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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 11


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 11

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
~It's hot~
I coughed waking up after inhaling a puff of smoke, my eyes were watery, the entire room was filled with dark black smoke I carefully got away from the bed, I was still weak and struggle to walk with my legs, I kept staggering and plundering down.
I decided to crawl after using up my strength to reach out to the door, I was coughing violently my eyes build up tears due to the thick black cloud of smoke, I couldn't breathe nothing but smoke, my hands trailed up to my my throat I was choking and crying, I was completely weak.

"Help.." I cried hoping Norah could come save me but nobody came, tears streamed down my cheeks as I invision this was the way I was going to die, I lost short of breath and collapse on the floor while I slowly waited for the fire to burn me to ashes.
Hunter's Pov
The entire house was locked as the fire spread like wildfire, the room where Amirah was was trapped in smoke, my heart dropped when I could think of nothing but her in danger.

"911 are on their way Hunter." Kaleb said as I pulled out my gun.

"I'm not going to sit out and wait for them Amirah and Norah are in there." I said about to go but Thiago held me back.

"Hunter you're badly hurt too, you can't take that much stress, just wait." Thiago instructed but I loosen of his grip and head to the house anyways, I pulled out my gun and shot the door knob, the moment I entered I felt like I was in a microwave.

"Amirah..." I yelled trying to make out with the thick smoke.

Then I saw someone Limb on the floor it was Norah in her pool of blood, my heart dropped hoping it was the cloud of smoke deceiving my eyes but it was really her, next to her was a gun then it dawned on me that she shot herself.

I pulled her in, she was cold and lifeless in my hands, her skin was pale and her black shiny hair was lifeless and dead.

"Norah?" I said shaking her but she was already dead and there was nothing I could do, I laid her cold body on the floor as I fight my way upstairs and hoped Amirah was not dead too.

I ran up to her room, it was shut, I pulled out my gun and shut the door handle, the room was pitch black I couldn't spot Amirah.

I place my arm across my forehead, I heard a cough and traced it to the other side of the room, it was Amirah, I picked her up as she wraps her hand round me for comfort and resting her head on my torso, she was still breathing but hardly.

She kept coughing as I tried to find ways to get out of this building.

Finally we got out and the firemen were here, they took Amirah away from my grasp and placing her on a stretcher as they rolled her away behind the back of an ambulance checking if she was still breathing as they strapped on a oxygen mask.

I walked up to the building but the Firemen already taped the place.

"Hunter, Amirah is alive why the fuck are you still going back?" Thiago asked but i ignored, he tried to pull me back but I punched him on the face.

"What the fuck Hunter I'm not the enemy, I didn't burn the house why the fuck are you going back there." Thiago asked bleeding slightly from his nose.

"Norah is in there." I said falling down on my knees as the house burned like a forest fire and the whole place came apart slowly.
I woke up to see myself in a hospital, I looked round it wasn't my normal hospital, so I figured I was still in Detroit.

I didn't spot Kaleb or Thiago, probably they were cleaning up some of the stuff of doctor Laker and usually when this happens Norah stays with me at the hospital and takes care of me till I was on my feet.

I wanted to kill myself, I wanted to bring back Norah and kill her myself, why would she shoot herself and probably start the fire, why would she leave me just like that.

Norah was no more and my heart bled because I couldn't save her, I spotted someone resting on the end of my bed.

It was Amirah, she was sleeping quietly clinging tightly to my sheets.

I was relieved she was alive but also confused what she was doing in my ward, I looked round my room I didn't spot any bed so we weren't sharing a room together.

A nurse walked in she looked down on Amirah and smiled at her and tapped her to wake up, she yawned before opening her eyes to see that I was alive.

The nurse was changing my drip as my eyes and Amirah's met, she was quiet and played with her fingers probably because she was nervous.

"Sweetie should I escort you to your room." The nurse requested but she slowly shook her head sideways denying the offer.

"You wanna stay here with Mr handsome." the nurse joked getting a smile from Amirah as she nodded.

"Well I'll leave you two to talk." she said winking at Amirah who couldn't hold back her blush and she exits my ward.

The silence that followed was sharp and brutal.

"How are you? " she asked not looking into my eyes.

"I'm fine.." I replied bluntly.

"That's good to hear the hospital said you'll be discharged tomorrow." she said quietly avoiding eye contact. "Thiago and Kaleb went to clean up after the Laker incident, they said they will be back tomorrow." she added.
"I know." I said.

"Thank you for saving my life again Hunter." she said finally looking into my eyes with the courage left in her.

"You are welcome." I said breaking the stare and looking down at my hand that was bandaged.

"I'm sorry about Norah, I know how you must feel loosing someone important." she said and I wish she didn't as I tried as much to hold back my emotions. "it's a painful thing actually when you think that person is going to stay at the end they are no longer there."she added.

"you don't know how I feel.." I muttered under my breath as I looked back at her to see her puzzled look.

"It hurts.. " she gestured
"you don't fucking know how I feel Amirah, you've never felt this way so stop pretending. Norah died, she was like a sister to me, you don't know how it fucking feels to know the one you love die." I yelled at her as her eyes well up.
"I do know how it feels."

"No you don't you're just this little girl who has everyone to protect you."

"you don't know that.." she sobbed getting up from her chair.

"I do know because you've not lost anyone you loved." I said breathlessly.

"My parents." she yelled as tears stream down her cheeks, her face was pinkish red as she tried to hold back her tears. "my parents died the same day before my very eyes, I lost two people I love and who loved me back the same day, I know how you feel this pain has been in my heart for as long as I can remember." she sobbed breathlessly her eyes were puffy as she sucked back her tears.
"You want to go out with them and sometimes end everything, the pain doesn't go away, your heart bleeds, you have sleepless nights and nothing but them comes across your thoughts I know how it feels." she said already in tears.
The nurse comes back in to see Amirah in tears and trying to hold back her tears.

"Is everything okay sweetie? " the nurse asked worried as Amirah nodded.

"I want to go back to my room." Amirah said walking out of mine and I didn't see her again, the nurse on the other hand didn't look happy with me.

She was checking my monitor for any slight eruption.

"And to think she refused to sleep in her room because she wanted to sleep next to you and made sure you woke up." The nurse said disappointed.

"Excuse me? " I asked.

"You've been unconscious three days straight, she refused to take medications and slept by your side till now." the nurse said and I felt terrible.

Why would she ignore her health and attend to mine?
We were discharged and Thiago handed me my keys to one of my BMW.

"You sure you don't want to follow us back to Nashville and you want to drive with her."

Thiago said pointing at Amirah who was at the passenger seat.

"I can handle her, just take of everything in case I get back late."
 I said as Thiago nodded as he left with the rest, I got into the car with Amirah, she was quiet probably giving me the silent treatment.

I started the car at first we were following the guys but then we diverted which puzzled Amirah.

"We are taking the wrong turn." she said but I ignored her.

"Hunter." she yelled and I couldn't help but smirk on how scared she was.

"just keep quiet." I ordered as she did and sat down the rest of the ride was quiet as non of us brought up a topic as we stopped in front of an old abandoned bridge it was of no use because it to taped for people to fuck off as ordered by the government.

I got down as Amirah sat down confused and stood in front of the car.

"Come out." I mouthed but she shook her head.

I put my head down with a devilish smirk and walked over to her and opened the car and carried her away from the car and used my leg to shut the door.

"Let me down, someone help.." Amirah yelled but I didn't listen as I went pass the security tapes.

"Hunter we are not supposed to be here." she argued while I put her down as we looked over detriot, I stood at the edge leaning against the rail.

"My dad died here when my mom was pregnant 8 months pregnant with me and my brother." I said and her expression changed.

"I'm sorry." she whispered.

"don't be, I never ever got to see him he died when my mom went into labor." I said, I couldn't explain how he died exactly.

"so technically you were born on a bridge." she said which was technically true I couldn't help but laugh at her reply.

"I was born in a matrimonial clinic for your information." I corrected as she rolled her eyes.
"it would still be cool If you were born on a bridge." she joked.

"I'm sorry about what happened, I was upset and took it out on you." I explained as she nodded.

"I'm over it" she said

"My mom took me here all the time before she left, I never understood until now." I said getting her curious.

"What's that? " she asked leaning against the bridge bars.

"people die eventually, we can't bring them back and we can't easily forget about them especially those special in our lives, we can't keep blaming them why they left, we can't replace them easily, we have to slowly let them go and if we can't we can lean into someone's shoulder." she turned to look at me confused as I leaned into her and stopped as we were a inch apart.

"Amirah can I be the shoulder you lean into."
~To be continued~

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