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Revenge-Episode 20


Revenge-Episode 20


Sitted in the King’s palace were chief, members of the cabinets, warriors, chief Odogwu and others. The palace was a little rowdy because of the decision that the king has just taken concerning the lands.

Obi: igwe this is so unfair, that piece of land belongs to my fathers father, and my father gave me that land, I intend to pass it on to my son. It is the only property I have. Please let Chief Odogwu find somewhere else to build his house. Please igwe.!

Ajani: yes igwe. I cannot release my land. Of all the lands why would chief Odogwu chose mine. If he wants to build a school, why not buy a plot of land that is for sale. Must he take ours?

There was a slight argument in the palace until the igwe shouted in top of his voice.

King AZAZA: silence everyone. I wikk not have you turn my palace into a market place.

Ajani: we are sorry igwe.

Chief Ibe: igwe, we are sorry about the noise. But what we are saying is that those lands have purposes. Odogwu cannot just come and say he wants to take our land. Sumoky because he wants to build on it.

Chief Odogwu: let me ask you something I’ve. will you build a school for this village? Do you even know what a school is? I am only trying yo bring development to this village but if you all dont want it. Its still okay by me oo

Chief Ibe: Odogwu. I know your type. And whatever is your plans will fail. It will not work. Developed indeed, the same way you developed EKEH right?

Chief Odogwu: what do you mean by that?

Chief Ibe: I mean whatever I mean. But just know that whatever your plans will not work.

King AZAZA: Enough of all this rantings. I am the igwe and I am law. Now listen all of you. A school is a good thing. And a fuel station is also a good thing. Chief Odogwu here has decided to build the two for us free, and all we need is provide him a land. And you all are here talking rubbish. I ask you Ibe, if odogwu refuses to build the school will you build it? Answer me will you? Anyways this is my judgement.

I dont want to know who inherited or who bought those lands for whoever. My judgement is those lands now belong to the igwe who in turn is handing it over to chief Odogwu for building of a school and a fuels station and his personal house. A labourer is worthy of its wages. And so odogwu deserves this. Any other person that steps on those lands to claim possession of the lands should be imprisoned and severely dealt with. I am the igwe and I have spoken.

Obi: But Igwe that land is the only property I have.

King AZAZA: I said I have spoken.

Odogwu got up and shook hands with the igwe beaming with smiles. The elders began to leave the palace except Obi, who suddenly began pulling his clothes. And in few seconds he was completely [email protected] before the igwe.

King AZAZA: Obi what is the meaning of this? Have u suddenly gone mad?

Obi: igwd, today I lay a curse on that land. Any man that shall step his foot on that land with an intention to take it away from me and my family, may the gods show them the way that leads to death.

King AZAZA: shut up Obi, guards, guards, take him away (he ordered, the guards came surrounded Obi, carried him and threw him out of the palace.)

Chief Odogwu: empty threats, the gods who dont even have ear’s is what he is calling on.

King AZAZA: dont mind him my friend, tomorrow I will take you to the land myself, let me see his crazy gods.

They both burst out laughing……

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