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Royal Fucker-Chapter 19


Royal Fucker-Chapter 19

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

He thinks have gone soft? Hell no!! Am still gonna teach him a lesson.

I tiptoe to his room and peep from the key hole. He just walked into the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

I made sure he was actually inside the bathroom before stepping inside the room.

I added glue to his flop and glue it to the ground.

Then added more glue to the flip flop.

I sneaked back to the door and waited patiently for him to come out.

He came out shortly singing to himself hapily.

I giggled as he walked majestically to his flip flop and slide his feet in.
He wanted to move forward but unfortunately he fell with a loud thud.

"Ouch!!" He groaned.

"Say cheese!!!" I said unable to control my laughter as I took a picture of him.

"What's your problem may." He barked.

" My problem is you and don't worry am gonna upload this one on Instagram and Facebook. " I said mockingly.

" You wouldn't dare. " He mumbled as he tried standing up, he fell down again.

" Don't bother standing up sweetie, you gonna be there for awhile. Tah Tah. " I laugh historically and left him.

" Come back here May! " He yelled after me but didn't even look back .

I did my victory dance downstairs and made breakfast.

Egg sauce, cinnamon rolls and vegetable salad.

I made sure I'd served everything before going back upstairs but on getting to his room I couldn't find him on the floor.

Turns out he'd free himself.

" Looking for me?" He said coming outta the bathroom with a glue remover in his hand..

How did he set himself free?
"Erm yes breakfast is served." I managed to say.

May get ready for whatever is coming because I know he's not gonna back down.

" Be right there." He simply said and walked pass me to the closet.
Why is he not doing anything?
I went back to dinner and waited for him to come downstairs.

She thinks she has won yeah? Well I happen to have something off my sleeve too.

I know she's seriously scared of guns ,why don't we make some fireworks.

I have just about enough in the basement, I went to the basement and took the fireworks and a big black pot.

I placed all the fireworks in the pot and took it to the stairs,I placed at on the stairs so she won't notice it.

You-all knows how fireworks, works right? Okay let's have some fun.

I descended the stairs with a smile curved on my lips.

She pulled out a chair for me and I took my seat.

She sat down opposite mine.
I picked up the fork and had a taste of the egg sauce,. Hmm it's nice.

She kept stealing glances at me.
It's go time.

"Erm wifey come with me, am not gonna eat now am just gonna watch Netflix, had there's a new action packed thriller." I lied.

She smiled and stood up.

I held her hand and led her to the living room .

I made sure we're around the stairs and boom the fireworks went off.

May jumped over the couch and lay down flat .

"Lay down Jay , there's someone shooting at us!!" She said with so much naivety.

Her body shook with fear as her whole body became sweaty.

I couldn't control my laughter as I laugh like a child.

You need to see her face.

I would pay a million dollars just to see the look on her face.

Am seriously dying here
Oh my God , I can't seem to stop laughing.

It dawn on here that it was just a prank.

Her mood darken immediately.
"You bastard!!!!!!!" She yelled on top of her lungs.

I took to my heels immediately, I won't wanna wait for what she's gonna do next.

This is hilarious

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