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Royal Fucker-Chapter 2


Royal Fucker-Chapter 2

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

"Where did you get those girls from huh ??" I groaned at Alex he bowed immediately.

"Am sorry my prince she was the only available person we could get " he said with his head down.

" I thought I told you to always tell them the rules before paying and bringing them to me " i said coldly.
" I did your majesty maybe she thought it wasn't important " he defended.

" Whatever ,bring me the fish " i said and lit up a cigarette.

When I said fish you should understand I met a girl , she catwalked in looking so pretty.

She was a tall lady with sexy thighs. And cream berry lips.

"Good day my prince" she greeted unable to control her happiness of seeing me in person.

I ignored her greeting and asked for her name.

"What's your name" i Asked.

"Jordan your majesty ,it's an honor to finally meet you" she said hapily like she would devour me anytime.

"Why are you here ?" I asked dryly.

"I was called by Mr Alex that you needed my services ," she said with a smile it's starting to piss me off.

"Hope you remember the rules ,? It's a one night stand not more nothing less " I said sternly.
She nodded her head
" Good now try to put me in the mood" I said In a husky voice.
" Okay" she said with a seductive look.
She dropped her clutch on the couch and walked to me and sat on my torso .

Her short dressed pulled up above her ass giving me access to her round big ass looking like cardi b.

She Rocked her v against my shaft as she planted soft kisses all over my face down to my neck area.
She unbottoned my grey shirt and suck on my nipples .

Gosh it feels so good I grabbed hold of her ass as she did that .

I gave her serious spanking .

She further pulled off my belt and removed her clothes too .

I pulled down my trousers remaining my boxers .she squats infront of me and took my rod into her mouth as her warm lips wrapped up around it.

Dammn this bitch is good . I can't wait to screw her real bad.

I pulled her up and took her to the guest room where there's a gigantic mirror standing there .

I placed her in front of the mirror and inserted my big dick from behind as I fuck her pretty good.

She was moaning more like a scream making me more determine to damage her v .

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it in a roughly manner ,she groaned in pain as I did that.

"I want you to look at how I fuck you through the mirror" I whisper In a husky voice as I made her look at the glass.

She wanted to close her eyes but I increased my tempo as her scream filled the whole place.

"Open your eyes bitch and watch me screw you " I growled as I fucked her like the bitch she is.
Soon she was begging me to stop as I changed to missionary style , fucking the living hell outta her.

I felt my cum building up I pulled outta her and cummed massively into her mouth.

She took everything in and licked the tip of my dick before falling BACK on the bed tiredly.

"Wake up sleepy head " I heard mom's voice in my head but I didn't bother opening my eyes .

I was dreaming, a beautiful dream actually.

In my dream I was trapped in a dessert but my prince charming came to my rescue he took me on his horse , I couldn't see his face properly but I could tell he very handsome.

I was enjoying my dream when cold water landed on my body , I jumped outta bed hitting my butt on the floor.

"Mom!!" I whinned rubbing my butt as I saw the water container in her hand.

"It seems you not going to work right?" She scoffs
Holy cow ?!! Am fucking late , Madame Arie will have my head on a stake.

Oops I forgot to introduce myself.
I'm may Lola Fitzgerald , weird name right ?

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Age 25
An average girl actually I work at one of the biggest fashion house in London . England capital .

Mystique collection one of prestigious fashion house, we have the most finest and expensive brand.

I live with my mom and sister Isabel.

That's enough detail about me . I quickly got dressed without bathing

Yeah I know am dirty just that am extremely late I won't wanna waste one more minute here else Madame Arie will be furious.

I rushed downstairs to the dinner area mom and Isabel were seated already taking breakfast.

I grabbed a mouthful of broccoli cheese and held the remaining in my hand.

"Let me guess you didn't take your bath" Isabel said with a evil grin.

"Non of your business sneak peak" I rolled my eyes at her and rushed out still eating .

I boarded a taxi and headed straight to mystique.

Got there a short while as I began to pray Madame Arie did not show today.

But my prayers backfired when I saw her standing by the receptionist waiting for me to come in.

She stamps her foot on the floor angrily I need no prophet to tell me what's going to happen next.

"Erm good morning" I greeted scratching the back of my head
"What's the time on your watch may " she barked at me
God she looks so terrible with those fake facials

"Erm . 10:30 ma'am" I shuttered.
"You slept over your destiny that you forgot you have to deliver some packages to the elmondo today" she growled.

" Sorry ma'am " I managed to say .
Madame Arie is very chubby looking like a bag of pigs and very big cheeks too .

Whenever she does her crazy make over she looks like the mother of pigs
"What are you still doing here fool !!" She roared.

"Sorry sorry I scrawled away and went upstairs to the main studio where we make all the clothes .
"May ?!!" I heard Jordan's voice from behind.

"Hey babe what's up with you" I smiled at her.

Is me or does she look more beautiful than the last time I saw her.

Well Jordan is the one friend I have at the moment she's a pretty nice person just that her wayward life was the only difference between us.

Mom doesn't really approve of our friendship she feels she's gonna drag me into waywardness if am not careful.

"Am good girlfriend thanks for covering for me yesterday I really appreciate" she said and pecked my cheek.

" You still haven't told me the side job you do?" I raised my eyebrow..

" Smiles it's not an easy job tho but don't worry babes you gonna find out soon for now let's get back to work .you don't want Madame Arie on your trail do you?" She giggled and went back to her station.

I smirked and started to work , what does she mean by not an easy job.

If the pay is very good then I don't care , there's no such thing as easy job.

They're all very stressful depending on how you handle it.

I fixed my headset as I play Roddy ricch -float , my best song at the moment . Listening to trap songs was one of the reasons why people see me as weird.

Jordan catwalked to my station with a smile on her face I knew instantly that she wants something .

"Babes I need a favor from you dear " she said fidgeting with her fingers.

" What is t Jordan " I asked

" I need you to cover for me my mom just called me she's terribly sick " she said with a sad face.

" Hmm but you know we gonna be supplying this clothes to the elmondo today we need to finish up in time " i said calmly .

" That's why am here girlfriend. Can you please please please cover for me I promise I won't stay long " she pleaded giving me those cute puppy eyes.

" Okay fine I'll buy it's just for today" i said.

"Thanks dear i owe you one " she said and giggled away.

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