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Revenge-Episode 2


Revenge-Episode 2


Prince Nnamdi was furious when he heard of what his father had done,the sound of his voice could tear down a building. ”Father! Father! Father! Where are you? As he screamed, he was searching around looking for his father. The guard’s and the palace maidens all gave way for him as he approached.

Prince Nnamdi was loving and nice to all but they’ve all understood that when he is angry he does things that cannot be comprehended. He stormed the palace and saw his father KING AZAZA gallantly witted on his throne.

”Father why? Why did you do it”?
King AZAZA: Do what?

Prince Nnamdi: oh dad please, you know what I am talking about.

King AZAZA: no I don’t, so please tell me

Prince Nnamdi: Father you ordered for the entire kingdom of EKEH to be wiped out. Men. Children, women, boys and girls you ordered for all of them to be killed, father why? OKU and EKEH are brothers, we’ve lived in peace and harmony for years. King OBAMA was your friend, your very good friend, your wife the queen my mother is from EKEH, yet you ordered that the entire village be wiped out. What kind of a man are you?

KING AZAZA: Shut up boy, you will talk to me with topmost respect. You will respect me as your father and king. He stood up angrily and raised his hand ready to strike the Prince, but then he dropped his hands again before he continued. Did you even bother to know why I made the decision I made? Now listen to me.

As a king there are decisions you make even if people condemn you, you just have to make them. No matter what the world may think of you, you must put the safety of your people first above anything.

Prince Nnamdi: Father, sorry I spoke rudely to you, for that I apologise but I really want to know, why you ordered for a whole village to be wiped out including your friend!

King Azaza: my son, I had to act fast. I got a first hand information that KING OBAMA was planning an attack on our village. His warriors were supposed to attack us in a fourth night. The plan was to wipe out our entire land and claim our village. And so I had to attack first so to give them the surprise of what they intended for me.

Prince Nnamdi: dad, who gave you this first hand information? And please did u confirm before attacking.

King AZAZA: I do not need to confirm it was a reliable source. Its the kings right hand man, someone he trusts that gave me that info and its my duty to protect him for I have already given him my word to protect him.

Prince Nnamdi: Dad, am so surprised at you. You didnt train me like this. You taught me to be very smart and wise before I take decisions yet you of all acted on mere rumours.

King AZAZA: they are not mere rumours, its the king right hand man who told me, someone he trusts……

Prince AZAZA: how could you take the words of a betrayer and act on them, without first confirming. How can you order for blood to be on your hands without first confirming. Do you know if he lied to you? What if he is envious of the kings position, and he fabricated the story up so you will act exactly the way you have just acted.

King AZAZA: bu bu bu, the king stammered staring around him in search of nothing….

Prince Nnamdi: dad, you just made a terrible mistake that you cannot rectify, you just spilled blood on your hands without first verifying, you just killed your friend for nothing. And a man who can betray the trust of another man will one day betray your trust.

The Prince turned and walked away, he was highly disappointed in his dad, and for the first time in 4years since the queen passed on, this was the first time he argued with his father.

Somehow the king knew his son was telling the truth, and he wanted to quickly change his command but he knew it was too late, he thought of sending for OJAKOR the man who had brought the information to him, but he remembered that he had sent him and his family out of the country as required of OJAKOR.

The king bowed his head in deep thought, as he hoped he had not made a great mistake!

Do you think the king acted wise? 

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