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Royal Fucker-Chapter 15


Royal Fucker-Chapter 15

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

OH oh I think I just over stepped.
"Did you just?" His face was that of terror I knew instantly that I was Dead.

"Am sorry I didn't mean to but you weren't paying me attention " I defended.

" Pull over !! " He roared like a wounded lion and the driver stopped the car.

" Why are we stopping , I said am sorry."

" Step outta the car now !!! " He yelled at me, I flinched back in fear.

I got outta the car and he did too. I was already shivering .

He moved over to where I was standing.

"What brand do you want your wheelchair to be?" He half yelled.
Wait ??? Wheel chair ? Oh no I need to do something.

Almost immediately an idea popped up.

"Hellooooo!!!" I shouted facing the main road, passers-by were already looking at me.

"What the heck are you doing huh?" He said in between clenched teeth.

"Hellooooo out there!! Does anyone wants a wife ? Am single !" I yelled even more.

" Stop it may and get in the car now." He groaned.

" I gat no husband and no kids , I can cook ! People say am funny.. ...
I didn't finish my sentence before he covered my mouth with his palm and dragged me into the car.
"Two words. You're stupid" he jerked me off him.

I prefer to be stupid than to be placed on a wheelchair.

The rest of the ride to his mansion was awfully quiet.

I might be acting all crazy and strong but deep down am seriously scared of him.

That was the only way to cover my fears and luckily it works.

The car came to halt infront of the fountain, he stepped outta the car first.

I didn't even know when he walked into the house leaving me alone .

I have to find my way in then.
News flash am not sharing a room with that man.

I stepped outta the car and walked towards the entrance of the building.

My so called wife can find her way in.

I took the elevator upstairs to my bedroom.

Pulled off my suit jacket and toss it aside.

I pulled off everything and walked towards the bathroom naked.
I picked up my whiskey and cigarette pack.

So in the mood to smoke.

I stayed in the tub smoking my ass out .

Let's talk about my baggage.

She's definitely not the kinda girl I pictured myself to be with.

All the same she's very cute but a mad person.

Acting like a virgin Mary , am sure she's not a virgin, but wait !! Who would wanna date someone like her.

She's the only girl that got to see the crazy side of me.

But if she's actually a virgin then I won't touch her.

I dump my cigarette somewhere and step outta the tub.

I took a shower to wash my body and wrapped a towel around my waist, I hate wearing bathrobe.

My body was dripping wet and refresh too.

I walked quietly to my bed and sat down at the edge.

Suddenly someone pushed my door open without knocking .

I stood up immediately only for my towel to fall from my body.

WTF it was May.

"Oh my God am sorry" she said and wanted rushing out but I stopped her.

" Come back here Missy unless you wanna get shot" at the sound of that she stopped immediately.
I know she's fvcking scared of guns.

"Turn around sweetie " I whisper audibly.

She obeyed immediately but her eyes were shut.

"Open your eyes kitty " I moved closer and ran my finger on her soft cheek.

The truth is am not holding any gun , it's still safe in the fridge .

She flushed it open immediately.
"Do you like what you see?" I moved my face to her neck area and kissed her.

She shook visibly.

" Wanna touch it ? " I asked but she nodded negatively.

"Come on sweetie don't be shy to touch what belongs to your husband" I kissed her lightly on the lips.

She move her hand and held on to my joystick tenderly.

"Wanna play?" I further tease her lips and bit her buttom lip making her moan softly.

"Yes please " she submitted but I wanted to beg for it.

"Beg me to fvck you baby or you don't wanna make babies? !" I kiss her forehead .

" Okay fine let's make babies but not twins" she finally accepted.

I removed her hand from c*ck and entwined our fingers.

"Are you sure?" I kissed her palm.
She nodded shyly.

I guide her to the bed carefully and took her lips in mine.

We kissed slowly but passionately, her lips is intoxicating all I wanted at the moment was to kiss her all day.

I trailed kissses down her neck as she shivered into my touch.

Her eyes were closed tightly.

I brought my lips to her tits and tease them through the fabric but something made me stop.
Her sob came out muffled.

My body became stiff .

"I want you to be sincere and tell me if you're truly a virgin" I asked.
She nodded.

" Yes haven't had any close body contact with guy all my life" she said in a sober tune.

I moved away from her and took the towel.

Wrapped it around my waist and took out a cigarette.

"I get it we're married now and it's one of the things we should do as a couple". She said Calmly.

" Go take your shower, you must be tired" I mumbled as I Puff out smoke from my nostril.

" don't try to change the topic , fine am ready to make babies" she reasoned but my mind is made up.

" Am sorry wifey but I won't touch you . Now if you don't mind I wanna have some privacy" i said in between clenched teeth.

I was getting high on trills .

" You seriously need to stop smoking princey it's harmful to your health" .

" Go away kitty or am gonna blow your fvcking skull off" i threatened and she scrawled away.

Ever since the incident with Anita , I vow not to touch any virgin.
Enough playing around Jay it's time to get serious once again.

Hmmm who's Anita and how's she connected to our dear princey.

So our May is finally ready to make babies but princey vowed not to make love to a virgin again.

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