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Revenge-Episode 8


Revenge-Episode 8


Gradually the people began to leave, but some of them waited for the return of Aguyi including Nina and Ajuwe.

After about 25minutes he eventually returned with his sword filled with blood. He also had with him the finger of the princess with which she wore the royal ring given to her by her father. When the people saw this, some of them wept, some of them murmured, while some of them were glad. At that point, Nina carried the prince who was wailing uncontrollably.

King AZAZA: I have defended my land, I have defended my people, let it be known round all of the realms that anyone or village who threatens our land will suffer the same fate that EKEH has suffered. Let it be known that king AZAZA will spare no one. Call me any names you wish, ”king AZAZA the merciless. King AZAZA the evil. King AZAZA the wicked. Whatsoever you wish, I still remain your igwe and my word is still law”

And the crowd chorused ”igweeeeeeeeee”

Prince Nnamdi who was standing far from the scene shook his head in disbelief, this is not the father he used to know. He wondered what had transformed the king into this ruthless and mean person. Nina and the Prince cried even more as the king spoke and NINA was filled with hatred for him and those that cheered for him.

Ajuwe managed to take them home.

Nina : I failed her, I failed my Queen, I failed my princess.

Ajuwe: you are just a child, you did your best my child, its not your fault.

Nina: I made a promise to my queen right before my igwe, I promised to take care of them. And now she is dead, my princess is dead. ( she started crying again. And after a while she called out to the prince.) My Prince, come here, listen I promise you from this day, that I will die first before I let any harm come to you. I promise you. I will return you back to our land and you will avenge all these deaths, I promise you.

Ajuwe interrupted her and stopped her from talking more.

Ajuwe: Firstly Nina my child, we can’t keep calling him Prince, because it will raise suspicions. and so from today you have to rename him.

Nina kept quiet and thought for a while before answering, he turned to the Prince and spoke to him eyeball to eyeball.

Nina: My Prince, listen carefully, there are people out there who are determined to kill us all as long as they know we are from EKEH. So for that reason, I will no longer be calling you my Prince, from this moment, I will call you IKENNA. It doesn’t mean that you are no longer the prince, do you understand?

IKENNA: Yes Nina.

Nina: Also, do not tell anyone that we are from EKEH, you must keep that to yourself. Do you understand me?

IKENNA: But what do I tell them if they ask?
Nina became quiet, but Ajuwe quickly replied the Prince.

Ajuwe: Tell them you are my sisters children, you and Nina, and that you are from AKATOR village. Do you understand?

IKENNA: Yes I do!

Ajuwe: you must not talk about your parents or the princess to anyone, do you understand?

IKENNA: Yes I do.

Nina: EKEH will get her revenge and one day we will return to our land and possess that which is truly ours.

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