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The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 10


The Devil's Mistress-Chapter 10

Theme: He is the Master and I am the Mistress

Kim Lina

Amirah's Pov
Everything was black all I could hear was loud gun shots and struggling and a slight cut brush across my cheek, I tried to open my eyes to see Hunter, his hands was bleeding profusely but that didn't stop him from sucking the pain and lifting me up from the unholy bed and out of the building, I was wrapped in a coat to cover my weak exposed body.
"Take her to one of the penthouses." Hunter ordered groaning in pain, he couldn't look at my face.

Kaleb nodded, my vision was getting blurry by the second as I was laid in the back seat.

"Where's Laker?" Kaleb asked
"He escaped."
I slowly awaken to see myself in a strange bedroom, I was wearing a silver blue night gown, my body felt sore as I tried to lift myself up it was agonizing but I managed to put my feet down breathing heavily.

The door was kicked wide open revealing Hunter, his hands was bandaged probably because of the shoot but I was relieved after seeing him.

"You need to rest." Hunter commented studying my body expression and I was going through hell.

"No, I know doctor Laker is still out there." I said as Hunter froze oh how I knew, I could hear a few things when I was unconscious.

I tried getting up struggling to lift my fragile weak body, Hunter didn't interfere with my request as I tried to move with my feet, I was barely unstable to control my body but I pushed the pain down trying to walk.

I stride towards Hunter who shared me subtle looks, then I felt something like loss of breath I stagger into Hunter, he caught me before I could hit the ground.

"you don't ever listen" Hunter sighed looking down into my eyes, I don't know if it was the drug that Laker injected earlier into my system but I felt drawn to him or it was just me, he lift me up and carries me in bridal style carefully placing me on the bed.

He places his palm on my head probably to check my temperature.

Next to my drawer was a napkin and warm water, he dipped the napkin in and squeezes it out, he dabs it carefully on my cuts I sustained and bruises.

He squeezes it again after dipping it, slowly caressing the cut on my cheek then he stopped and traced it to my lips swiping off the blood stains on my lips, my heart burst when he stopped at the depth of my lower lip, I couldn't help but trace my eyes back to his stare, we were like that for as long as I would have nervously blinked.

He leaned in slowly, I didn't know if it was my brain cutting circulation of oxygen from my brain or he was leaning in looking down at my lips.

"Hunter... " I muttered as he stopped and back away from me, he got down from the bed and heave a deep breath.

I didn't want to talk about what just happened because I was confused also.

"Thank you for saving me from doctor Laker." I commented while I looked back at him, he nodded as a reply.

Kaleb and Norah walked in together, Kaleb smiled at me in relief and Norah on the other hand folded her arms looking down at me.

"Tell us what transpired between you and Laker Amirah? " Kaleb asked.

"Well somehow the signal from my earrings were jammed and the next thing I knew Laker was gone, I was trying to reach out to you but I couldn't then Laker asked me to dance with him, I wanted to get as far as possible but then he said I should follow him to his condo." I explained.

"And you just followed? " Norah interrupted with a snarl.

"He knew my name, I panicked and followed him." both Hunter and Kaleb wore shocked expressions on their face, they were both puzzled and disturbed.

"How could he have known your name? " Hunter asked while I shrugged.

"Did he bite down your neck?." Kaleb asked which I found weird and I nodded as Kaleb expression grew worried.

"Is there anything wrong? " I asked as Kaleb tried to inform Hunter on something.

"Nothing is wrong, just get some rest till the drug drains off your system." Hunter said sharing a nod with Norah and Kaleb.

They all left and exited the room leaving me to rest.
Hunter's Pov
We left Amirah to rest upstairs, we were staying in one of the houses in Detroit, it was a mini penthouse, I never used it because I never had business or dealings In Detroit.

Kaleb has been trying to track down Laker.

"What do we have on Laker?" I commented breathlessly.

"Nothing, again he managed to clean off his tracks, he might have even escaped from Detroit tonight as we know it." Kaleb said looking grave.

"We both know Laker doesn't easily give up his victims that easily, he marked her." Norah commented and she was right.

Every woman who was raped by Laker had a mark on their next, he bit down on their neck and made sure they bleed, and then he rapes them effortlessly, the thought of him fucking Amirah disgust me.

"That prick will come for Amirah for sure, that's why we should track him before he gets to her." I said.

"but what puzzles me was that he couldn't have done it alone, it's like he knew we were coming." Kaleb commented and it made total sense.

"Are you trying to tell me that someone one informed Laker about us coming for him." I said as Kaleb nods.

"Run a scan through all the cctv cameras in detriot and hack all the satellites and find out if we could fish out where Laker is hiding and who sold us out, I'll make sure the bastard choke on his own blood." I said with murder in my eyes.
Paisleys Pov
Derek left a while ago because of work while I stayed with Delilah, she was going through our family abulm trying to get her mind off the break.

At first it was her baby pictures until mine came up, I was adopted when I was five, my foster mom couldn't bear a child after Delilah and they needed a male child so they decided to adopt one but accidentally they adopted me instead, Dad wanted to get rid of me but mom settled to adopt me after growing on me.

Delilah was always daddys girl while I was mom's favorite, mom passed away when I was 10 on my birthday, she was sick and before but it got worse and she promised she would come back on my birthday, she didn't come back.

Everyone was hurt when mom passed away, at the funeral I cried for her to come back, she was the only one that wanted me and she left, then after that three years later my sister married Hunter, I was heartbroken and depressed for a long time and almost committed suicide but my nanny caught me.

Delilah was going through some pictures of her highschool boyfriends, being a teenager was all thrills for her but it sucked for me, I was known as Delilah's little sister, I was mocked for only being lucky to be adopted into a rich family, sometimes they joked about my dad kicking me out and dumping me in the streets.

I believed them sadly to become insecured, the only person that stood up for me and risk their necks for me was Alec.

I had a huge crush on Alec for for four years, he's always trying to make me laugh and smile, he usually stayed with Derek and Hunter in the Dominguez mansion, I usually visited using Delilah as an excuse but I wanted to see his face.

Again my mind thought back to the text I couldn't sort out my feelings.

"Remember that time Andrew took you out to prom." I wasn't listening I was lost in an emotional rollercoaster.

"Paisley, are you OK." tears stream down my cheeks, I reached out to hug her, she was puzzled at my reaction.

"Paisley what happened? " she asked.

"I miss mom."
Hunter's Pov
I went to see Amirah sleeping, she was snoring quietly, I walked towards her to watch her as she slept.

She scrunched her brows muttering some sort of language until I could make it out.

"Mya....please..."she muttered as tears stream down her cheeks in her sleep, I wanted to shake her out of it but she was sobbing quietly. "Mya..." she muttered and stopped shaking but tears still stream down her cheeks.

"Mya come back.." she pleaded who ever she was talking to in her sleep, I reached out wipe her cheeks gently, she slowly gripped hold on my hand with a sad smile.

"I knew you would come back.." she muttered in her sleep who ever the Mya was to her must have been very important.

She let's go of my hand and falls on her side to sleep backing me.

Sighing I walked out of the room to let her sleep.

"Hunter we found Laker, he's in warehouse receiving treatment." Kaleb said.

"Get my gun, let's pay a Visit to Laker." I said as Kaleb nods and Norah appears out of nowhere as Kaleb leaves.

"Norah I need you to watch Amirah.. " I said and left before she could say anything.
We drove to the warehouse quickly, I got down quickly with my gun in place.

"Hunter you're hurt, you can't go in there without back up you'll die." Kaleb said but I wasn't ready to listen, I kicked the door down, the warehouse was quiet.

"Laker show your fucking ass." I said but I heard mocking laughter.

"Don't you ever get tired Hunter, you act exactly like your father." I was disgusted at his statement.

"Stop hiding and telling me how much I took after my father and show your fucking shit." I hissed as I heard a gun shoot the ceiling and a fan almost came knocking me out.

"You care about this girl don't you." he said and I froze.

"All your previous set up they all died in my hands but this one she escaped, and you are here threathening my life because of some girl." he said.

"she's not the reason, you've raped and taken advantage of millions of women killing you is justice to the rest of the women out there." I said trying to find him in the dark.

"Then, you risk her life to get justice? How different are we Hunter we both push others away and hurt others along the way to get what you want, I'm not the only bad guy here what about the million that died in the Dominquez household." I froze again.

"What proof do you have? " I asked bitterly.

"the man pointing a gun at me." he said coming out of the darkness standing in front of my gun, he was badly injured and bleeding seriously as blood dripped slowly from his chest.

"We are the same person Hunter and you firing that bullet proves it." he said with a bloody smirk.

"you're smiling and I have a gun pointed at your chest." I said
"If you kill me will you be able to protect her?" my heart lept but I held tightly to my gun.

"What do you mean." I asked as he tried to snatch the gun away from me but I knock him down and shoot him dead.

He was laughing like a maniac while I was stained in his blood.

"Why are you laughing, you're going to die." I reminded him of his state.

"in the end she will die Hunter." he said before he died on the spot, I came out washed in blood as Kaleb ran up to me.

"Hunter we have to go to the penthouse quick." Kaleb requested.

"Why?? Doctor Laker is dead he's no longer a threat."
Norah's Pov
I went into the room Amirah was with a lighter, I walked towards where she was sleeping peacefully and pointed the lighter at her.

"Sleeping beauty slept in a castle and the prince comes to wake up with a kiss, but this sleeping beauty died in her sleep." I said referring to her and tossed the lighter at the curtains and made sure the entire curtain burnt to ashes and spread out the entire room.

I locked the door to trap the pressure of the smoke and pointed my gun over my head, with tears streaming down my cheeks I fired the bullet.

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