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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 13


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 13

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
He missed.

He clenched tightly to his gun locking a vivid stare at me.

My heart heaved a sigh of relief but I was sure he was going to kill me.

"I can't kill you." he muttered, his gun was still pointed directly at me, he looked hopeless and lost mixed with rage but he couldn't kill me.

"That doesn't mean I can't kill him." he said heaving a deep breath, his eyes were emotionless and red with murder.

"He didn't kill Norah, he hurt her yes but he didn't kill her, if that never happened you wouldn't have met her, and if Norah wanted her father long dead she would have killed him years ago without your knowledge, drop the gun Hunter, please." his expression softened up a bit still he strictly pointed the gun at me.

"You are growing on me Vera" he smirked. "you win." he slipped the gun off his grasp, the gun landed creating a loud thud.

He walks up to me, my cheeks were flushed with my tears, he kneels a bit wiping my wet cheeks.

Pulling a strand of my hair back he smirks again locking a stare.
"Next time you won't."
"Thanks for inviting me, letting me know something about Norah, she meant a lot to Hunter and I know why." I said as Kaleb nodded swinging his keys round his fingers.

"No biggie it was kinda fun and besides it's impressive you figured out Hunter's plan in short notice." Kaleb said.

"What about Norah's father? " I asked

"I already sent the government a copy of the smuggled files under an anymonous icon, he'll have plenty of time to think about his mistakes in prison." Kaleb said. "You sure you wanna stay behind and accompany Hunter?" Kaleb asked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine, he just needs sometime and someone to make sure he's fine." I said as he nodded and got into the car.

I sighed as Kaleb started his car but I knocked on his windows manically.

He roll down the windows as I peeked my head in.

"Can you do me a favor? " I asked
"Sure what's that? " he asked.

"Well I want you to look up on the disappearance Aimya Rivera, my elder sister."
Hunter's Pov
Kaleb left and Amirah insisted on staying behind probably to make sure I don't change my mind and kill someone.

I was sitting down at one chairs in the airport, few people were now at the airport than earlier.

Amirah walked up to me dolly, her thick dark brown hair was band into a ponytail holding a brochure sitting down next to me.

"What do you want to do? " she asked sheepishly waiting for my reply.

"Nothing." I muttered bluntly, she looked back at her brochure.

"We could go to the beaches or theatres or to a museum." she said but I didn't reply, she got up and took my hand pulling me up.

"Come on let's go shopping." she weakly tried to pull me out while I smirked in satisfaction on how weak she was.

She breath effortlessly tired as my smirk widened to a grin.

"You're not helping." she stated with a pout.

I got up shoving my hands down my pockets and walking towards her, inditimidating her with my stare, she shrink back and froze.

"Sure let's go shopping." I said as her eyes grew wide in excitement.

We took an Uber to a thrift store, she tried out a few clothes why I focused my stare on her as she sneezed when coming across some dust and when she giggled talking to the sales girl.

She finally picked out a navy blue dress and tried it out and kept twirling checking out the dress while I smiled at her like an idiot.

"Why are you smiling? " she caught me off guard looking back to see if there was anybody behind her but she was the one I was looking at.

"Found what you want? " I asked as she nodded and asked to bag it and I paid.

"Don't you want something too Hunter?" I asked and shook my head sideways.

We later took a cable car to tour round the city and visit some of the museum and Theatre after all.

Finally we decided to go to one of the underground caves, first we went in groups but then it was me and Amirah left, I held the flashlight and stopped on my tracks.

"I think we are lost." I muttered as she sighed already exhausted.


"We have 2 hours to get back before our flight back home, if we miss this one we have to wait 48 hours before the next flight." she whimpered softly after venting out her thoughts.

"Are you afraid of the dark? " I smirked at her pointing the flashlight directly at her.

"No, that's ridiculous." she said as I switched off the flashlight and I hear a loud shriek from her direction, I switched the light back on to see her furious at me while I chuckled at her reaction.

"You are afraid of the dark." I smugged as she shared me a snarl.

"That wasn't funny." she yelled in a high pitch shriek I couldn't help but chuckle as she charges towards me, pouncing on me the flashlight thud to the ground rolling until it landed on us.

She was on top of me, her rubber band snapped and her thick brown hair falls below her shoulders, she froze as our eyes locked in a stare.

She tried to say something but she was stunned.

"Are.. Are you OK? " she stuttered still frozen, I nodded as a reply as she slowly lift herself away from me and apologize for attacking me.

I only nodded as we slowly both walked in silence back.
Delilah's Pov
Paisley came to visit, we were drinking the bottle of Vodka she brought over.

"guess what?" she said
"What? " I asked curious.
"Remember little Cecil, she's pregnant." I spit out my vodka in shock. "you mean Cecilia?" I asked to make sure.

"Yeah, she was showing off her baby bump and her sugar daddy at work today." Paisley said still drinking. "I am so happy for her" I feigned.

"Have you heard from Hunter lately? " I asked as she shooks her head picking up her phone to reply to a text.

"oh shit, I need to attend to something at work, don't get drunk." she said chugging one last glass before leaving me.
Amirah's Pov
We got back to Nashville and took an Uber to the cemetery to see Norah's tombstone.

I stood behind as Hunter went up putting down his flowers which rested on her tomb.

He froze bitting down on his words and fell to his knees.
"I killed you every second of the day, I thought you were alright but I was wrong you were a big part of my life, you risked your life just to make sure I had mind, you cherished me every moment of the day, when I saw that you died, I hated you, I despise you, I wanted you back I wanted justice I can't bring you back.

When I thought I've lost everything you were there to make sure I wasn't lonely, when I was hurt you pulled out your gun and hunt down those who did, when I was breaking down you inspire me to pull up my defenses" he stopped looking down at her grave.

"Norah, but you thought me something, I don't want to loose anyone I love after this thank you in conclusion I'm no longer mad at you, I forgive you." he said standing up taking one last look at her grave.

"Rest in peace Norah." he finally said as we both walked out of the Cemetery.
Anymonous Pov
I walked in the Cemetery smirking at the tombstone of the once great warrior, I kneeled as my smirk thin into a grin.

"you made things easier for me Norah." I said feigning grievance over her death.

"Now you're gone you can't protect the one you love anymore, I'll make sure he looses everything and everyone and he'll join you in hell."
Amirah's Pov
Finally Hunter drove us home, he didn't say anything because he was still down after visiting Norah.

We got home and I went to take a shower because I reeked after successfully taking a shower I came out refreshed to see Hunter leaning against my door, he had a bottle of tequila in his hands it was empty he let's go of it as it thuds on the floor.

"Hunter?" he walked in with a drunk smile.

"get out of my room.." I screamed while trying to get hold of my towel, his hair was a messy kind of hot, his shirt was flying out and his black jeans was stylishly buckled.

He didn't listen but instead did the opposite and walked up to me, I backed up still till I fell on my bed tightly gripping to my towel, his eyes were dazed but were focused on me. He climbed on the bed slowly climbing on top of me and trapping me on the bed.

"How can I get stuck in your mind? " he asked looking down at my lips before he looked back into my eyes.

~He was drunk~

•To be continued•

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