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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 16


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 16

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
"Lap dance? " I voiced, Alec nodded flirtatiously I looked back at the drink.

"You're chickening out Dorothy. " he cooed, I can't give him a lap dance I don't even know him.

'So you can give a Lap dance to someone you know hmm' my inner thoughts screamed as my cheeks flushed as bit.

'Of course not' I replied back to my damn inner thoughts looking back at Alec, I couldn't even seduce Hunter and he's expecting me to give him a Lap dance, hell no.

I picked up the shot of tequila gazing intensely at it.

'Hunter doesn't want us drinking' my inner thoughts come up halting my drinking.

'He's not here is he?? Besides one glass isn't going to get you drunk.' my other thought voiced.

It's just one glass.

I chugged down the shot, it was tasteless and raw to my taste buds I couldn't help but cringe at the taste.

I stick my tongue out slamming the glass on the table shaking my head vigorously.

"You act like you've never drink before." Alec commented.

"Truth or dare." I gritted in between my teeth flaring up at him for making me drink that.

"you still wanna go on Dorothy? " he arched his brows, my brows furrowed as I scoffed.

"You're chickening out pretty boy."
He smiled at my reply.

Hunter's Pov
It was six thirty in the evening and still Amirah wasn't home, I called Kaleb to ask if he was with her but she wasn't, I called Paisley her phone was out of coverage, I called Amirah she wasn't picking her calls.

What the fuck is wrong with these people.

I decided to call her one last time it was the same as the last, she wasn't picking up.

Why wasn't she picking my calls? Was she in danger? Did something happen?

I patiently waited for another two straight hours gazing back at the wall clock the long hand hits six and the short hand was at 8.

I pulled out my phone dailing Kaleb's number once more.

"Do me a favor and track down Amirah's phone and report back to me in fifteen minutes" I hanged up before he got a chance to reply.
Amirah's Pov
My vision wasn't focused everything slowly blurred by the second I couldn't see straight and I felt my body charge with the energy of Jamaican bull.

'I was drunk'

Alec was taking his last shot after passing out the dare I couldn't recall telling him.

Paisley came up to me with a wide smile holding on to my arm.

"Come on Amirah let's show this tities how to dance..." she dragged me to the dance floor her energy a thousand times active than mine.

Nontheless I dance with her, my once ponytail snapped as my hair sways below my shoulders, the jacket I had on was tossed somewhere at the end of the club, I previously was dancing with Paisley but she danced with some other guys, I didn't mind as some guys tried to dance with me.

Paisley walked up to me screaming with excitements.

"Amirah, I know a way we both can get free drinks.." she squealed dragging me to a middle where some girls were twerking as they gave them free drinks.

She looked me in the eyes "come on let's kiss and make it steamy." she didn't give me a time to react as she kissed me nontheless getting the guys attention as they manically screamed at two girls making out, we both withdrew from the forged kiss as some guys tipped us with drinks and danced with us.

I didn't give a damn my drunk ass was having fun dancing with Paisley and getting trashed, some guys walked over to me trying to dance with me.

One of the guys grabbed my ass, I shrinked back as he forced himself on me.

"Fuck off.. " I yelled but they just chuckled to themselves.

"Come on baby girl I see the way you dance, I bet you rock my cock in bed." he said pulling me closer to him, I was uncomfortable already, I wanted to have more drinks and dance all night not go home with a stranger.

He nodded to his boys dragging me out of the club and tossing me at the backseat of the car, I had no idea where they were taking me to as they drove anyway.
Hunter's Pov
"You sure this place is open?" I asked as Kaleb nods.

"it says her phone is inside." Kaleb said, I got down from the car to see Paisley walking out with a bottle of Vodka as expected she was drunk.

"Paisley where's Amirah? " I asked as she giggled.

"Hey Hunter, too late you missed the fun."

I facepalmed myself massaging my temples, why do I let Amirah associate with her?

"Where the fuck is Amirah? " I voiced out again a little bit louder.

"That bitch left me alone I don't give a fuck to know where she is." she pouted, I held myself strong from smacking her back to her sober state.

When she's all sober I'm smacking her on the face for real.

"Get in the Car." I ordered as she furrowed her brows.

"Hell no Daddy." she screamed
"I'm not your Daddy." I yelled at the top of my voice as she dropped the bottle which broke into pieces, I looked back at her she was already tearing up sniffling softly and wiping off her tears.

"you always loved Delilah more than me." she muttered.

"What the Hell? " I asked confused
"Why don't you love me Daddy." she staggered to my shoulders crying her eyes out.

What the hell is happening?

I patted her softly as she slowly sniffled and cries softly.

"Don't cry Paisley." I tried consoling her as she slowly hugged me tightly, I carried her to the back of the car, she slowly wears out dozing off at the back.

"I hacked into the security footages and I think I know where they took Amirah, you're not going to like it one bit." he shared a worried expression, she's in danger I could feel it.
Amirah's Pov
They drove me to an underground hideout dragging me out of the car with brute force, my eyes were heavy my energy depleted from trying to escape which was all a lost cause.

They picked my frail body from the Car and into the building, my eyes study my surroundings it was like a hideout for traffickers, they were more than 10 probably about 15.

They tossed me on an old dirty couch I plopped down in pain moaning in despair, my eyes was half opened, I couldn't feel my body.

"Look I brought dinner." the guy of earlier said as they all applauded walking up to me.

"Where did you get this one? "

"That new club that opened today, she was fun so I brought her home." he grinned wickedly.

"She's drunk as fuck." one of them said.

"That's what makes this shit fun, after we're done with her we'll drop her on the streets like the rest." I was disgusted as it is.

"She's got a nice set of boobs and curves"

"She a virgin? " one of them asked.
"Does it matter I brought us something that can keep us busy this evening." the guy from earlier, probably the leader said.
"I wanna ride her first"

"No I wanna taste her first."

"You're forgetting I brought her, I'm having a go with her first turn on the Camera I'm thinking of going Live." the guy said taking off his shirt as they placed the Camera in front, he walked up to me I struggled to moved but I was weak.

He got on me sinking his teeth down my skin, his cold hands which made my body vibrate went underneath my top trying to take it off successfully.

He kisses my neck roughly, the more I tried to struggle the more he was aroused, his hands went under my bra as he picked up my nipples playing with my boobs, he unclipped my bra lipping one my nipples, my face was red in exhaustion I couldn't fight it as his dick hardens and bugles directly at me, his hands trailed down my panties as my sense of consciousness depreciated.

The door kicked down open revealing Alec, the rest was a blur as my eyes went shut.
Hunter's Pov
My heart raced every time I thought of Amirah, the thought of her smiling kept me sane from over thinking the situation.

Thisgo drove me to where Amirah was while Kaleb drove Paisley back to her apartment.

"She'll be fine Hunter." Thiago said to ease my tension a bit.

"I'll make anyone who touches her miserable." I spat bitterly as he speeds up driving to the place.

We stopped at the place, I unlocked the door before Thiago could pulling out my gun I ran over to where they had her.

These people are underground thugs, they steal smoke and abuse drugs, they are minors unlike the drug lords they are sometimes hired to do dirty work for politicians that's why they can't be easily turned in.

They also rape women, the unlucky girl they set their eyes on they rape her either she's drunk, drugged or aware, sometimes they video it live and most of these victims never recover.

I've never dealt with them, they know me and they were wise to avoid me but they picked their unlucky deaths taking Amirah.

I went in the door was already opened and Amirah was clothed with a jacket already out cold, I saw a camera in the middle laying on the floor and picked it.

Thiago came in as I handed him the camera.

"That was fast." he said glancing over a total of 15 bodies which were probably dead.

"I didn't even shoot." I said looking at the parade of men on the floor, who ever did this killed them and left Amirah.

Thiago went over Amirah studying her figure.

"Whoever did this didn't want them to touch her." he said as I looked back at Amirah.

"What would they want from her." I asked.

"She's okay, the person must have been mad with anger murdering 15 of the governments
underground thugs it might be an underground gang Hunter someone is beginning to take an interest on Amirah, this is bad Hunter." he said looking back at me.

I went up to Amirah she was folding up herself, her eyes slightly open.

"My Hero." she spoke in her sweet little voice and all it did was soften me.
"This is bad, I can't trace the video the person who possibly saved Amirah deleted the evidence making it possible to know who saved her." Kaleb said after hacking the camera we took in earlier.

We brought Amirah home she was upstairs in her room resting.

"How is that even possible, could they be a new gang and why are they interested in Amirah, they just killed 15 people and left her they could have taken her but they didn't." Thaigo said.

"Whoever saved Amirah doesn't want us to know them." I said, they both looked at me I already knew what they had in mind.

"It's possible Amirah can give us a name of who she saw if she was conscious but Hunter you know what you have to do." Kaleb said as I nodded.

"You two can go I'll talk to her in the morning." I said as they both nodded and left.
Amirah's Pov
My eyes were blurry, I can't remember exactly how I feel but compared to now I felt I was dying, I went back to bed hoping my head will hurt less, I looked at the end of my bed to see Hunter sitting at the edge of my bed.

"Take this it will help with your hangover." he handed me a glass and some pills now I know how Avery felt at every hangover.

I swallowed the pills and washed it down with water.

"Are you okay? " I asked he looked depressed but hid his expression and just nodded.

"Yesterday night a gang of thuds tried to rape you but fortunately you were rescued by a mystery killer were you conscious to know who it was at the time? " he asked, taking the information unlikely I shook my head sideways, I couldn't remember.

The only thing I remember was escorting Paisley somewhere and we somehow ended up in a club and I got drunk, the rest was a blur and my memories were wiped all of a sudden.

"I don't remember, I'm sorry I don't know what got over me." I apologized but he couldn't look me in the eyes.

"Amirah when I lost Norah I was devastated I promised myself I wouldn't loose anyone I care about, I promised I wouldn't care, I was worried about you and fuck I was ready to blow someone brains out, I almost lost you." he said my heart skipped a beat.
Was this a confession ?

"I'm fine." I assured.

"if you were hurt I would never forgive myself so I've made up my mind" he said I looked at him puzzled.

"Forget about paying your debt Amirah Rivera I'm setting you free."
~To be continued~

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