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Royal Fucker-Chapter 14


Royal Fucker-Chapter 14

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

End of Honeymoon

It was a beautiful Sunday morning.. hmmm I really enjoyed my sleep thanks to my darling husband.

I slept like a baby.

Last night I woke up and glance at him even though I felt guilty.

He was shivering and not comfortable sleeping on the couch, the least I had to do was cover him properly with a duvet.

I glanced over at him , he was still sleeping so peacefully.

Should I do some mischief while he's still asleep?.

Nah let's just let him sleep.

I went over to the mirror side and mixed up the natural ingredients for a face mask.

Soon I was done It was all back already, I applied it to my face and sat down on the arm chair. Had to wait for about 20 30 minutes before Washing it off.

I heard soft groan as my husband woke up , he rubbed his eyes with his hands and turned towards my direction.

"Ah ahhhhhhhhhh hhhhhh" he shouted and fell over the couch hitting his butt really hard.

I stood up and walked over to where he sat massaging his butt.
He jumped up in fright as soon as he saw me.

"Who are you !!! How did you get into my room?" He half yelled.

" It's me princey and you gonna get yourself killed one day" I burst into uncontrollable laughter.

" Jesus Christ what's that on your face huh ? You scared me to death with this hideous thing on your face !! " He growled.

" Whatever " I scoff and wanted walking towards the bathroom but he beat me to it and stand close to the door.

" Hey mister how can I help you !?"

"Hi wifey I'm taking my bath first" he said menacingly.

" Hi wifey I'm taking my bath first" I said menacingly.

Am sick and tired of her crazy attitude, it drives me nuts.

" You must be joking princey I woke up earlier than you so technically I'm going first " she smirked.

" No princess I'm going first "

" Oh yeah?" She raised her eyebrows.

" Yeah" I blow an invisible kiss.
She tried forcing her way through but i didn't let her go in.

We kept pushing each other unfortunately for us the bathroom glass door fell off.

"You're paying for that princey " she said with both hands on The air.

She's so stupid not to realize that I own this place all along.

"How can I pay for what's mine?" I smiled.

"What's yours?" She returned the question like the stupid idiot she is.

" This is my property Ma'am " I winked and rushed into the jacuzzi tub.

There's no way she's gonna bath with me unless she wanna get pregnant with twins.

"You'll pay for that hubby , kindly say your last prayer before stepping out" she stood by the entrance.

The tub has glass walls and curtains surrounding it.

After bathing I wrapped a towel around my waist and wanted walking out when she tried to nab me .

I grabbed hold of her hands immediately and moved her to much.

Her hands landed on my chest..
"Who's getting nabbed now ?" I whispered as our faces was inches apart.

She looked at me speechless. My eyes fell on her lips .

It's so tempting but am still gonna take the risk even if she's gonna kill me.

I bent slightly and claimed her lips in mine.

Her eyes widened in shock but didn't push me away..

Aww her lips taste so nice.

I pulled away immediately and she slapped me hard across the face.

What the hell!!!!!

She just Crossed her limits ,no one slaps me and go Scott free.

"How dare you!!" I growled and pushed her off me.

I was infuriated, my eyes was super red .

I walked pass her to the closet and changed into something else.

The first time a lady tried to slap me I had her hands chopped off.

Even though I'm super angry , there's restrictions which I don't know.

I can't bring myself to hurt her so I walked away.

We're going back to my mansion today so I wore a black Armani suit jacket and a white button up shirt in.

As for my hair I don't joke it too .
I added lots hair treatment and lotion.

Came out shortly looking all classique.

The room attendant has brought breakfast and magazine but I wasn't feeling good for breakfast yet, I'll just take the coffee.

I took the expresso coffee and the newspaper ,and went over to the couch.

I sat down enjoying my coffee and going through the magazine no doubt me and May made front cover and some other pages too.
It seems like we're now the trending couple of the year.

I Huff loud and toss it aside.

"Mister princey can we go now or you wanna seat all day soaking" i could sense mockery in her voice.

I'm not gonna pay her any attention .

I walked ahead of her and exit the room.

The limo was in position already waiting for us.

I stepped in and locked the door, she shouldn't enter from my side.

She tried opening it but it didn't work , she angrily walked over to the other side and stepped into the car.

"What's your problem huh ?" She half yelled obviously pissed but I didn't respond.

I focused on my phone , going through some pictures of a big ass shampoo.

"Hey I'm talking to you mister " she groaned but I ignored her even more getting angry.

Chicks with bursty tits and big ass are likely to be the best screwing machine.

She got pissed and dragged the phone outta my hand toss it outta the window.

Oh no no did she just ?

"Now can I have your attention?"

"Did you just ?" I chuckled unable to believe what just happened.

Two words. I don't joke with my phone.

Someone is definitely gonna die today

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