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Royal Fucker-Chapter 6


Royal Fucker-Chapter 6

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

What kinda crazy girl is this ?
How can just run out without wearing your shoes .

I couldn't help but laugh at her stupidity.

My phone keeps buzzing around , I know it's mum tryna drain my battery with calls.

I went back upstairs after eating and changed into something classique .

Yeah that's me , I given the award for man in the fashion worldwide five good times.

So you won't blame me if all this bitches are tryna get in my bed.

I picked up my car keys and walked outta the house to the garage .

Most times i tender to lose count of all the cars I have.

I pressed the button on the car key and a black tinted BMW made buzzing sound , I guess that's the car.

I walked towards it and entered the driver side with my shade on as I brought the engine to life and drove straight to my family's mansion.

I got to the mansion shortly , I called out the lock code to the voice automated gate , it opened up immediately.

I drove in and parked my car beside one of the cars there.

I stepped outta my car as I removed my shade and shove my hands into my pocket as I walked into the house quietly.

The guards and maids kept bowing down their heads in greetings but Ignored them as I walked towards the living room .
Mom and her darling husband were both seated cuddling with each other and watching TV.

The turned as one of the guards announced my presence.

"Good morning Mom ,dad" i said as mum pecked my cheek while me and dad did a handshake.

"Morning baby how have you been" mom said with a smile.

"Hey son" dad said calmly.

"Am fine mom , you asked to see me ?" I made myself comfortable opposite them.

" Yes dear I did because I had something important to discuss with you" she said as she glance at her husband.

" What is it mom, say it I don't have all the time in the world" i rolled my eyes at them.

" Can you not be rude for once jayred?" Dad said angrily.

" Whatever" i mumbled.

" Behave yourself Jay remember he's still your father so be guided" mom said Sternly.

I brought out my phone and started playing with it.

" Its time you get married Jay and forget about your stupid bachelor life" she added.

" what the heck mom you can't force to get married besides am still young" I said nonchalantly.

" I don't care Jay ,you getting married and that's final " dad said menacingly.

" You guys are seriously annoying am out" I said and stood up.

" Seat down Jay and I mean it" mom said with superiority.

I shrugged my shoulder and sat down foaming in anger.

"You're gonna be getting married to your betrothed Philip jayred knight" she called out my full name with authority.

Wait ??! Betrothed?

" What are you talking about mom?" I asked to be sure of what I heard.

"You heard me Jay you're getting married to your betrothed and that's final " she spat.

These people seriously wanna kill my vibe.

" Who's this person if I may ask" I groaned softly.

"She's the daughter of my friend Stella Fitzgerald. Her name is Lola you were betrothed to her since when you guys were kids ,it's time we build the family and don't worry baby she's extremely beautiful" dad said with a smirk.

" Whatever but just know I will never accept this bullshit ,for the sake of the poor girl just cancel this whole thing or am gonna make life unbearable for her " I growled as I stood up and walked out with so much anger.

I entered my car and drove outta the house angrily .

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I placed a call across Alex to get a bitch ready before I get home , I need to calm my nerves.

They can't force me to get married not when am still enjoying my bachelor's life .

I will get married when the time is right but for now haven't seen the kinda girl I want .

They're all bitches nothing more.

I ran into my house tiredly as I almost got more scared .

"Jeez May what's up why are you running like something is actually chasing you or did you lose benard's dog free ? Besides you didn't come back home last night" She asked as she held my hand.

" I wish mom I wish " i said trying to catch my breath.

OMG I can't believe I ran all the way to my house .

My life is too precious to me I won't wanna die now i still haven't filled my dreams of buying a car for my mom .

"Then what's on your trail" she raised her eyebrows.

"Erm actually mom you won't believe what happened to me today " I said as my breath steaded.

Have already think of the proper lie to give her.

"What happened dear first come and seat down" she said and helped me to the couch.

I love my mom she's very caring and sweet too. We're not actually poor we just the comfortable average family.

"Mommy when I had closed from the fashion house ,I went through the zoo area , guess what mom something happened and all the cage broke lose and all the animals excaped. They all ran towards like they were gonna run me over but I was lucky enough to excape and hide somewhere in Westminster , unfortunately I slept off " I lied plainly.

God what a lie

" Ouch dear hope you didn't get hurt " she said with concern as she kept looking all over my body.

" No mommy am fine now that am here beside you " i smiled and rested my head on her shoulder.

" Becareful dear and that reminds me I want to discuss something important with you but first thing first go take your bath rest enough before we talk about it " she said as she rocked my back.

" Okay mommy be right back" I said and pecked her on the cheek before taking the stairs.

I wonder what she wants to talk about.

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