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Royal Fucker-Chapter 9


Royal Fucker-Chapter 9

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

woke up shortly when someone splashed water on me.

I jumped outta the bed and landed on the floor hitting my ass pretty bad.

"Ouch !!" I cried in a pain.

"Hello wifey " I heard the devil's advocate spoke . He was standing close to my bed with a jug in his hand.

"What.... What.... Erh...

I stammered foolishly.

"Nice to see you again" he smirked as my heart beat could be heard in the room.

" Where's my mom" I managed to say.

"Oh she's downstairs with my mom , told them I want to spend some quality time with my wife to be isn't that beautiful? " He grinned.

Don't be fooled may this is one of his tricks . I assured myself.
"I don't want to marry you please just go away" i pleaded and went down on my knees.

" Ohh the feeling his mutual sweetie . But one thing is for sure am gonna marry you because you still owe me something which am gonna get by all means on our wedding night " he scoffs and moved to where I was.

Wanted to dodge his hand but he caught me before I could do that.
He pulled me up and acted like he wanted to kiss me .

Almost immediately the door pulled open revealing the two mom's .

What the heck this prince is a trickster.

"Aww just look at them . They're gonna make an adorable couple " mom cooed and face palmed herself.

The look on this cute bastard was that of someone that won an award.

"Yes you're totally right which is why we gonna get them married this Saturday " the queen dropped the bomb.

" Yes mom I can't wait to get married to this lovely damsel " he said in between clenched teeth.
I almost fainted again but I controlled myself.

"What ???????" I yelled outta shock.

Swears ion want to get married to this prince .

He might just kill me one our wedding night.

I still love my precious life.
"What is it dear ?" Mom furrowed her brows .

"Can I speak with you for a sec ?" I asked and pulled her to the bathroom.

" Mom please please please please please ask me to do something else but I can't get married to that prince " I joined my two hands together.

I must try my possible best to avoid this trap called wedding.
"Come on may I thought we have been over this ? Okay state one reason why you don't wanna get married" she followed her arms around her chest.

" Because I don't like him . " I nagged .

"Don't worry you'll get to like him once you see his cute side" she giggled.

The only cute side I know is that man pointing a gun at my head.
"Mom I can't get married besides am not normal . Mom I think I'm a psycho , better stop this whole wedding charade or am gonna display my madness over there " I lied acting strange but mom wasn't buying that shit.

"Stop faking it may because you gonna get married to prince knight of xandria or consider me dead " she spat.

God this guy has been pretending in front of everyone , they think he's a good guy .

Not knowing he's the devil in sheep clothing.

"Mom please" I said as my eyes became teary.

"This discussion is over dear now let's go and celebrate to this new alliance" she said hapily and dragged me along.

I need to start saying my last prayer because I know am dead for sure .

That prince won't spare me .
How come jayred was also part of his name and I didn't know about it.

Don't remember offending anyone that decided to punish me by getting me married to this devilish prince.

Initially I didn't wanna get married to any lady yet . But is gonna be with the clumsy girl that ditched me the other day.

Game on
Am gonna make sure she regret ever messing with me in the first place .

Married might not be that bed tho I'll be having excess sex from my wife anytime I want but that doesn't stop me from having a taste of other shampoo.

Her mom treated us to lunch , which I enjoyed cause my wifey sat next to me while I was busy looking for her trouble making her look stupid in front of everyone.

I pressed my shoes against her toes as she wince in pain.

"Ouch !!"

"What's wrong dear" mom asked with concern.

She looked at me angrily and turned to my mom.

"Nothing ma'am I'm fine " she mumbled as she dug into her food with so much anger.

Practically she wasn't eating anything but playing it.

Have not started yet and she's already sober.

Seriously haven't seen anyone as crazy as this fool seating beside me.

I stylishly pulled my dish to the edge when her mom and mine wasn't paying attention.

I let it fall on her ruining her dress in the process .

"Ahhh oh my goodness" she growled and stood up.

" Shit am so sorry wifey it was a mistake" I said in a mocking tune only she understands.

She glared hard at me.

"Sorry dear why don't you upstairs and chean yourself up " her mom said.

" Yeah maybe I should come help you" I winked at her but she gave me a deadly look.

"Whatever mom I'll be in my room" she said and walked away angrily.

"Sorry about that Jay she's gonna come around" her mom assured me.

Oh yeah she's definitely gonna come around ,when I start sucking licking and eating her V . Fvcking her in seven position in seven minutes.

I Smirked at my thoughts.

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