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Royal Fucker-Chapter 3


Royal Fucker-Chapter 3

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

"Seriously knight you really need to drop your stupid attitude and get your ass fixed" Jayden said.

Jayden is my younger brother, he is still in college and extremely hot . He's the gentleman among five siblings.

"Ship it Jay I didn't ask your opinion on how I should leave my life" I groan and puff out vapour.

" You see what am talking about jayred !!! " He called me by my middle name which I hate so much.

" You don't get to call me jayred only mother gets to call me that don't make me lose my cool bitch face" I spat.

" Come on brother the rate at which you have sex every day is becoming alarming to everyone" he said calmly.

" It's my life kiddo now back off " I groaned.

"Is it because of her ?? Like seriously that was in 11th grade I thought you would have gotten over it " he said .

I rolled my eyes at him angrily.
" Get the fuck outta my house Jay I really don't wanna get mad at you" growled.

" Fine I'll leave but just know I care about you and am telling mom everything" he scoffs.

" You wouldn't dare " I roared but he ran out and entered his Porsche and drove outta my mansion.

Dad had specifically told him not to drive around London without a chauffeur.

Alex walked in immediately without my package.

"Good day my prince " he greeted.
" Where's the package , it should have been delivered like 30minutes ago " I said coldly ignoring his greetings.

" Erm.. erm.. actually the suit got ruined by mistake am sorry my prince " he said apologetically
" You gat to be kidding me !!" I groaned getting angry.

"Am sorry your sir it wasn't intentional" he bowed.

"Bitch do you know I have a meeting in an hour's time? You had better find a way to fix this or you dead " I growled , he flinched back in fear.

I stood up and took the elevator upstairs to my room.

I left a bitch on my bed , she was actually sleeping so I left her , I came back to the room only to be caught trying to steal from me.

Damn she doesn't know how much I hate it when ladies tries to steal from me.

"I.. I.. erm am sorry it's not what you think please forgive me" she pleaded on her knees.

" How dare you filthy animal tryna steal my money yeah ?? " I yelled at her as she was sweating profusely.

" No.. no. Swears I was only keeping it safe for you " she lied and drop the money on the bed.
Well it's too late cause am going to kill her.

I pulled out my golden pistol from my drawer and shot her on the chest .

She fell to the ground dead immediately.

Ladies will never change . They're nothing but bitches and petty thief's.

I placed a call to Damian who came shortly after and cleared up the mess.

I strolled to the bathroom after pulling my clothes. Turned on the shower as I let the cold water hit my skin as I thought about my life in 11th grade.

Pray Alex got another suit from mystique or am gonna have his head for lunch.

Gosh work today is so tiring I just wish I could close early today.
Jordan is not helping matters she left a pile of clothes which am yet to finish.

I quickly removed my headset when I saw Madame Arie approaching.

"You up Arie , you will be taking a tuxedo suit to prince knights's mansion right now ", she said sternly.

What ?? Prince knight ?? A creepy prince and a notorious one.

Am so scared of him because I was told he hates commoners like me.

"But ma'am am busy why don't you send someone else down there . In fact am not feeling too well today" I lied.

" Not buying it may get ready you leaving in 5 she said and walked away.

Knights mansion is the last place to be as a lady.

Considering the fact that he's a wicked womanizer, I just have to avoid this errand.

But wait ?, Why can't Madame Arie do that ,.

I mean she's my boss so she should be the one to there.

I heard footsteps coming closer I turned to the direction of it. It was Jordan she had a angry look on.

"Hey Jordan what's wrong " I asked.

"Nothing actually just had a fight with my boyfriend and he actually pointed a gun to my head can you believe that ? " She cursed underneath.

I knew instantly that she was lying to me. The Jordan that I know doesn't stick to one man.

"Sorry about that babe I'm going on a home service at the knights mansion when am back we gonna talk" I said and picked up the package.

Her mood darken immediately I made mention of the prince.
"That bloody asshole prince " she rolled her eyes.

I covered her mouth with my palm.

" Shh please don't get us killed " I whisper audibly.

She struggled free from my grip .
"Let it be May just becareful and don't drool " she said and walked away.

What's up with her ??

I shrugged my shoulder and walked out , I took the elevator downstairs to main entrance of mystique.

I boarded a taxi and headed straight to Knights mansion.
My beat increased as I got to the gate, it was a voice automated system gate.

"Your name " the machine asked.
"May from mystique collection I have a delivery for the prince " I muttered.

The gates open up shortly , I walked quietly to the house as I observed the whole place .
The cars in the compound were one of top ten ranking cars . Sport cars and so on.

The entrance door open automatically there was a man in suit standing there.

"Good morning sir am from mystique collection I have a package for the prince " i mumbled.

" Okay yeah have been expecting you , kindly come with me " he said and led the way to a gigantic living room .

OMG this is paradise on Earth.
"Wait here while I fetch the prince" he said and took the package from me.

He entered the elevator and went upstairs.

I sat down on the couch observing the beautiful interiors . I must say the decorator did a pretty good job.

My eyes landed on a bottle of whiskey on the glass table and a glass cup close to me.

Gush I was tempted to take a sip and know how it taste .

I was contemplating whether to take it or not eventually I took the bottle and pour some into the cup.
I smelled it and drank it in one go .

Damn it's so hot but I wanted more so poured a cup full and drank everything.

I kept drinking it till I got tipsy .
What is wrong with this girl sef
Prince is gonna kill you if he finds you drunk in his living room.

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