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Royal Fucker-Chapter 12


Royal Fucker-Chapter 12

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

Honeymoon part 3

How dare me play with my body huh ??

Am gonna teach him a lesson not to mess with me.

I waited patiently for him to come out the bathroom and he did with a towel around his waist.

Water droplets dripping from his hair.

He walked pass me like I wasn't there and went into the closet.

I groaned and step into the bathroom. Took a shower and came out in a bathrobe.

Only to find him all dressed up.
Where does he think he's going.
"Where the hell are you going" I asked menacingly.

"Where else if not to get a beautiful b*tch " he glares at me. Trust me I returned the favor.

This prince is seriously mad . How can you leave your wife in the room in search of whores.

"Okay suit yourself" I said nonchalantly.

And this gave me an idea on how to deal with him .

He looked at me for awhile and walked out.

I tiptoe to the door and opened it gently .

He didn't leave the hotel , he was given a room in the regular section.

I hid somewhere watching all his moves.

Soon the b*tch arrived and was taken to princey.

Ttch!!! Seriously this prince has eye problem.

This girl is probably the most ugly person have come across.

How does he get to fvck her with her face looking like an ape?

I was still watching when this cute dude Walked pass me.

Now I have to implement my plans .

"Hello excuse me" I ran after him.
He stopped and smiled at her.

" Hi princess" he ran his eyes all over my body.

Do you know all this while I was in my bathrobe and a towel wrapped up around my hair.

"I'm May " I stretched out my hand for a handshake.

He took it and shook it tenderly.
"Spencer" he responded.

"I need your help "

"What can I possibly do for a pretty damsel like you" he said in a flirty manner.

" Can you act like my boyfriend ? wanna make someone jealous. Don't worry am gonna pay you" I blurted out.

He looked at me for awhile and smiled.

"You got the right person for the job then , when do I start?" He cooed.

Aww I like him he's so sweet .

" You're starting now. Wait here let me get dressed" I dashed into the room and went to the closet.

I picked out one of those short gown his mom had parked in my bag.

I settled for a red short strapless gown that stopped on my mid thigh.

I wore my stilettos and added little make over before catwalking out.
Spencer wanted eating me up with his eyes.

"Oh shit !! He's coming" I signaled.
We positioned ourselves like lovers at the lobby.

What's that her name again ? Oops I can't remember but she was very hot in bed.

I got dressed and paid for her services before exiting the room.

It's time to go meet my so called bride.

I shoved my hands deep into my pocket as I walked majestically down the lobby only to meet the greatest shock of my life.

My wife was with a guy smooching I think .

What the heck!!!

I rushed towards them angrily and pulled the guy off her.

"How dare you lay your fingers on my wife!" I groaned and gave him a hard punch on the tummy.

" Stop it Jay !! " She yelled at me but I paid no attention to her .

"Do you know she's the wife of the prince? Yet you wanted to test my patience. You're so dead today" I toss him across the lobby.

Folks have started coming outta their rooms to watch what's going on.

They all ran back when they found out it was me.

"I said let him go now!!" May grab my arm but I pushed her away.
I punched him a couple of times on the first till his face was totally outta shape.

There was blood all over his face.

I wanted punching him again when May stepped infront of him and I mistakenly Punch her.

She fell to the ground in pain.
"You see what your stubbornness caused? I told you to stay away" I left the dude and lifted her off the ground and took her into the room.

I placed her on the bed and wanted removing her shoes but she kicked me again.

Right at the forbidden zone.

Oh no not again.

"Stay away from me ! Stop acting like you care " she spat and sat upright.

" You can do whatever you want but just so you know , you're stuck with me " I frown.

" Why did you hit my boyfriend that way huh ? How's it your business if I flirt with anyone else " she half yelled.

And this got me really angry.

" Because you're my wife now !!! No one has the right to touch you expect me now get that into your tiny skull" I roared angrily almost shaking the place.

She looked at me angrily and pulled off her shoe without saying anything and walked into the closet.

She came out shortly in a simple clothing unlike the first one.

She can only dress like that for me .
That dude should be glad I didn't kill him.

I didn't mean to shout at her , just that she's just so stupid and clumsy. To crown it all she's sturborn and annoying.

Now am stuck with this girl all my life.

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