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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 12


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 12

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov

~I was dumbstruck~

Speechless I froze on just his words, it hit way harder than I thought it could all of a sudden my stomach swarmed of butterflies and my cheeks heat up, I bit my lip hard to take my mind of it but Hunter already peeked my reaction and chuckles quietly to himself and looks back down at the bridge, I did the same because I didn't know what else to say to him.

We both stood there in brutal silence, non of us had nothing to say and I was still processing what he actually said.

He's just Unpredictable.

His phone rings disturbing the intense silence between us. He picks it up and his expression changed back to normal.

"Let's go, Thiago warned traffic would be terrible after dark." I nodded as we both walked back to the car.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Two days later it was Norah's funeral, it spread that she died of a drug overdose, it's scary how everyone believed it when actually she shot herself with a gun and was burnt to ashes, her body wasn't recovered.

Kaleb suggested we buy a body to replace Norah's but Hunter was against it and decided to give her a memorial instead.

A few people attended her funeral actually because it was in a week day it was mostly people she worked with and few of those who knew her at school.

Hunter didn't attend the Funeral he traveled to New Zealand for important business probably he couldn't face Norah's grave.

The ceremony ended as other shared their wishes while a few mourned over her, I couldn't help but feel bad because I know how bad it felt and also I couldn't mourn her because I never did have a connection with Norah.

I chatted with a few of the people that attended.

"Amirah... " Paisley ran up to me to hug me, she was wearing a black laced dress and she was with Derek who stared at both of us as we hugged, she wore a black laced hat and gloves also.

"Where's Hunter? " she asked with pity in her eyes.

"He could not attend Norah's funeral." I muttered sadly.

"Norah actually meant a lot to him, we thought we'd stop by and pay our respects." she said as Derek handed we a fresh bouquet of pink tulips.

"Thanks I'll put this over her tombstone." I said.

"Well we better be on our way bye." she said leaving with Derek.
I dropped the flowers on the tombstones and back up.

"Nice flowers..." Kaleb commented as I twirled to face him.

"Thanks Paisley gave them to me." I said with a sad smile.

"I'm moving Norah's stuff out of her dorm in Anthem U, wanna tag along?" Kaleb asked, Hunter wasn't home and I had nothing to do today and maybe I could learn more about Norah.

"Sure but I have to change first." I said, I went home to change into something more casual, just a pink crop top with a mini denim jean skirt and a denim black jacket.

After I changed Kaleb I went with his grey Lexus jeep as we stopped in front of Anthem U, a private university in Nashville, some students were roaming about.

I never got to go to college or heck finish highschool, I envied those that had the privilege.

We paid a visit to the dorm keeper as she gave us the key to Norah's room.

There were bottles lying everywhere, her bed was a mess and funny enough her books were untouched, I looked round the room and back at Kaleb who was wiping some dust off her desk, he switched on the lights to get a clear vision of the room.

"I'm not sure Norah made friends in Anthem U." I commented as Kaleb nodded.

"Norah wasn't a people person, she was just quiet, it took me a year before I knew she could talk." Kaleb spilled picking some of the bottles and pulled out a box to dispose the bottles.

I on the other hand went through her closets and started folding up some of her clothes on the bed one after the other.

"Were you ever friends?" I asked
"Norah never saw an individual as a friend, the only person she actually relate with was Hunter, she was sold to the Dominiquez to pay her mother's debt and since then she grew on him." Kaleb said.

"What about her father? " I asked.

"Her father raped her when she was 6, until her mother sold her sold her off to pay her debt." Kaleb said.

"Didn't she have any siblings?" I asked.

"She was an only child, she never knew what love was, she was betrayed, hurt and neglected and when finally she found compassion, she couldn't have it and when it drove her insane she ended everything." Kaleb commented breathlessly boxing all the empty bottles and handed me a box to put away her clothes.

"I know how that feels, it's just terrible she went through it alone." I said as my eyes darted to a binder with documents I picked it up and scrolled through the files.

"Norah is an immigrant? " I asked which got Kaleb puzzled.

"No.. " he replied walking towards me.

"Well it says here she was born in New Zealand and her parents are separated." I said handing the files to Kaleb who was cross checking the files.

"These files are legit but what was Norah thinking digging through these files, Hunter made sure they were kept away from her, I wasn't even allowed to take a peek at them" I swiped some copies of the files and glanced through them again.

"it states her that her mother tried to see Norah but she denied those visits, but granted only one just a few months ago." I said in a whisper.

"Something is not right here and I'm sure we know who can give us our answers." Kaleb said as I nodded.

"You try to trace Norah's mother address while I try to call Hunter."
 I said and pulled out the phone that Hunter got for me, he said he'll be busy with his business trip and contact me with it, I wasn't allowed to contact anyone but him.

I tried calling him but somehow his signal was down, I tried several times but it wasn't going.

"it's not going.." I spoke out as Kaleb was busy on a laptop that belonged to Norah.

"Her mom is in Nashville." Kaleb said.

"Where in Nashville?? " I asked
"it's an hour drive to her place at a motel." Kaleb said as I picked up some of the files and arranged them.

"Let's go."
~I was worried~
During the drive I tried calling Hunter but he wouldn't pick up and I became worried, I calmed myself down, Hunter can take care of himself, we tracked Norah's mother address using the GPS in Kaleb's car.

We arrived at the Motel, it was pretty old and rusty we walked in with the files in my grasps as we both walked in to see the receptionist and requested for Norah's mother but they didn't have an idea what we were talking about.

After being threatened to leave or they would call the cops we left.
"The only person who could talk to us about Norah doesn't even exist." I muttered under my breath.

A young woman in her forties walked up to us.

"Excuse me did you just say Norah?" the woman said, she was wearing black and she looked familiar.

"Yes, we are looking for her mother." Kaleb said.

The woman smiled and nodded.
"Come let's go." the woman voiced.
"You know where her mother is? " Kaleb asked.

"Yes, I am her mother." the woman said and I know why she looks familiar she came to the funeral.

We went to a cafe where we ordered some snacks, Kaleb paid for it mostly because I don't have cash on me, the woman was quiet and slowly drank her lemon tea.
"we sorry about Norah Mrs... "

"Call me Harriet." she insisted as Kaleb brought out some files.
"We were cleaning your daughters room and we found some documents about her that she smuggled, we just want to ask a few questions since you were the only one that knew her better." Kaleb said as the woman nodded.
"We were informed you and your daughter are immigrants from New Zealand." Kaleb stated.

"Yes we are." I said
"for how long? " Kaleb asked
"11 years." she replied.

"we found out you sold your daughter to pay after your debt so we have suspicion why you still wanted to see her when you got rid of her." Kaleb said as the woman sighed.

"I would never dream of getting rid of my daughter, I never thought I would until I couldn't keep up anymore." she said with a forced smile. "My husband was drug trafficker, I got pregnant and my family abodoned me, I had no where to go but my husband's place we got married and moved to live a simpler life for all I know he told me he quit all his bad ways, Norah was born and he beat me accusing me I brought the wrong child that he needed a son. I found out he bet that if he had a son he would have been promoted to a new position but if he had a girl we had to give her out, I couldn't give Norah out she was my only child so I did the only thing I could, I slept with different men to pay the debt to keep Norah." she said in tears and I couldn't help but tear for her too.

She dried up her tears "My husband called me a slut everyday of my life I didn't give a damn, I was happy my daughter was with me, but I wasn't always there for her. Norah was 6 when when I got a new job, she was left in the house all alone, it was the biggest mistake of my life, my husband raped her and trafficked her under my nose, when I found out Norah was not my Norah anymore, later I found out my husband was gambling again and left a debt of a billion dollars on my name, I had no choice I couldn't keep Norah safe anymore, she wasn't safe anymore and so I did the only thing to keep Norah safe, I sold her to the Dominiquez, I paid the debt and with the rest of the money I ran away and moved here." she said sucking up her tears in pain.

"Norah kept denying you from seeing her but according to the files she granted you a visit two months ago." Kaleb said as she sob.

"She told me I'm no longer part of her life, I tried to explain why I did it and she should come back, but she said she was never coming back and she meant it." the woman said. "This wouldn't have happened if I ran away instead now the person I risked my life to protect is gone." Mrs Harriet said.
"What about your husband? " Kaleb asked.

"That bastard is still in New Zealand fucking up him self why my daughter is dead, I wish him nothing but death." she teared uncontrollably as we tried to calm her down and handed her some of Norah's stuff and documents which she was grateful of.

We walked over to Kaleb's car as he swung his keys round his index finger.

I stopped at my steps.

"Something is wrong." I stated.

"We solved the mystery, what else is there about it." Kaleb lamented.

My phone slipped from my grasp as I froze.

"Amirah? " Kaleb question on my stiff expression.

"How long does it take to get to New Zealand." I asked.

"12 hours, Why are you asking."

"Can you freeze Hunter's flight? " I asked as he scrunched his brows.
"Yes, his flight could be delayed."
Kaleb said as I got in the car.

"Drive us to the airport we have to go to New Zealand." I muttered buckling up my seatbelt.

"Amirah why are you so worried."

"Hunter is going to Kill the only person that brought Norah pain." Kaleb gaped at my reply.

"Which means..."

"He's on his way to kill Norah's father."
Hunter's Pov
My flight was delayed but I still managed to land in New Zealand, I came down from the Airport to see Amirah standing in front of the gateway.

I walked towards her as she stood in front of me, she was the only one there at the gateway.

Before I could ask her how she got to New Zealand she sighed.

"You can't kill him." she muttered with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"get out of my way Amirah." I warned but she ignored.

"This is not what Norah would have wanted." she said.

"You didn't know Norah." I said
"Killing him won't solve anything, if he had a next life he'll do it all again Hunter." she said but I walked past her ignoring her.

"You're a coward, you can walk up to a man and point a gun at their head but you can't just look at Norah's grave and tell her how you feel, that she's no longer here for you, that you lost her, killing him won't make a difference he didn't get punished for what he did, if you kill him you're granting him freedom" she sobbed.

"he hurt Norah, Amirah."

"And now you want to avenge her?? When she's gone" she said.

I ignored her still walking past her.

"Kill me first." I stop on my tracks on hearing her yell. "Kill me instead and let the debt be paid." it felt like a sting oh hearing those words.

I pulled out my gun and pointed it at her and fired the bullet.

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