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Royal Fucker-Chapter 13


Royal Fucker-Chapter 13

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

Honeymoon part 4

I went back outside to look for Spencer , unfortunately he left I couldn't find him.

I feel so guilty about it. He just got beaten up for nothing.

So he can mess around yet gets angry when I do so .

Game on two can play.

I got into our room without speaking to him.

Our meal was brought to room but I had lost appetite and lay down.

At night.

I felt something pressing against me and something soft on my ass .

I woke up immediately only to meet the shock of my life.

It was princey , he slept close to me with his hands on my body.

I jerked outta bed angrily.

"Bloody hell!!" I shouted he wasn't sleeping tho .

"Don't even dare to shout , you're my wife and I deserve every right to your body " he smirked.

" You got to be kidding me" I roared.

" Quit whining and come back to the bed let's make babies for moms " he said gesturing to his side.

" Then you'll have to kill me first cause am not getting pregnant for someone like you" I folded up my arms.

" Oh yeah? You should be glad you got married to a very handsome dude like me , trust me my d*ck is big enough to satisfy you now stop pretending and come back to the bed " he pointed at his d*vk area.
This prince is seriously mad.

"I said no !!"

"You leave me no choice but to do it the hard way" he stood up and wanted walking towards me , but I was quick to grab a cocktail wine bottle.

"Come any closer and am gonna smash your head and cut off your balls." I said pointing out the bottle.

" Calm down wifey , it's not as if you actually making love we just gonna make babies for our moms or they gonna have both our heads on a stake don't you get it ?"
 He said Calmly.

Actually he's right but I won't give him the pleasure till he begs for it.

"I said stay away from me " i half yelled and smashed the bottle into half making it very sharp.

" Omg OMG look at that " he distracted me.

I turned to the direction he pointed but I fooled me.

He collected the bottle from me and carried me on his shoulder to the bed.

"Let me down you idiot !!" I punched his back but he didn't budge.

He pinned me down to the bed as his face was just inch apart from mine.

His hot breath fanned my face.

"Can you keep quiet for once ???" He whisper audibly.

" I said don't wanna make babies is that too much to ask? "

" Oh really are you sure you don't want me" he said huskily and bit my ear lobe.

" Oh really are you sure you don't want me ?" He whispered into her ear and bit em ear lobe teasingly.
She closed her eyes tightly.

"Tell me wifey don't you want me ?" I asked with a teasing smile.

"N.... O " she stammered.

I ran my lips around her neckline to her lips.

I nibble on the button lip and bit it playfully.

Her moan came out muffled.

" Tell me wifey "

I planted kisses on her cleavage squeeze her soft tits .

She gasps as I did that.

I could tell she was already getting wet.

I didn't kiss her yet just teasing her.

"Do you wanna make babies or not ?".

"Yes I wanna make babies but not twins else am gonna hang them alongside you" she said boldly.

" Then you're not ready to make babies because my sperm produce more than one babies" I scoff and moved away from her.

The truth is there's no such thing as that , I wanted to keep teasing her till she begs me.

She growled at me .

" Don't you dare ! "

"I already did wifey " I smirked and wanted going to sleep but she bit my ear very hard .

My scream could be heard in the room , too bad it's bulletproof.

"Some please save me from this dog of a wife" I wince in pain as I tried freeing my ear from her sharp teeth.

Luckily I was able to free my ear. I picked my pillow and ran away from her.

"The next time you try shit with me , am gonna cut off your tiny dick " she said infuriated.

" And I got married to a zombie that plans on eating my ears for breakfast. You can have the bed " I placed the pillow on the couch and massaged my ear tenderly before laying down on the couch.

Even though have never done it before , this witch made me lay on the couch.

"Oh yeah thanks " she blow an invisible kiss and spread out legs all over the bed.

Nice one mom and dad you just gave out your son to a psychopath .

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