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Revenge-Episode 3


Revenge-Episode 3


Episode 3

The guard and maid carried the young prince and princess far far into the forest, they know they were been pursued, but they’ve given the warriors a good distance and it was already very late in the night. The while place was dark and they could barely see. The guard suggested they sit a bit and rest to at least catch their breath. The maid who was quiet exhausted quickly agreed and they all sat quietly under a very big iroko tree.

There was a very huge silence between them. The young prince held on tightly to the maid, resting his head on her breast, the maid held him back and thought about the last words of the queen, she remembered how nice the queen was to her and the villagers, she remembered all the good things the queen used to give to her, she thought about her own family and how they would all be dead by now, and Yeats flowers from her eyes. The guard turned and looked at her, he didnt bother to console her, because he had also lost his family, his mother and only son. He had ran to his house before the igwe palace, and he saw one of the warriors slit his sons throat right before his eyes, he watched as his mom was burnt in his hut, he had seen all of this before he ran to the igwe palace, and so he understood why she was crying. So he allowed her cry in peace. He closed his eyes for a while and allowed sleep take over.

He had barely slept for 25minutes when he heard the warriors approaching. He jumped from his sleep and woke the maid up, together they carried the Prince and princess and started running deep down into the bush with the OKU warriors chasing behind.

The guard realized that running would not help them, he has to fight, and so he dropped the princess and told the maid to take her and run. ”Don’t stop running, run till you get to safety, now go he commanded. She clinged the Prince on her back and held the princess with her other hand and they ran without looking back, grasses tore her skin but she didnt stop, she kept running with no direction.

Meanwhile the guard stood firm with his sword. He knew he had to divert the warriors from following the Prince and princess. And in few seconds he was standing face to face with them. They were a total of eight. They stood round him making him stand in thier middle. And the one who seemed to be their leader finally broke the silence between them.

Warrior Head: where are they? (the guard was silent) I ask you again, where are they?

Guard: where is who?

Warrior Head : where is the Prince and Princess of EKEH?

Guard: I don’t know what you are talking about?

Warrior Head: don’t play me for a fool, we know you were in that room with the igwe and his wife and the children, now speak up where are they? Speak up so we can give you a painless death.

Guard: I don’t need your painless death, and I don’t know where the Prince and Princess are.

The warrior let out a wicked laugh, he knew the guard was lying.

Warrior Head: Let me ask you, how far do you think they can go? I just want to make things easy for you that’s why I am asking, so it will do you well to just point them out for us for the peace of everyone here.

Guard: cowards, that’s what you are, cowards. You attack an unsuspecting village because you are cowards. You attack a village that has no conflict with you at night. You would have given us at least a day to prepare, then see if you can best us in battle. But because you are cowards you attack at night an unsuspecting village.

Warrior Head: Fools that’s what you are, any village is supposed to be ready for war at all times, no village is friends with another. Your village suffers because you are all fools, including your igwe and his wife. Then he suddenly burst out laughing and then he continued, did I tell you they are both dead? Yes they are both dead, they died by my hands, and if you don’t speak up you will soon join them.

Guard: My igwe and his wife are heroes, they died defending the land and that is what they will be known for, for all eternity, their stories will be heard, their praises will be sang, but your igwe will be known for his wickedness and inhumanity, now I ask you, who truly is a winner. OKU or EKEH?

Warrior Head: shut up you fool, you have chosen to die a painful death. I tell you, the young boy and girl whom you are trying to protect will eventually be found and killed and your precious EKEH will then be wiped out completely.

Guard: You will never find them, I tell you, you will never find them and one day, they will return to their fathers land and take that which rightly belongs to them, your children will perish, OKU will be laid to waste. Your king will kneel and beg to be forgiven. And you will be there to witness the result of a sweet revenge!

Warrior Head: warriors kill him………..he ordered,

And the guard fought and struggled, he killed one and then two and then three before he was finally stabbed by the warrior head on his back. As he fell he screamed with a loud voice that even the maid, the Prince and the princess heard him.

Guard: Protect themmmmmmm. Keep them safeeee and when its time, they must REVENGE!

The maid knew the message was for her and she knew that he had been killed. She was frightened, but she never stopped running, she continued to run with the children.

The warriors were already tired, but they continued with their search, scattering themselves in different directions all over the forest!

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