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Royal Fucker-Chapter 7


Royal Fucker-Chapter 7

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

You know one thing with this parents ? They think they can just force you to do Whatever they want.

Well that's not gonna happen unless they're ready to bury this unfortunate being.

Got my mansion shortly as my gate opened automatically, I drove in roughly didn't bother parking my car I stepped out and toss the keys Ray he should know better .

" Where's the soap?" I asked the moment I got in.

"Welcome boss she's in the room waiting" he responded immediately.

" Good. Hope she's knows about my rules , because if she by any chance try shit am gonna kill her" I said coldly.

" Understood sir ,. But one more thing" he said stopping me.
" What now ? "

" Actually sire I wanted to ask why you keep calling all the girls you fvcking soap " he blurted out foolishly.

" Yeah more like shampoo conditioner now get on with it do not spoil my mood any further " I said in a deep voice and used the elevator which took me upstairs.

I didn't bother knocking it's my house so why should I knock ? Not that there's something I haven't seen before .

I opened the door and walked in , I glanced at the bed area there she lay down naked with her tits and ass singing the national championship song for me . Hang in there ass and boobs coming to get you.

She stood up from the bed immediately she Saw me.
"Good day sire" she bowed slightly.
I nodded.

"What's your name?" I asked as I dumped my suit jacket on the couch slowly unbotton my shirt.

"I'm porsha " she answered.

Porsha ! Nice name tho ,. I noticed girls with the name are likely to be crazy sex addict . Let's see what this porsha has to offer knight of xandria.

"Cool , I believe Alex has explained everything to you? " I pulled off my shirt revealing my harden chest.

I could swear she was drooling but controlled herself unfortunately I saw her.

"You don't wanna do that sweetie unless you wanna get yourself into some trouble with the prince" I winked at her and walked towards the bathroom but j stopped when I remember something.

Sex in the shower with this porsha girl shouldn't be a big deal.

"One more sweetie I want my shampoo in the bathroom right now,if you know what I mean" I smirked playfully.

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She nodded and stood up before walking towards me.

Damm her ass is so big and fresh .
Nicki Minaj with the right ingredients.

I spanked her big ass as she got closer.

We got into the bathroom together as I claimed her lips in mine,I carried her up as she wrapped her legs around my torso ..

I turned on the shower and slammed her to the wall as I planted kisses all over her body .

She fondle with my black sexy hair with her extremely long fake nails . I love it when my hair is being played with.

I slowly inserted three of my fingers into her Honeypot turns out she's dripping wet already , she gasps as I did that.

Her moans came out sweetly and sexily.

I feel myself getting a hard on.
I took one of her tits into my mouth and suck on it with so much expertise.

After giving equal judgement to both boobs I brought out my joystick ,.

"Suck me b*tch" I said huskily.
She knelt down infront of me and took me all in her mouth , deep throat sucking .

Damn that shits cool the brain and soul.

She was sucking it real good as she teased the tip of my beast , I moan softly as she played with my scrotum too.

Porsha is truly a badass bitch she sure knows how to get a man thrilled.

She sucked me for five minutes before I pulled her up and turned her back against me.

I placed her both hands behind her like a criminal making her bend over Abit.

I inserted my big joystick into her tiny p***yhole still holding her hands behind.

Her moans came out pretty loud as the bathroom walls echoes.
He thrust into her with so much agility.

I closed my eyes enjoying the sweetness of her tight p***y .

I love it when my shampoo is not damaged yet .

"Oh yeah fvck harder" she urge me in a moan.

Uh oh , and it just got messier . Porsha just said the magic words.
"Beg me b*tch !" I groan.

"Please fvck me to hell" she blurted outta pleasure.

Too bad I send you to hell truly.
I pulled out my d*ck and carried outta the bathroom to the room.
I placed her on the bed and brought out my handcuffs and chains .

It's been long since I had hardcore sex and this baby here wants something that's gonna burst her V.

I cuffed her hands to the bed and spread her legs wider then chained it to something ,and gagged her too so she won't scream . I don't want my guards to be Disturbed.

I brought out my sex machine too .

"You want me to ride you to hell right? Well you most welcome am gonna send you to Lucifer sweetie" I smirked evilly and turned on the machine.

The look on her face was that of fear , well she asked for it.

I inserted the artical d*ck into her p***y while I inserted my joystick into her *sshole.

Oh yeah it feels so good .

thrusting with speed as I set the machine to the highest level too.
Her legs were shaky and weary too but I don't care .

I fvcked the hell outta her till she couldn't move again.

I brought out my Joystick when I felt my cum building up. I removed the cloth from her mouth and Forced my d*ck into her mouth and emptied everything in it.

Yeah that does it , I don't like wasting my precious cum so I just empty it in their mouth.

I uncuffed her and took out some bundle of cash from the side drawer and toss it to her .

"I expect you to be outta my house In five minutes. Oh and keep the change" I scoff and entered the bathroom.

And that was awesome .

I took my bath dancing in the shower singing in the mirror to Chris Brown and Tory Lanez song_lurking.

That song is the bomb.

I turned off the shower and wore my bathrobe before walking outta the bathroom only to meet porsha scrawling outta the room.

I chuckled softly.

Am sure this day is a day she won't forget in a lifetime.

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