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Revenge-Episode 6


Revenge-Episode 6


The maid sat quietly at one end of the hut with the prince still clenched to her bossom. She stared at the woman who had just saved her from the warriors, she didnt know the reason this woman had saved her and so she was still very vigilant. The woman after making sure that the warriors were properly gone came back into the hut and sat opposite the maid. And then she began, ”My name is Ajuwe, and I saw you following the warriors, I knew you were also hiding from them not to be seen, I also knew that if OKONJI the warrior head had seen you, you would be dead by now already, and so I want to know, why were you following the warriors of OKU whom we all very well know are just returning from battle”. The maid looked at her over and over again, she wasn’t sure if to talk or not, and it was as if AJUWE read her thoughts.

Ajuwe: you don’t need to be afraid of me, infact you can trust me that for one I will not surrender you to be killed, but first you have to tell me who you are and why you were following the warriors of our land.

Maid: My name is Nina, the warriors took my…..(she wanted to talk but suddenly kept quiet again?

Ajuwe: Look my dear, I understand if you are scared, I will not bother you for now. Rest for a while, have some food and also give some to the little boy, later when you are relaxed and you are ready to talk to me, I will be here to listen.

Nina: Thank you so much ma!
(Ajuwe dished out some food for Nina and the boy, she watched as they ate like hungry lions) the little boy slept off while eating, Ajuwe helped lay him on the wooden bed to sleep. After which she gave Nina some fresh water to have her bath. Nina didnt want to leave the Prince, so she made sure to wash up at a place where she could still monitor Ahuwe and the prince. When she was through she was a little bit relaxed. She sat down close to Ajuwe, who understood that the young girl was finally ready to talk.

Nina: Thank you very much for you kindness, my name is Nina, and I am not from this village.

Ajuwe: I already know you are not from this village, and I also know that the little boy tiu carry is a prince. (Nina quickly jumped up as if to run) oh my dear, don’t be scared. I only found out he was a prince when I laid him to bed, his clothes are royal and he held in his hand a Royal staff that only kings hold. So my guess is you are from EKEH village and the little boy is the Prince of EKEH! (Nina said nothing, but stared at Ajuwe as she spoke ) you see, many of us are not in support of what king AZAZA did. But who are we to question the decision of the king. Our king is a good man, or rather I will say he used to be a good man, but he surrounded himself with men who are evil, he listened to their counsel, and those men are what will lead him to his doom.
Our igwe now takes his decisions based on what he hears not bothering to confirm if they were true or rumour.

Nina: but ma, what did we do to him? Our village did nothing to him, our king was a great and kind man, and your king was his friend, why did he do this?

Ajuwe: My dear, the king acted on what he heard. That your igwe was planning an attack on our land.

Nina: An attack? But that’s not true? Why would EKEH attack OKU?

Ajuwe: you may not know but there is gold in OKU, only few people know of this and those few men includes your king. And so when king Azas heard from a neutral man that king Obama was planning an attack because he wants to take possession of the gold in the land, he believed it because the man wouldn’t have known of the gold if he was not told.

Nina: But its no secret that OKU is filled with gold na.

Ajuwe: what do you mean its no secret? Did you also know that our land has gold?

Nina: of course I know your land had gold, everyone knows your land has gold.

Ajuwe: so how did you know it?

Nina: Haaa! Was it meant to be a secret? Because if it was then I must sat your igwe is one hell of a secret keeper.

Ajuwe: how do you mean my child?

Nina: Am a maiden in my village, I was the head maiden to our beloved queen. And so I am opportuned to be close to her at all times including during big functions.
During the crowning and naming of our Prince had the heir to the throne, your igwe and other igwes were invited by our igwe. It was a big celebration, there were lot to eat and drink with so many people, royalties and civils.
Your igwe whom I believed had too much to drink couldn’t stop bragging as the richest king in the realm. He announced it himself that his land was full of gold and non can challenge him when it comes to wealth. So I am really surprised now at you saying it was a secret. Because it was your king who by himself announced it that his land is flooded with gold. (Ajuwe shook his head in silence?

Ajuwe: I knew that king Obama was innocent of all that was labelled against him. I knew it. But it was your own kins man that sold you out. I do not know him hut I’ve heard that the igwe sent him and his family overseas before he made the attack on your village.

Nina: My Queen left the Prince and princess under my care, and now they’ve taken the princess, what will they do to her?

Ajuwe: But you are just a child, how old are you?

Nina: I’m 19years old ma.

Ajuwe: But how can she leave them under your care, when you also need to be under someone’s care. (Nina started crying?

Nina: There is no one else, they killed everyone, including my parents, brothers and sisters. Its just me and the children in the whole of EKEH! (Ajuwe was surprised, she oout her hands in her mouth to stop herself from crying out loud, and then she held Nina to herself as she cried with her)

Nina: what will they do to her? What will they do to my princess?

Ajuwe: I do not know, I don’t know what AZAZA will decide. But in the morning we will find out. For now you have to remove those clothes from the boy, and the staff you must hide and keep it safe for him until he is a man and able to handle the truth and keep it himself. Tomorrow I will find out what AZAZA has decided to do with the princess. But until there you must stay indoors and avoid to be seen by any. Do you understand?

Nina: why have you decided to help us?

Ajuwe: Nina, I am 43years old, I have no child of my own, my husband died 6years ago and since then I’ve been alone. Now that the gods brought you to my home do you think I’d prefer to die lonely and alone?

Nina: Thank you so much for everything!

Ajuwe: sleep well my child, the gods will smile on us….

They both laid down and slept close to the Prince. It took Nina another two hours before she slept off. And that night she dreamt that she was at EKEH, and the queen and Jung were still alive and there was peace and happiness all around. If only wishes were horses

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