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Royal Fucker-Chapter 5


Royal Fucker-Chapter 5

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

What do I do now ? Gosh I can't ever take advantage of her in this state.

"Hey wake up " I tapped her gently but she groaned and pouts childishly.

Clumsy fool?!!!

I picked up my phone and called Sam , who picked up immediately.

Hey Sam where you"I voice out immediately.

Am at home kinda " he blurted out foolishly.

I understand what he meant perfectly.

Get a hooker right up to my mansion in five minutes" I said coldly.

Come on man your addiction to sex is becoming too much " he said like a balless Pastor .

Save your sermon Sam just do what I asked and make sure you let my rules known to her" he said sternly .

Okay cool I'll do that right away" he said . I didn't reply I just ended the call and glance at the crazy girl on my couch.

What's her name again ?

I pressed the bell button on the glass cabinet and Alex came running.

"You called boss" he bowed slightly.

"Take her to the guest room "I said nonchalantly .

He looked at me in a strange way before helping her up.

On a norms I would have asked him to throw her outside or even fuck her but somehow with her I feel a restriction.

I sat down on the couch smoking when a Blondie catwalked into my mansion.

Blonde hair girls are real cock suckers . Dammn.

She had a smile on her face as she walked towards me .

"Good day sire I'm Yvonne" she said excitedly as she extended her hand for a handshake.

"You should know I don't do handshakes" I said coldly.

"Am so sorry sire " she said as she sat down my thighs as she ran her fingers through my body.

I grabbed hold of her hair and pulled it back roughly.

I have no mercy for bitches like her , I like seeing them in pain whenever I wanna screw them.

"Am gonna fuck you right here infront of my guard " I said in a husky voice as she groaned in pain , I bit her ear lobe teasingly.
"You wanna play dirty ? I can play dirty too" she voice out.

I signed Alex to come stand by the entrance and watch me screw this Blondie.

I got hold of her dress and ripped it off aggressively and planted kisses all over her body and took out her boobs

, suck on em giving them equal rights as she moaned into my ear.
"On your knees bitch" I groaned softly as I brought out my joystick .she gasps as she saw how big I was down there.

I hope she's ready to take me all in.

She took my dick into her mouth sucking it like the expert she was .I closed my eyes enjoying the sweetness of it. Soon my dick had erected fully in her mouth.

I grabbed her and toss her on the couch ,I went in between her legs and brought my face closer to her V like I was gonna suck it .

She had already closed her eyes waiting for me to suck her but I didn't I just grabbed hold of her pant and ripped it off roughly.
Hmm Victoria's secret am gonna add it to my collection of ripped pants.

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And yes I keep collection of all the pants have ripped off from all my whores .

I turned her over and positioned her ass up high.

I glanced at Alex with a smirk on my face ,jezz he was having a hard on poor Alex well that's gonna be his punishment .

He was trying so hard not look at us but he knows better what I can do to him.

I spit into my palm and rubbed it on her ass spanking it pretty much before Inserting my joystick into her pussycat .

She moaned out loud like a cat in distress .

I increased my pace as I thrust deep into her till my dick was all in her

Am sure have shifted her womb who knows

I fucked her good 75minutes Before I felt my cum building up .

I brought it out and emptied it in her mouth and she took everything in.

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I stood up and took the elevator upstairs to my room where I had a heart warming shower.

I didn't bother if the bitch was still downstairs so I just slept off.

I woke up the next morning feeling better ,I did few push ups before jogging to the bathroom where I sank myself in the tub.

After a while I was done with my morning routine , I wore just shorts and singlet.

Mom had asked me to come see her later today.

I took the stairs this time around but something caught my attention .

Someone was in my kitchen ,at first I thought it was the cook but supprisingly it was the bitch from last night Lillian or Yvonne whatever I don't remember her name.

I chuckled softly thinking of what to do to her.

I walked quietly to the dinner and pulled out a gun from under the table before walking into the kitchen.

"Bitch I thought I made it clear that my kitchen is off limits huh?" I said calmly and pointed the gun on head as she shivered real bad.

" A..m a..m...sorry I was just hungry" she stammered.

I moved the gun from her head and shot the floor ,she flinched in fear.

"If you don't get outta my house your fucking brains is gonna be next" I growled ,she nodded and ran out immediately .

She was even Wearing my shirt ,what the fuck ?

I let out a breath and turned only to see the psycho from last night looking at me with fear writen all over her ,she ran away immediately.

I burst into laughter as I watched her ran out the gate with her shoes.

Mad lady

I woke up the next morning with a hang over.

What the heck happened to me ?
I looked around the room but I was unfamiliar with the place .
Where am I ? Gosh I tried to remember but my head keep hurting.

The last thing I remember was bringing a package to prince knight and he asked to ..

Oh shit !!! No no .

I jumped outta bed and rushed to the door but not before confirming if he touched me.

I let out a sign of relief when I found out he didn't.

I rushed downstairs only go to see him pointing a gun at a blonde hair girl .

She looks pretty scared .
Oh God if I ever sinned against you please forgive me I don't wanna die in the hands of sir knight .

I hid behind a pillar as watched them ,he shot the floor and the girl ran out immediately scared asaf .
Who knows if am next ? I better run for my dear life too.

He turned and his eyes landed on me , I didn't wait for him to shot the floor again as I ran as fast as my legs could carry me .

I didn't bother wearing my shoes , if I die who will wear the shoes .
I didn't look back as I ran fast like flash.

Am dying here
This two are super crazy .so may is a scaredy cat.

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