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Royal Fucker-Chapter 11


Royal Fucker-Chapter 11

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry


I didn't mean to do that but what can I do ? He was asking for the impossible.

Well I acted outta self defense.

"Open this door now or you gonna sleep in there" he banged on the door.

" Nah if I prefer sleeping in here than doing shit with you" I yelled back.

" You know what? Fvck you may!! Go pregnant yourself and have a fvcking baby " he banged the door one more time before it finally stopped.

Ptweew that was a relief.

I looked around the closet, it was filled with so many clothes I lost count.

I got some of his clothes and placed them on the floor before laying down on.

I'm pretty scared..

Everywhere became mute , I didn't hear his voice again.

I closed my eyes and slowly drift off to sleep.

The next morning.

I groan and stretch lazily as it was morning already.

Finally it's morning and am gonna be seeing the face of that stupid proud husband of mine.

I stood up and fixed the clothes back in their appropriate place before walking to the closet door.

I turned the keys and slowly opened it.

I stepped out but a cup on Latino landed on my face.

"What the hell!!" I shouted as my body was soaked in Latino.

" Morning wifey , I trust you slept well? " He smirked.

"What did you do that for!?? " I growled at him but he seems less concerned.

" Well I want to thank you with this wonderful Latino for what you did last night. Trust me sweetie you were amazing . But come to think of it wifey if you ended up destroying it last night how do we make babies" he smirked and poured more coffee on my hair.

"You asked for it princey " I rolled my eyes as I wiped off coffee from my face.

" Wifey " he said mockingly.

"You know what ? You not the only one that knows how to play dirty" I said picked up a bread jam, it's actually chocolate. and moved closer to him.

"Oh no no don't you dare am allergic to chocolate.....

Before he Could finish I drew a beautiful tattoo with it on his face and shoved some into his mouth.

"That's gonna treat you right , stop playing with me dude " I spat.

He held his chest and started coughing pretty loud.

I became scared and felt guilty when he fell to the ground with his eyes bloody red.

I rushed to him immediately.

"Omg OMG am so sorry, I didn't mean to do that I was just trying to play too" I blurted out as I rocked his back.

Well done May , you have finally succeeded in killing your husband and a prince too.

I try getting him up on his feet and try so hard not to laugh but the unexpected happened.

He grabbed of my arms and placed me on the bed while he hover around me.

Jeez this prince is the king of mischief.

He just fooled me.

I'm never allergic to chocolate just looking for a way to trap her .

I grabbed hold of her arms and made her lay down with me on top.

The look on face was that of terror.

"So my wifey actually cared so much about me. Wow this is nice" I smirked as I brought my face closer.

My hot breath fanned her face.
"Ttch!! In your dreams princey I was only concern because I don't wanna be called a murderer. I'm too young to go to prison" she raised her eyebrows.

" Oh really ?? " I whisper and brought my lips to her neck area and teased her.

I trailed kissses there not minding if it actually taste like coffee .
She gasps as I did that but didn't try to fight back.

I made sure I left hickeys on her . I further teased her by kissing the sides of her lips but didn't claim her lips.

I planted kisses all over her body through the soaked night robe she wore.

A moan escaped her mouth.
Now that's the plan.

I stopped and moved away from her . She looked at with a confused expression.

"Now that's what I call game over. You enjoyed it yeah ? Too bad you won't get to feel it " I smirk and ran into the bathroom.

" You bastard !!! " She yelled almost bring down the roof.

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