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Revenge-Episode 21


Revenge-Episode 21


Obi and Ibe stormed out of the palace reigning insults on Odogwu, causing and swearing for him as they left. Chimamanda who was leaving the palace saw them and shook her head. She knew the King’s enemies was increasing by the day. She listened to them as they were talking.

Ibe: who the hell does he think he is, just because he travelled from the country and back he thinks he can begin to claim peoples land anyhow.

Obi: is he the one you blame? If our king has not given him that leg, he won’t be able to do the rubbish he is about doing.

Ibe: He has grown wings in this village.

Obi: am not even sure he wants to build any school. I believe he just wants to claim our land and so he is lying to the igwe and using him to achieve his aims.

Ibe: is the igwe a fool, is he so dsft not to see that this man is evil and out to destroy our land?

Obi: The igwe is not a fool, he is just wicked. He knows what he is doing. Odogwu cannot go back in his words if he does that the igwe will have his head. Igwe wants him to build that school and then claim it from him. He knows what he is doing.

Ibe: why is there so much wickedness in AZAZA. He was not like this before o. How did he suddenly become this cold hearted.

Obi: there is a saying that evil communication corrupts good manners, the moment he identified with that traitor Odogwu I knew our land was finished.

Ibe: whatever Odogwu and the king is planning it will definitely not work.

Obi: do you know it was this same Odogwu that came to tell the igwe of the plots to attack our land by EKEH, he was the one who sold out their land and then ran abroad by the help of our own igwe. He sacrificed his entire village for his greed.

It was the first time the princess was hearing about this, she became anxious to see this traitor.

Obi: am beginning to have doubts if EKEH was really planning an attack on us. Am beginning to feel that ODOGWU told lies against their king and village so as to achieve his selfish desires.

Ibe: I believe you too. This Odogwu can do and undo.

Obi: and our kung has made himself a tool in his hands. He used our king to destroy hundreds of lives. The gods will definitely punish them. I will jot sit and watch them take away my only inheritance and what I plan to leave for my children.

Ibe: But what can we do? The king has spoken.

Obi: I will not sit o, if he likes he speaks or sings, this is oppression and the gods of our land i s agianst oppression. I will not sit and leave them to oppress me. I will go to Ezemoi, the gods will fight for me.

Ibe: oooih, his I wish the wicked reign if Azaz will come to an end while his kind hearted son prince Nnamdi takes over the throne.

Obi: the Prince is so nice. How I wish he were the king and not the wicked AZAZA.

Ibe: I heard he is about to force a young girl to be his wife.

Obi: another life to be ruined, the gods will visit him soon. Come let’s go to Ezemoi.

(As they left, chimamanda took another look at them. She had a plan but first she must find her brother the Prince of EKEH, she went back into the palace to look for Prince Nnamdi, she met him in the garden staring into the skies. He was startled when he saw her).

Chimamanda: Am sorry I frightened you.

Prince Nnamdi: No , I was not frightened , was just suorised to see you, I wasn’t expecting anyone, I usually dont have visitors.

Chimamanda: and why is that?

Prince Nnamdi: My dad has always been very strict, and so he scared all my friends away. And now I am just alone here…

Chimamanda: sorry about that

Prince Nnamdi: enough of me, why are you here? Is Nina sick again?

Chimamanda: (smiles), no she’s not

Prince Nnamdi: Then what is it? Did my father harass you?

Chimamanda: No ooo, relax. You are so forward, you won’t let me talk.

Prince Nnamdi: And you are so real. You are very very young yet so bold and courageous. You are not even afraid to talk to me the Prince.

Chimamanda: And why should I be afraid. Are you a monster? ( the prince started laughing), besides am not so young like you think.

Prince Nnamdi: How old are you?

Chimamanda: How old are you Prince?

Prince Nnamdi: ( he starts laughing again) well since you asked, I am 33years old

Chimamanda: yet you talk as if you are one very old man. I am 19.

Prince Nnamdi: 19? You are a baby naaaa

Chimamanda: Na you sabi. Please the reason I came is because Nina sent me.(when the Prince heard Nina, his face lit up)

Prince Nnamdi: Nina, Nina sent you? Is she okay? What does she want? What did she tell you? (Chimamanda stood and observed the prince for a while before talking)

Chimamanda: prince, prince, you are a suspect o, uhm, uhm, she only told me to ask you about her mom. Ajuwe, and her brother.

Prince Nnamdi: is that all? Didnt she say anything again?

Chimamanda: (staring at him funnily) no Prince she didnt say anything else.

Prince Nnamdi: (disappointed) what is it you wanna ask about Ajuwe and the boy.

Chimamanda: she sent me to them, but I don’t know where they stay.

Prince Nnamdi: no problem, I will call a guard to direct you to their house.( he turned away from chimamanda and continued with what he was doing, chimamanda turned to leave with a grin on her face but she suddenly turned and called the Prince.)

Chimamanda: If there is something you want to tell Nina, this is the time to tell her, for in two market days she will be married to your father. (She turned and walked away as the Prince started at her leaving).

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