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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 14


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 14

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
I welped in a whimper, Hunter trailed his hand up my arm slowly, I arched my back uncomfortably he pushes me laid down against my bed, his eyes furrowed in a focused gaze leaning towards me, his lips locked against mine my heart outburst in a flutter of emotions.

My eyes were opened as I tried to get Hunter off me but his weight forced on me pinned me down.

He lipped my upper lip gently nibbling and sucking on it with delectation, then he slides down to my lower lip gently gnawing on it in a sensual way, then fully locked both my lips with his kissing it roughly like his life depended on it.

His hands trailed from my upper arm, grazing down gripping tightly to my towel, he let's go trailing it down to my lower thigh and gripped tightly to it.

Shamefully I moaned on just his touch, his other hand trailed down to my thigh gripping tightly to both my thigh he sneaks under brushing his hands from my thighs down my calves, I moaned in his mouth as he teased my lower lip gently gnawing down on it delicately, his tongue dresses my lower lip I bite down my tongue to make sure I don't loose control and give myself into him as it was.
Both his hands slowly went up my thigh stopping at the edge of the my towel, my heart lept out of my chest he squeeze it tightly trailing his lips against the sides of my neck, I felt I was loosing my mind, his lips dresses my skin with kisses as his tongue savaged my neck I breathe effortlessly gripping tightly to my sheets, my heart was beating as his lips gnawed on my collarbone.

His left hand trailed up to my towel the only thing keeping him from touching me.

He nerves away my towel tossing it to the other side of the room, a gasp escaped my lips as I froze, dominantly trapping me on my bed his hands cupped my breast squeezing it gently teasingly caressing my lips with butterfly kisses while playing with my nipples before he lipped one in his mouth as his lips caressed with with his warmth as he sucks on it.

His lips trailed down to my abdomen both my legs.

"You're fucking wet Vera." he smirked as his tongue savaged down my cunt. "I'll fucking make you want me."
I gasped waking up jerking off my bed, I breathe roughly placing my palm against my chest, my heart was beating like crazy, I looked around to see any sight of Hunter but he wasn't here.

It was a dream.

Relieved I catch on my breath, my palms were sweaty and my pulse was racing it felt real, I got up from my bed and locked my bedroom leaning against my door.

"what the fuck was that? " I muttered to myself, the adrenaline was still coarsing through my veins.

I shook my head sideways it was just a dream it doesn't mean it's gonna happen, I calmed myself down nodding in confirmation.

I climbed back up on my bed and went back to sleep.

The next day I woke up my eyes were sore and still heavy from the lack of sleep, I couldn't stop thinking about that stupid dream, I washed up my misery of a face and went downstairs to see Hunter trying to knot his tie on several attempts but failed.

I prance down the remaining steps standing in front of Hunter.

He looked directly at me with a focused gaze, his glare was emotionless and vivid scaling down body, I felt his sharp gaze peeking through my thoughts as it is.

"You look terrible." I silently heaved a deep sigh of relief, he wasn't the Hunter of a few days ago, he was back to to the cruel, heartless Hunter, the dream meant nothing.

I smiled walking up to him up close, his expression softened and his grey crimson eyes darkened in a swirl.

"I didn't sleep well, I had a rough night." the words rolled of my tongue as he steps back a bit and avoids my gaze.

"Stay home and rest for the day, you need it." he said tussling off his tie, I walked towards him gripping hold on it gently knotting it carefully in place until I rested it on his torso.

"There all done." I smiled looking back at him, his eyes were glued stuck on me, puzzled as I was I tried to figure out why and stepped back, he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.

He didn't say a word he just picked up his phone and stopped on his tracks taking one last glance at me before he left and shut the door on his way out.
Hunter's Pov

I sighed, it's been 4 hrs straight and I've been going through interviews to replace Norah and still to no avail none of them could fill her place, I had to interview about 24 women all they want to do is get close to me.

I told Kaleb to suspend the interviews for a while.

I got up from my seat walking round my office.

My thoughts trailed to Amirah on our trip to New Zealand then my thoughts came back to what doctor Laker said.

~she will die eventually~

My brows furrowed to a frown on the thought of it, I couldn't help but be mad on the thought of Amirah leaving me, it felt strange and I didn't like it.

Kaleb walked in with Thiago and some more files while I sighed feeling exhausted from the interview.

"These are the rest of the woman that want to apply for Norah's position." Kaleb said while I looked back at the files.

"Or to have a shot with me in an excuse to work with me."

"They are one of the best Hunter who else could we recommend for the position?" he asked.

"Ashley? " I chimed.

"She's married and 2 months pregnant." Kaleb said.

"Talia? "

"She's already working as a spy undercover in North Korea." Thiago said.

"Eve? "

"She quit a long time ago she's now a librarian in Oxford taking care of her daughter." Kaleb said and I sighed.

My eyes darted to a picture of Amirah, my brows arched puzzled as I picked out her picture.

"What about Amirah? " I asked.
"Amirah isn't trained and she could serve as a distraction like what happened in Detroit." Thiago objected.

"I agree with Thiago on this but she's actually essential, she was able to find Norah's smuggled documents and figured out your plan to go New Zealand it's quite impressive." Kaleb added.

"She can do all that but she isn't trained if the enemy finds out Amirah is the weakling they will come after her instead and that could have a major impact on the mission." Thaigo said.

"What if we exclude her from the the difficult ones, she'll be filling up for Norah's position until her debts Is paid." I said as both guys look awfully unconvinced but they knew they couldn't change my mind.

"Hunter you would be endangering Amirah to a lot more than she could handle." Thiago said but I didn't reply or give him a comment as he feared my mind was already made up.

"Cancel the rest of the interviews, Amirah will be the new Mistress of the Dominiquez household." I said both Thiago and Kaleb disapproved of the idea but my mind was already made up.
Kaleb left to announce my final decision but Thiago remained silent staring I'll at me.

"You are playing a deadly game Hunter, sooner or later you'll regret it." he snarled turning his back at me.
Amirah's Pov
Derek took me for lunch proposing to know me better, I tried pushing flimsy excuses but he said he wouldn't take no for an answer.

We went to a chinese restaurant, I wore a short pink knitted skirt and a pink top to compliment it.

We sat down quietly, he was on his phone, something that ran in the Dominiquez household but he put down his phone as we ordered noodles.

I wasn't used to eating this stuff at all, Henry used to joke about getting me some one day when I told him I've never eaten it before.
I sighed when I recalled he's gone and I'm partially to blame for it if I didn't get myself involved he wouldn't have followed me that night.

"Something wrong? " Derek asked eating his noodle carefully, I forced a smile as wide as genuine.

"I didn't know millionaires eat takeouts." he smiled slurping quietly his noodle.

"They don't but billionaires do." he cooed with a smirk while I picked up the chopsticks.

"Thanks for inviting me to lunch." I greeted as he nodded, I snapped the chopsticks in twos as I tried to mimic Derek's way of eating it but it was nothing but predictable failure.

"First time?" he asked and I nodded and decided to drink it instead, it got all over my face and my top, Derek chuckled to himself quietly on how I messed up myself and handed me a napkin.

"So how old are you? " he asked while I try to wipe the stains carefully.

"21..." he looks back at me in bewilderment arching a brow.

"You don't act your age."

"How am I supposed to act? " I asked.

"Immatured." he said drinking the left over from the noodles. "Trust me my girlfriend is 23." he said picking up his fortune cookie.

"No wonder he likes you." I froze on the mention of those words looking back at Derek in disbelief.

"Excuse me? "

"What brings you to Nashville?" he asked focusing his gaze on me.
"I.... I... "

"just so you know I'm aware of the family business the Dominiquez run, so what brings you into the family?" he asked.

"I borrowed a loan three years ago, I didn't pay it back so Hunter let me live so I can pay back the debt." I said.

"Interesting, he let you live? " he asked and I nodded.

"Can I tell you something? " he said breaking his fortune cookie and I nodded.

"Why do you think he let you Live Amirah? " I was baffled by the question but had no reply to back it up.

"so I could pay back.. " I guessed which was the only typical solution.

"it's funny you think he let you live because he wants you to pay, he's killed millions of people and I'm sure you've seen or heard about them and surprisingly you're the first person he's spared." he said looking back into my eyes.

"What are you trying to say? "
"I can protect you, I can pay back the debt you owe Hunter I can grant you your freedom, you will no longer be under Hunter's control you'll be free." he stopped while I tensed up on his reply.
"What do you say Amirah ? work for me." he insisted and I heave a deep sigh.

"I can't, I'm sorry.." I said getting up, he looked baffled at my reply.

"I don't want anything to do in Nashville, I want to pay my debt and return to someone I left back in New York I'm doing this for her, it has always been for her and so I have to refuse your offer Derek." I stated as he smirked to himself.
"No worries Amirah, if you have second thoughts I won't hesitate to do so." he said.

"I won't be having second thoughts, after my debt is paid I'm going to my Ariel." I said as Paisley walks up to us with some of her coworkers.

"Amirah?? " she said puzzled looking back at Derek.

"I invited her to have lunch with me, we're done and I better get going to work." Derek said before pecking Paisley on the lips leaving me with Paisley and her quirky co workers.
Derek's Pov
After leaving Amirah with Paisley, I went to my club I owned, I prance towards my office, I unlock it to see Hunter sitting down on my chair.

"I don't like sharing Derek." those words rolled of his tongue like that venom of a snake.

"You have to learn Hunter when she finally knows the devil in you." I said as he got up.

"I know the way you look at her, all you want is to fuck her, how do you think Paisley would feel when she finds out you've been cheating on her with your strippers." he smirked.

"Leave my girlfriend out of this and focus on your unhappy wife, you're here threatening me over something that doesn't belong to you and your wife is out there fucking other men." I said as his eyes were red, he pulled out his gun pointing it at me.

"This is your answer to every problem Hunter, killing me will only justify that I'm right." I said.
"Leave Delilah out of this fucking shit, stay away from Amirah that's all I wanted to make clear." he said putting away his gun.

He walked over my desk as our eyes met.

"She'll leave you eventually for Ariel, she told me she will when her debt is finally paid but we both know you'll drive her away first Hunter." I said as he wore a scared look but quickly replaced it with a glare.
Amirah's Pov
I thought about what Derek said, can he really pay my debt, if I work for him I could still visit Ariel but a sane person can't just offer to pay a huge debt and though he wants me to work for him in return that can't be all.

Paisley and I were walking home together she was busy going through her phone and I just noticed she was staring at her phone deep in thoughts.

"Paisley are you OK? " I asked she nodded looking back at her phone.

I stopped on my tracks to see if she was aware of her surroundings, she didn't stop I caught up with her and swiped away her phone.

"Amirah?? " she squealed while I saw her text from a guy it was an unknown number.

I went back to the messages it was sent a week ago.

"I'm back?? Whose back?? " I asked as she sighed and snatch her phone back and showed me a different pics of her and the guy.
He looked familiar I've seen him before.

"Alec's back..." she muttered quietly and now I know while he looks familiar.

He's the guy I bumped into during the wedding in Detroit.

What was he doing in Detroit?
~To be continued~

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