah... " I turned to see Paisley as she run up and pulled me into a hug, Delilah wore a horrified expression as she almost squeezed the life outta me.

"I was so worried, I was going to drop by at your place after work. I feel guilty for getting drunk and leaving you all alone, how did you get home." she said pulling me out of the hug.

"I'm fine, Hunter drove me home." I said as Delilah shared me nasty looks.

"Oh Delilah meet the Angel that walked into my life Amirah." Paisley said introducing both of us as we both nodded.

"Amirah meet Delilah my older sister and as you know Hunter's wife, she's one of the clients we are trying to please to invest in our fashion line." Paisley said as Delilah grinned.

"it's not everyday a lady can own a million dollar company of her own." Delilah bloated as Paisley rolled her eyes.

"We get it Delilah you're rich." Paisley scoffed, Delilah faked yawned pulling out her phone.

"Well I better talk to the other general managers bye Paisley." she said and left.

"Well I better talk to the other general managers bye Paisley." Paisley mimicked, I giggled at her attempt. "Forget about my sister she has daddy's money to do anything for her, why are you here by the way have you come to see me model bikinis." she purred devilishly as I cringed at her words.

"No, I just came to say goodbye." I said as her expression dropped.
"People who usually say this have one day to live before they die, please tell me you're not going to die." Paisley sobbed clinging tightly to me.

"I'm not going to die Paisley." I said as she disengaged from choking me.

"Phew I can't afford to loose my friend, why are you leaving and where ?"

"I'm going back to meet my biological mom she's sick and wants me to come home and stay with her there are some family issues as well, you may never see me again Paisley."

She almost cried instead she pulled me into a hug sobbing on my shoulder, my heart broke seeing her like this.

"Why?? Why can't I just be happy for once I finally got someone and now she's leaving, Amirah please don't go." she pleaded but the situation was out of my hands I just tapped her calming her down.
"I'll always remember our moments together, and if it's possible we can keep in touch" I said as she still hugged me.

She pulled away from the hug taking off her necklace.

"my foster mom gave this to me before she died, I was depressed and sad she always told me when you feel like I'm no longer here tightly squeeze the pendant and you'll feel my presence." she stretched the necklace out to me.

"Paisley I can't.. " I said as she nodded and put the necklace on for me.

"If you are feeling lonely and depressed and you think you can't handle it just repeat the same procedure and feel my presence, promise me you'll never take it off." she said like a mother passing down a family heirloom.

"Paisley this belongs to you I can't take it, what about your mom? "
"I was 10 at the time and I know she'll always be with me, this is from me to you if you try to forget me this necklace will remind you of me and if you forget me still I'll track you down and kick your ass." she said as we both chuckled.
"Thanks I'll never forget you." I said as she only smiled and nodded.

"oh Paisley what happened yesterday before we got drunk last night?" I asked.

"Last night? Well we visited Alec and he took us out for drinks and then he got a call and left and everything seems to be a blur from there, I had way too many drinks." she sighed trying to remember and like me she couldn't recall much.

"Did you contact Alec this morning? " I asked.

"no, I was so hungover but I missed a call from him yesterday or so we could check my phone but we have to hurry my break will soon be over." she said.

"No need did you by any chance cram Alec's number? "

"yeah I did what do you need Alec's number for? "
I couldn't remember what happened last night which was weird so did Paisley and Alec might be the only one who probably could explain all what happened.

I collected his number from Paisley and asked for a meet up, he suggested his apartment.

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I got a text from Kaleb to come home and pack but I ignored.
I went to Alec's apartment and ring the doorbell waiting for a reply but this time Alec showed up at the door, his shirt was unbuttoned revealing his perfectly toned abs and a grey swearpant that was a match made from heaven.

I almost drooled.

'Keep yourself together Rivera' I thought to myself.

My eyes scaled from his abs to his face he was wearing a devilish smirk.

"Come in Amirah.. " he gestured, I shook my head at his request.
"I can't, I'm not here to see you I'm here to ask you some questions and I don't really have much time I'm leaving Nashville today so can you please answer my questions" I said as he nodded.

"What happened after I was drunk, Paisley said you got a call and the rest was a blur where did you go? " I asked his stare was emotionless and empty, like an expert he perfectly hid his reactions and emotions, I couldn't detect anything.

"After you were drunk, you made me drink we were dancing and then you and Paisley were making out for free drinks and then I didn't see you both again, I got myself a cab through a call and went home I don't really know what happened to you, are you OK? " he asked I felt chills crawl down my spine at his reply, if he wasn't watching over me then who was and why the fuck can't I remember.

"I'm sorry if this wasn't the information you wanted." he apologized and I nodded, whoever saved me probably spiked me, Alec's and Paisleys drink beforehand.

That's why we can't remember a thing except for Alec who probably recalled some of the stuff.

But why didn't they kill me ?
"Amirah? " Alec called bringing me back to reality I blinked vigorously getting back to my state.

"Thank you for your help, I wish I could have known you better but I can't stay anymore." I said as his smirk he had on widened to a grin.

"Anytime we'll see each other soon Dorothy." he said before shutting the door against me.
This was it.

Paisley was helping me pack the stuff she bought for me.

She was looking round my room with a sad smile as we finished packing.

"You got what you needed from Alec?" she asked.

"I don't know." I replied falling back on my bed, she did the same sleeping back on the bed.

"I didn't even get to throw a party here and make Hunter super mad, I'm still going to do it but it won't be the same without you." she said hugging me one last time, Kaleb knocked on the door.

"Amirah, Hunter wants to see you before you leave." he said while I uncling from Paisley heading to the door.

"I'll bring your bags down stairs." Paisley volunteered, I nodded and went downstairs.

Hunter was talking to Thiago because Thiago was going to drive me back to New York I waited as Kaleb and Paisley packed my last bags down and outside.

Thiago left in no time leaving me alone with Hunter in the living room, I didn't want to look at him I felt mad at him for making me leave but I couldn't go against it.

"Kaleb is already working on your case and everything is in place, you're free to go back to New York don't just borrow another loan so I won't kill you next time." he said sounding like a joke but I wasn't even smiling.

"Thank you for overlooking my debt and granting my freedom I hope you will be happy and find peace." I said about to leave but he gripped tightly to my hand pulling me back to him.

"you forgot something." he said while I looked at him puzzled.

"What?? "

"This...." he said crashing his lips on mine, my eyes widened in shock my dreams were becoming a reality except he wasn't drunk.

Hunter Dominquez wasn't drunk, he was kissing me like he never wanted to let go, I shut my eyes responding to the kiss to make sure this wasn't another dream.

It was real.

His lips caressed my lips, his hands trailed down to my waistline as he pulled me closer my heart burst into a thousand butterflies as his tongue brushes my lower lower lip, nibbling and sucking on it as I moaned into his mouth, slowly he pulled away from the kiss leaving me dumbstruck.

He looked back at me with regard.
Why the fuck did he kiss me?

"Goodbye Amirah."
~To be continued~

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