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Revenge-Episode 9


Revenge-Episode 9


Days soon turned into weeks and weeks into months and months into years, the killing of the people of EKEH, and the little princess was soon forgotten by the people, Its already been 7years but NINA and IKENNA did not forget.

IKENNA has grown into a fine boy and Nina into a very beautiful maiden, that the young men in the village had begun to seek her hand in marriage from Ajuwe. But Nina turned them all down. She had a mission and every day she never stopped reminding IKENNA of the evil done to them.

One faithful day, Ajuwe was returning from the farm accompanied by IKENNA and NINA, It was almost evening and they chatted and laughed on their way home and suddenly they saw KING AZAZA with his guards taking the evening stroll along the path. They quickly bowed their head as taught them by AJUWE and moved to one side of the road so the igwe and his crew can walk past. Ajuwe greeted the igwe but Ikenna and Nina stood still without bowing or greeting. One of the igwe guard challenged her and the boy asking them if the igwe was too small for them to see and greet. But they remained still saying nothing. The guard wanted to strike her down but Kung AZAZA urged him to stop.

King AZAZA: young girl do you have a name?

Ajuwe: eee eeeeh eeeh Igwe (she stammered) Her name is Nina, and this is Ikenna. Nina and Ikenna are my sisters children. Please forgive their manners my king, they are not from our land and are still trying to learn how things are done here.

King AZAZA: Not from our land? And yet you say they are your sisters children.

Ajuwe: Yes igwe, my sister was married to Akator and there she lived till she and her husband died some years back, I decided to take in the children as the only family they have left.

King AZAZA: so you mean they’ve been in this village for years now?

Ajuwe knew the king was vary wise, and so she tried to be careful with her statements.

Yes igwe, they’ve been with me for about 3years.

King AZAZA: Three years, oh I see! (With his eyes still focused on NINA, who by now was boiling with anger at the king for standing very close to her.

Ajuwe: Yes igwe.

King AZASA: young girl, go home, rest for a while then come to the palace, I have an assignment for you.

Nina! Me? Why! What kind of assignment?

Warrior : Young lady when the king speaks nobody dare ask question’s. Just follow, do you understand?

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