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Revenge-Episode 5


Revenge-Episode 5


The maid followed the warriors into OKU village. She wanted to see and know where they are taking the princess to. At a point the warrior head stood and turned back, and the warriors asked him what was wrong. He told them that he felt they were being followed, and after looking round for a while they continued.

The villagers on seeing them greeted them. Some were excited to see them, others were frowning their faces at them but they still greeted. There were murmurs among some old women and men, some were pointing at the little girl that AGUYI carried on his neck but no one dared to ask any question. The warriors proceeded on their way to the palace, with the maid running and hiding behind. And just about four more huts before the palace, the warrior head ordered them to stop.

Aguyi: what is it this time?

Warrior head: we are being followed.

Aguyi: I thought you’ve said that before….

Warrior Head: This time, I’m certain, we are been followed.

Aguyi: But who will dare follow a group of warriors coming from battle and at what aim?

Warrior Head: relax Aguyi my friend, we will soon find out.

With this he turned and started walking backwards with his eyes rotating round and round in search of whoever or whatever was following them.
The maid was terrified, she couldn’t run. And there was no good place to hide. And the warrior head was approaching her direction. She knew this time she would be caught and if she is caught she will be killed, so she decided to step out instead of waiting to be caught. Buy just as she was about to do so, she saw a woman open the room to her hut and signalled her to come in quickly. Without thinking twice the maid ran into the hut and shut the door.
The warrior head looked round the whole place and saw no one.

Aguyi: Have u satisfied yourself now? Please can we just ho to the palace, I have a wife to return to.

Warrior Head: I still don’t understand this, I could have sworn that we were been followed.

Aguyi: thank the gods you didnt swear, now let’s go.

And they all proceeded to the igwe’s palace. The igwe and some of his cabinet were sitted. The warriors knelt down and greeted the igwe.

Warrior Head: Long live the king. Igwe we have gone to the land of EKEH, and we have done that which you ordered. King Obama, his wife and all his people are dead. Not a life was spared, and no property was conserved!

King AZAZA:And the little girl with you? Who is she?

Warrior Head: This is the only survivor of EKEH kingdom, the only daughter of king Obama. We don’t know how she managed to escape from the village during the war. But we caught her why she was still running. Her brother the Prince and heir to the throne of EKEH, is already dead. We do not know what to do with her hence we brought her back for you the igwe to decide.

Princess: So you are the king who ordered that my father and mother be killed, the gods will jot spare you.

King AZAZA: shut up you insolent brat. (Turning to the warrior he said) take her to the back of the palace and tie her there until I decide with my chiefs what to do with her.

Warrior Head: yes igwe. (Turning to Aguyi) follow me .

And they took the princess to the back of the shrine and tied her down. As they left, Aguyi turned and looked at the little girl once more. He was surprised at her bravery and how she could talk to king AZAZA. No one in the village dare soeak out when AZAZA coughs and yet this small girl talked back at him. He admired her bravery and strength.

Warrior head: Aguyiiiiii, what are you thinking of? I thought you said your wife was waiting,

Aguyi: of course she is (he replied as he turned and walked away)

The elders and king AZAZA sat and deliberated on what to do with the little girl. Majority suggested that she should be soared since she was just a child, but a few suggested that she be killed along side with her parents. Amongst them was chief Obi, a known wicked man in the village but best friends with the king because of his ability to bring gossips and stories to the igwe.

Chief Obi: Igwe, it’s not like am not having human sympathy o, or I don’t know the girl is just a child o, but you see children like this, they carry grudges for long, see the way that girl spoke to you our own igwe some moments ago, it shows that she has a tough spirit. Do you think if you keep her alive she wouldn’t hate you? Or want to avenge her family in the future?
Igwe I would say we kill her for your own safety o, and that of your children and this village at large. That girl is a viper and we one day strike if we don’t do anything right now. (As he spoke he made more sense to the igwe then those who suggested that the princess be spared) and so once again king AZAZA made up his mind to kill the princess by midday the next day.

He would make the announcement in the morning. He dismissed the elders and went straight to his room, he knew his son NNAMDI will want to oppose him and right now that was the last thing he needed.

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