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Royal Fucker-Chapter 10


Royal Fucker-Chapter 10

Theme:A bride for the prince
Rated 18+
©Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

I still can't believe I'm getting married to that prince that's bent on ruining my life.

I sat down by the mirror as my makeup was being done .

"You look beautiful my dear " mom said hapily and hugged me.

I didn't bother replying.

" I know you still mad at me but just know everything is gonna be alright soon if you trust your heart" she said in a sober tune.

" Okay " i responded dryly.

I wonder what she meant by that.
My wedding dress was one the most expensive project madam Arie has ever worked on.

I feel different and scared too.

"Here all set " the make up artist said as she turned me to the mirror.

What the heck that's not me. Seriously make up is a mask , right now I look more than just beautiful.

Mom helped me wore my stilettos and held my hand.

"Let's go dear you don't wanna keep your groom waiting" she said and led me outside.

The cars and chauffeur were waiting with the door opened for us.

Mom held up my dress and helped me in .

This is may face it you are getting married today.

The drive to St Louis Church was unusually short , I was expecting it to be a long ride .

The car came to halt infront of the church .

The wedding bells rings , mom came out with the help of the chauffeur and she stretched out her hand which I took and stepped outta the car as cameras were clicking .

The press were everywhere , I almost went blind due to so many camera flash.

Lucky enough the securities were able to clear up the exit and I was led into the church.

I glanced around the place , Jordan was nowhere to found . Guess she couldn't make it.
I turned towards the alter there stood the devil looking extraordinary gorgeous.

I'm not supposed to be drooling over him.

I walked slowly with mom.

She led me to the aisle and made me stand face to face with this cute bastard who had a smirk on.
He ran his eyes all over my body like he was actually boring holes on my skin.

The priest read out the vows and so wedding commandments.

" Do you prince knights of xandria take miss Lola Fitzgerald to be your lawfully wedded bride ? "
He looked at me as we locked eyes deep down I wanted his answer to be no .

" Yes of course I do" he said the last part with a smirk.

"And do you miss Lola Fitzgerald take prince knight to your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in wealth? "

I took a deep breath . Mom was busy whispering a yes yes.

Have gone far and there's no going back on this .

"I do" i dropped those two most powerful words.

" You have been joined in holy matrimony and wi'll now pronounced you as man and wife . You may kiss the bride" the priest said with a smile.

What the heck am not kissing this prince.

He scoffs and moved closer to me.
He pulled me close by the waist and crashed his lips on mine forcefully.

I didn't give him access as people cheer us ,. I broke the kiss and pushed him away slightly.

He just stole my first kiss and I won't forgive him for that.

"Congratulations my dear " his mom said and hugged me .

" Thanks ma'am"

She turned to my grumpy husband who faked a smile.
"And make sure you be of good behavior okay?" She pulled his cheek playfully.

" Ofcourse I'm glad to have such a beautiful woman as my bride " he said in between clenched teeth and glared at me.

"A limo is waiting outside , you guys will be taken to a hotel room where you gonna spend your honeymoon" she said Smiling sheepishly.

Mom rushed to me and hugged me again only this time she has tears in her eyes.

"Come on mom it's not as if I'm actually leaving the country . Don't worry we gonna be in touch" I assured and patted her back.

Wait ! Wait! Why am I still scared of the prince ?.

I mean he's my husband now and I don't have to scared of him infact this is the time to teach ourselves good lessons.

He helped me outta the church so folks will think we're hapily married.

He pushed off my hand as soon as we got to the limo which took us straight to hotel de Delmonico.

The ride to the hotel was awfully quiet and kinda love it .

All I was thinking of was how am gonna eat her up tonight. Am gonna make scream my name out loud.

I chuckled at my own crazy thoughts.

She looked at me and scoffs.

The car came to halt infront of hotel de Delmonico.

Our luggage which mom had packed up for us were taken to our hotel room.

I walked hastily towards the room while my clumsy wife
 after me.
I got in first and almost slammed the door to her face.

"Ouch !! What was that for huh??" She nagged angrily.

" Oops sorry I didn't see anyone there " i grinned and went into the closet.

I removed my so called wedding attire and came out in Calvin Klein shorts .

She closed her eyes immediately.
"Hey stop acting like you haven't seen this before" I smirked and walked towards the bathroom.

" Do you know you actually look like a mad man?" She furrowed her brows.

"Whatever wifey" I yelled from the bathroom.

After bathing I came out with a towel wrapped around my waist as water drip off my body.

She ran her eyes through my body and looked away angrily.

"Stop drooling wifey" I winked and went over to the glass Wall with a beautiful view of London.
She huffed and walked towards the bathroom .

Soon I had water running .

Tonight am gonna get a taste of that thing she's been hiding.

She came out shortly clad in a golden bathrobe.

I turned and moved closer to her ,she moved back but I keep advancing soon there was no place to run to as her back hit against the bathroom door.

I caged her in between my hands and brought my face closer.

"How about we finish what we started wifey ?" I said huskily and brought my closer gently and planted a kiss on her neck.

She shuttered as I did that .

Her strawberry breath fanned getting me even turned on.

"F.... finish what?" She stammered.
"You know better . you're my property now so you can't deny me of sex " i tickled her on the waist.

" No way am letting you touch me" she spat and landed a kick right in the forbidden zone.

I groaned and fell to the ground with my hands on my c*ck as I massaged it.

She ran into the closet and locked the door.

This wife of mine is seriously wicked.

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