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Royal Fucker-Chapter 17


Royal Fucker-Chapter 17

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

If he thinks he can leave alone after getting me turned on then he lies.

When I left his room I placed a call across to Jayden his younger brother, and he offered to help deal with princey.

I waited patiently for him to come out and he did, I trailed him to a pub.

Can you imagine this monkey was actually having sex with a slut.
So am not good enough huh? He prefers some cheap slut.

I saw some goons just outside of the club smoking an idea popped up immediately.

"Hey boys what yah doing." I went over to them.

"We chilling what else?"
"Well I need you guys to do something for me and Don't worry you gonna get paid. " I said with a serious tone.

The glance around then back to me.

" What would you have us do ? " The one who seems to be the leader said.

I showed them princey and ask them to give him a little beating of his life but they shouldn't hurt his face and they agreed.

Jayden arrived just in time and told him what princey actually did , he was happy with my plans.
We hid somewhere when we saw him exit the club.

Those thugs sure made a fool outta him.

"Why don't you go see that his face don't get messed up while I settle some score." I said in between clenched teeth.

" Okay am on it,but it'll be nice if his cute face was ruined . No girl would wanna fuck someone with a ugly face." Jayden chuckled softly.

I smacked his head and walked towards the club entrance.
I have to find that slut and teach her a lesson not to mess with my husband again.

I saw her just at the bar area.
"Hey you!!" I called and she turned towards me immediately.
" What ?"

" Come with me please the prince would like to have a word with you." I lied.

Her face brighten up by the mention of prince.

" Really? Where's he now."

"He's at the back waiting for you can you hurry up." I faked a smile.
Squeak excitedly and followed me outta the club.

" Where's the prince?" She asked confused.

"Right here" Jayden said from behind distracting her.

I grabbed hold her hair and pulled it roughly.

"You enjoyed fvcking him yeah ? Don't worry by the time am done you gonna quit prostitution" I spat and gave a slap across the face.

" Go fvck yourself bitch!' she half yelled.

" Oh yeah I'll after teaching you a good lesson." I smiled and gave her a punch on her cheek bursting her lips in the process.

I dragged her to the store just outside of the club and locked her in.
Jayden cuffed her hands to a table.
"What's your problem with Me huh?" She asked but I paid less attention to her as I brought out a inching powder from bag.
"You shouldn't see this Jayden go and look after jayred while I handle this bitch" I said Sternly.
He nodded and left.

"Let's play a game sweetie" I smiled and dragged down her pants and almost emptied the whole bottle of inching powder on her vagina.

"Holy shit!!!" She exclaimed as her p****y had began to inch terribly but she can't reach out to scratch it for her hands have been tired.

I brought out a bottle chilling pepper mixed with ketchup and rubbed it all over her V.

Her scream was very loud but too bad no one can hear her because of the loud music.

"The next time I catch you around my husband am gonna kill you." I spat and left her untied .

I made sure I recorded everything in a video.

I walked quietly to the car.
Princey was already in the car sleeping with Jayden on the wheels.

I stepped in and he drove us outta the place.

I blinked my eyes rapidly as I tried to adapt to the pain I was feeling.
Gosh, I drank too much last night I couldn't even stand properly.

Am having a hangover and seriously the pain his killing.

"Here have this it's gonna help" May stretched out a cup of coffee.

I took it without looking at her.

"Thank you" I mumbled.

"Oh it's nothing dear" she said I could tell she was smiling.

Dear ? Or am I hearing things.

May just call me dear? Something is fishy.

"Did you poison me ? I don't remember you being nice to me." I furrowed my brows.

" Oh come on I didn't here give it to me let me prove to you i didn't."
 She took the cup from me and gulp down a large quantity before handing it back to me.

Ohh then it's something else.

"See ? How can I poison my dear husband" she smiled sheepishly.
Seriously am not convinced.


"Why don't you take a shower and come downstairs for breakfast i prepared something nice sweetie." She added.

WTF this is serious than I thought.
"Okay" I said.

"Good I'll be downstairs baby." She said hapily and peeked my cheek.
God save me from this girl she's definitely planning on killing me.

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