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Revenge-Episode 4


Revenge-Episode 4


Princess: wait, wait, please wait, I am tired, I am thirsty, I can’t run anymore, I want water.

Maid: My princess, please just a little farther, we cant stop now.

Princess: But I’m tired, I can’t go further, I need water.

Prince: Even me, I need water.

Maid: Okay let’s rest for a while, before we continue. Maybe we will get water on our way.

But then the prince began to cry, from the look on his face, one could see he was really dehydrated.

Princess: Aunty we ran past a stream a while ago, I saw it when we were running, why don’t we go back and drink from there.

Maid: my princess, its too risky, we can’t go back. We have to keep going forward.

Princess: But I really need water, and my brother needs water too.

Prince: Yes! I need water

The maid thought for a while and then decided to go back and get water for the children. But just as he was about to leave the Prince started crying, he didnt want her to leave and the maid didnt want all of them to go together. But he didnt want to let her go and since she didnt want the princess to go alone she decided to let the children follow her.

When they got to the stream, the had enough water to drink and set on their journey. The maid carried the Prince and asked the princess to walk as fast as possible.

While they were going, the princess saw an empty keg on the ground and picked it up. ”I could fill this keg with water ” she thought to herself, and without telling the maid she ran back to the stream to fill up the keg with water. The maid had gone a little forward before realizing that the little princess was not with her.

Maid: my princess, my princess, she shouted and ran back towards the stream.

Meanwhile princess had already filled the keg and was running back to the maid and the prince. Just as she was running, she tripped on a wood and fell on a small pit, she let out a loud cry. As she was struggling to stand up, a big hand pulled her out from the pit. The maid already got there but immediately she saw them she kept quiet and his behind the bushes pressing her hand against the mouth of the Prince.

Warrior Head: Young girl who are you and what are you doing in these part of the bush.
The princess was terrified, because she knew and recognised them as OKU warriors. The same people they were trying to run away from.

Princess: I I I, I I came to get water. She said raising the keg of water on her hand.

Just then the warrior saw the royal ring that king OBAMA had given to her…

Warrior Head: aha! So its you, guys, he called out to the other warriors. ”guess who we have here?”

The rest of the warriors gathered around to see what their head was talking about.

Warrior Head: its the princess, daughter of OBAMA, handed over into our hands by the gods themselves.

One of the warriors, looked at the little girl in surprise and asked. ”This is the princess we have been chasing? But she is just a child.

Warrior Head: Yes Aguyi, she is just a child.

Aguyi: Princess how old are you?

Princess: I am seven years old.

Aguyi turned to the head warrior and said, ”so you mean we have been chasing a seven Yeats old child?

Warrior Head: shut up Aguyi. The order was to wipe out every living thing from EKEH, be it an adult or a child. Then he turned and face the princess. Young girl, where is your brother?

Princess: please don’t kill me, I beg you. She started crying, she has seen the maid and the prince hiding, and she has sewn the maid shake her head in the negative as a sign for her not to tell them anything, and this made her cry the more. Please don’t kill me, she kept on begging.

Warrior Head: I will not kill you, infact I will take you to our igwe and you will live in the palace like the princess that you are, and even your brother will be well taken care of, just tell me where he is.

Princess: my brother is already dead sir.

Warrior Head: what do you mean? What are you talking about?

Princess: he didnt leave with us, one of the maids carried him and his in one of the rooms in the palace, before we left, I saw your men set that room on fire, so my brother is already dead.

The warrior head looked at her for a while and ordered that they bring her along with them back to the village.
It was Aguyi who carried her on his shoulder and they turned and walked back to the village. The maid who was hiding all this while, watching the whole scenario, carried the Prince and followed them behind. Her heart was shattered, she was scared, she didnt know what was going to happen to the princess. She lamented why the princess go back to the stream.

Prince: Will she be okay?he asked her

Maid: I don’t know my prince, I really don’t know.

She held him close and walked silently behind the warriors, hiding at intervals from being seen.

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