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Royal Fucker-Chapter 8


Royal Fucker-Chapter 8

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

mom didn't say anything about what she wanted to discuss with me and I didn't bother her about it.

I went to work as usual with madam Arie hot on tail . Asking me all what transpired in the Prince's mansion.

I simply told her nothing happened , alongside Jordan who kept foaming whenever she hears the prince name.

Well that's none of my business .
I came back from work the following day tired as hell.

Mom was seated watching TV when I got in.

"Hey mom" I mumbled as I slumped on the nearest couch.

" Welcome sweetie ,how was work today ?"she asked lovingly and stroke my hair.

" Same as always mom " I rolled my eyes dramatically.

"Sorry baby . I made lunch " she said trying to cheer me up but I was seriously not in the mood to eat anything.

" Nah I'll pass" I said grumpily.
"Alright alright if you say so . s
I want to discuss something important with you dear , hope you don't mind?" She asked with a straight.

" Of course not mom what is it ?"
"Have been wanting to tell you this for awhile now but I was just waiting for the right time." She let out a breath of tiredness.

" Come on mom just tell me already" I poutS.

"Years ago I was close friends with the royal family and have helped them countless times ,so they decided to show gratitude for everything by getting you betrothed to one of their sons. You're of age now dear and I think it's time you get married " she broke the bomb shell.

Immediately I heard royal family my heart almost left my chest.

"What!!!!!" I jumped outta the couch.

"Calm down dear please and listen to me .it's a good thing for us ,you won't have to tolerate madam Arie again please just trust me on this .want what's best for you sweetie" she said with teary eyes . My mood soften immediately .

I hate seeing my mom in tears ,it breaks my heart especially when am the reason for the tears.

"But mom what if I don't wanna get married ?" I muttered dryly.

Inwardly I was praying hard to God

God please let it not be that heartless prince , else am gonna pretend to be mad .

He will have no option than to let me be, who wants to get married to a crazy person.

"You have to dear it's for the best .am sure your dad is gonna be happy wherever he's " she sniffed.

" Which of the sons If i may ask?"
"Prince jayred Phillip the second " mom said Calmly.

Ptweew thank goodness it's not prince knight .

That Pervert
"Mom I'm seriously not happy about this but I'll do it if that's gonna make you happy" muttered as I played with my fingers.

"They'll be here soon , I want you to look your best okay?" She added.

" But this is too sudden mom " i whined.

" We just want you guys to get to know each other better dear " she mumbled.

She hugged me to herself.
"Am sorry baby" she kissed my hair and we remained that way.

" What the heck mom this is bullshit , how can I get married to someone I don't know huh ?" I said faustrated.

" Don't worry about that we're gonna pay her a courtesy visit right now so go get dressed and no more nagging like a child" she said and pinch my ear.

" Oouch mom stop treating me like a kid .for crying out loud I'm old enough to make decisions for myself and I don't feel like getting married now. Still wanna enjoy my life" I rolled my eyes dramatically.

" Have you been spanked before?" She asked as she pulled out one of her stilettos .

I move back Abit . Don't be surprise am pretty scared of my mother , atleast she's the one am scared of.

"Nope" I mumbled.

"Is either you go get dressed or you gonna have issue with me infact am gonna cut you off if you let me down .am counting on you mister" she said with superiority.

" Okay fine you win. I'll be right back" I muttered and took the elevator upstairs.

I took out a black tuxedo suit from my closet and alongside blue inners.

Got dressed shortly and gelled my hair back.

I look breathtaking yes I know.
"Wow Jay you look so gorgeous", mom said and pulled my cheek playfully. I groan as she did that.

"Thanks for the compliment,can we go please" I rolled my eyes.
" Am sure you gonna like her " she squeak as we got to the car.

Since it was me and mom , will be going with two cars loaded with secret service securities.

I didn't take the wheel ,the chauffeur did.

He drove us straight to the so called bride to be home.

Gosh she's leaving just outta Wintergreen towards Davis .

I boiled with anger as I thought of all the things am gonna do to this so called bride.

The car came to halt infront of a mini size mansion . The door was opened for mom by the chauffeur .
I didn't wait for him to do the same for me as I came out immediately.

I fixed my jacket properly before trailing behind mom who walked ahead of me .

The press the door bell and it was opened up by a lady in a mid sixty probably mom's age mate.

"Oh my goodness Steph longest time mi lady " she greeted grinning from ear to ear.

" Yes dear it been awhile since we last saw ,I won't lie I missed your company " mom smiled.

" Good day ma'am" I greeted as her eyes landed on me.

"Oh look at you Jay you into a handsome looking man " she said with chuckle.

I blushed heavily.

" Oh please mind my manners ,come on in " she said and ushered us in .

Her apartment is quite impressive and Classic too.

"Am sorry everything happened in such short period of time but I hope you understand" she said looking at me.

I faked a smile and sat down . I observed the whole place looking for a picture of her child but unfortunately I didn't see any pictures of her older sef .

Just ones of when she was still little.

" Where's she ?" Mom asked.

"Ohh yeah she's upstairs" she responded and stood up before walking to the stairs .

She stood by the stair case and called out to her.

"Sweetie come downstairs they're here" he half yelled.

"Coming" she answered .

Damn that voice sounds familiar and babyish too..

" She'll be with us shortly" she grinned and took her seat as she and mom kept doing some catching up.

Soon I heard shoe clicks on the floor as she walked down the stairs.

My heart beat increased as I wanted to she her face eagerly.

I almost burst into laughter when I saw her but the same time this is gonna be very easy for me.

So mom actually got me betrothed to a clumsy fool like her .

I feel pity for her in advance because am gonna make her life a living hell.

The look her face was that of fear as she saw me . Her jaw thinned with faustration .

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