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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 15


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 15

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
The next day Paisley invited me to tag along with her meet up with Alec, she finally texted him and he decided to meet up at his apartment, she didn't want to go alone so she asked me if I could keep her company, I only agree to go because I wanted to know if I actually saw him in Detroit and also to get my shit together.

First Derek offering to pay my debt and then I got a text from Kaleb that Hunter promoted me to take Norah's place.

"Amirah? " Paisley called, I blinked uncontrollably as Paisley sighed. She folded her arms around looking back at me with her sharp grey eyes.

"Maybe we should try another time, probably he might not be home."

We were both in her cream colored camry, in front of Alec's apartment and she was already backing out.

"Oh come on Paisley, he's your Alec why are you so worried? " I asked as she sighed.

"I didn't have many friends, Alec was my only friend I'm afraid traveling overseas would have changed him, what if he doesn't want anything to do with me." she said and I smiled pulling her into a hug.

"If he didn't want anything to do with you he wouldn't have contacted you or given you his address right to his apartment or informed you first that he was back from overseas, everything will be fine." I patted her as she nodded on my shoulders. "Besides if he tries shit I'll kick him in the balls." I added as Paisley pushed me away from the hug.

"Since when did you become feisty? " she purred softly with a smirk.

"Since I got tired of everyone's crap." I said as she giggled, we both got down from the car, the apartment was huge it wasn't exactly like the mansions hunter owns but it was ok.

We walked up to the front door Paisley smashed the doorbell, it rings for a couple of seconds while we waited for someone to open the door but no one came.

"You sure we are in the right place? " I asked, Paisley pulled out her phone to check the address.
"We are in the right place alright." she said tapping her foot gently and rings the doorbell again, we waited for like a minute and still no reply.

"Maybe he's not in." Paisley sunlocking her phone to call him, it was ringing then we heard an unfamiliar ringtone from behind, we turned to see Alec.

My mouth dropped, his hair was darker than night, silkly gelled back he was envelope with a while buttoned shirt, his sleeves were rolled up as his shirt hugged his muscles and toned torsos, he had a black jeans hugging his perfect physique I almost drooled but that didn't stop Paisley.

I elbowed her to get a hold of herself, the phone was still ringing as Paisley was awestruck by Alec.

She was dumbstruck as Alec answers the call with a charming smile.

"Long time no see Peppa." Paisley held tightly to her phone ignorant of Alec's little joke, Alec hangs up walking up to her, she still wore her expression like she saw a ghost.

"Alec? " she muttered quietly.

"it's me Peppa, you've changed so much." he cooed at her, she was totally embarrassing herself she has a boyfriend for god sake.

I gently pushed her out of the way.

"I'm Amirah, sorry about Paisley she's just mad with excitement that she's seeing you after such a long time." his gaze locked on me for a long time studying my figure.

"I can't help but think I've seen you before." he stated, I chuckled lightly rubbing my arms together.

"I don't think I've seen you before." I stated because I don't actually know if I should tell him about seeing him in Detroit or not.

"You are quite familiar, did we school together ?" he asked and I shook my head.

"She's adopted just like me." Paisley finally managed to speak out and I couldn't thank her enough. She hugged Alec as they enjoyed their reunion.

"What took you so long to reply? " he asked.

"I... I was really busy and meet my friend Amirah she's an adopted sister of the Dominiquez." Alec looked back at me in disbelief.

"So that means we are cousins technically." he said.

"Cousins ?" I voiced out puzzled.

"Remember, his father was the step brother of Derek and Hunter father, technically you're his cousin." Paisley said while I giggled awkwardly at her explanation.

"So you're going to let us in or what? " Paisley asked as Alec charmed his smile once more.

"Actually I was thinking of taking you guys out, you guys in? " he asked while me and Paisley shared a glass.

"We don't know Alec, I have to go to work later In the day and Amirah has to go home." Paisley said.

"I'll be paying for your drinks."
"Count us in." Paisley interrupts with a wide grin.

"Paisley?? "

"Oh come on we'll just have a few drinks and after that we can go home besides I never say no to free drinks."

I facepalmed myself, he just bribed her with free drinks and she just went with it.

"What about you meeting up with your agent?" I asked.

"I'll reschedule besides he doesn't offer free drinks." she spat my eyes rolled on her reply.

"good, there is this new club I wanna check out, it's not opened to the public until tomorrow but I'm friends with the owner." Alec said already booking our drinks.

"Wait I brought my car." Paisley gasped.

"don't worry we can take mine and I can have yours delivered back to your apartment." he said
"What are we waiting for? Let's get drunk" Paisley yelled as he escorted us to his Mercedes Benz.

I took the passengers seat while Paisley sat at the back, he searched for his keys, he finally found them pushing his key in the keyhole.

He started the engine and I feel this deja vu being in this exact position all of a sudden.

The car ride was quiet, Paisley was probably going through her phone to ease out the tension Alec put on the mp3 player as a song came up.

"oh I love this song." Paisley yelled singing along as Alec just tapped the steering wheel while driving as his way of dancing along the music.

I stiffened just nodding my head according to the beats.

The song went down as I caught Alec stealing glances at me.

"So Peppa pig how's daddy pig? " Alec asked I glanced over to the mirror as Paisley expression changed abruptly.

"Daddy is fine he just doesn't talk to me anymore, he just busy with work and worked up with Delilah giving him grand kids." Paisley said.

"Why don't you give him grand kids." Alec suggested.

"Hell no, I'm not responsible enough to handle that shit besides he'll wouldn't give a damn since I'm not actually his blood." Paisley said as Alec smiled.

"I thought you were always good with kids remember Hailee that kid you babysat." Alec said.

"That brat chopped my hair in my sleep, I had to wear a wig for the rest of the year and you called me Tasmania." I chuckled looking back at Alec he shared me a side glance.

"I still have those pictures." he grinned

"erase them." he hissed.

"Why would you sleep on the job on the first place." Alec chuckles
"Try babysitting a 5 year old practically with the mind of a mad scientist." Paisley scoffed earning a chuckle from both me and Alec.
"Anyways, Amirah which University did you attend? " Alec ask, I choked on my spit then I started coughing.

I never got to finish middle school talk less attend University.

"Amirah are you okay? " Paisley asked as my cough died down.

"Yeah I'm good." I said in a scratch tone, Alec shares me suspicious looks as I tried to remain calm.

"I heard you went overseas with your father it must be very interesting traveling all over the world." I said trying to change the topic.

"His father is the owner of a multi billion entertainment company Starco, soon Alec will be then next CEO taking after his father." Paisley said as Alec sighed probably not happy with the whole inheritance story.

"Yeah, Paisley you don't have to tell everyone anymore were not 17." Alec said probably upset but not showing it.

"So what brought you back to Nashville? " I asked curious since he had an inheritance and probably provided the best while would he come back.

"That's strange? " Alec arched his brows.

"What? " I asked.

"Mostly people ask me about what I study and about my interest and you go straight to asking me what brings me back to Nashville? you are a strange one." he said.

"Well what brings you back to Nashville with your connections and possessions I wouldn't even think of coming back here." I said as we both shared a glance.

"How old are you? " he asks
"You haven't answered my question." I stated smirking at me.

"Smart girl, something brought me back to Nashville and that is something I don't like to discuss." Alec said.

"Oh stop it Alec, Amirah isn't it obvious it's me." Paisley said as Alec rolled his eyes.

"We haven't even gotten to the club and you're already drunk." he said as Paisley bites down on her thoughts.

"oh stop being a baby it's me and don't make fun of me, you're the one who offered to pay my drinks." paisley cooed back at him.
"Touche Paisley you'll never change." he chuckled as both giggled with him.
Hunter's Pov
I came home early to take a break from work, I loosening my buttons to look at the empty couch Amirah usually sits in but she wasn't there.

I decided to go to her room it was empty, I walked into her room to see her bed was already made, an image of her sitting down on her bed while reading some books.

'Get out of my room don't you do privacy? ' the image in my head yelled as I chuckled to myself.
'What are you reading? ' I asked.
The image hid the book.

'none of your business I'm going downstairs you creep.' the image said as it disappears.

I shook my head she was not in the room, I was imagining her, I massage my temples going down the stairs to see another image of Amirah talking to Paisley, she had her hair down while she and Paisley were giggling.

They both looked at me.

'Paisley is staying over I hope you don't mind' the image of her said.
'And I brought cocktail since Amirah isn't allowed to take Alcohol' the image of Paisley said.

'isn't that Alcoholic still? ' I asked.

'How do you want her to start drinking she's already of age' Paisley said popping the bottles open as both image of Paisley and Amirah disappeared.

I shook my head massaging my temples again, I heard a thud upstairs.

"Amirah? " I called

"Good evening Mr Dominiquez." Charleen the house keeper greeted.

"Charleen ? Where's Amirah? "
 those words slide off my tongue in curiosity.

"She left with her friend Paisley, she said she would be back before 4." I glanced over my watch it was three thirty.

It wasn't time so I can still wait for her.

Charleen excused herself as I sat down and waited for her.
Amirah's Pov
For a club that wasn't open to the public there were a lot of people who managed to get themselves in before the actual open date, Paisley was already trashed dancing with some guys.

She promised she would just take a couple a drinks.


I had to watch over her so some pervs wouldn't take advantage of her, I was ordering only water at this point not to look out of place.

"Not drunk yet ?" Alec came over sliding me a drink I only smiled drinking my bottle of water.

"I didn't plan to get drunk." I smirked as he scoffed at me.

"Wanna play a game? " he suggested as I nodded.

"Let's play truth or dare." I arched my brows.

"Who still does that? " I chuckled
"Come on I'll switch it up only you and me, no limits." he said as I nodded.

"I'm gamed, so how do we play.. "

"The same rules but different strategies, say I pick dare I have to do it no matter how raw it is and if I don't I have to take a shot of tequila same applies with truth until probably one of us gets drunk." he said as I nodded.

"Just to be clear I won't go easy on you because you're cute and all." I said as he snickered at me.

"Do your worse Dorothy." he said ordering the drinks.

"Truth or dare? " I asked.


"I dare you kiss drunk Paisley." I grinned as he chuckled to himself.
"I'll pass." he said taking a shot of tequila, I giggled nervously cause I know he's gonna get back at me.
"Well done Dorothy, Truth or dare? " he questioned.


"I Dare you to give me a Lap dance."
~To be continued~

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