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Revenge-Episode 19


Revenge-Episode 19


Nina was confused, she didnt know if to run or go to the king, she had to do something very fast. She heard a door open and then she saw Prince Nnamdi step outside, she quickly pretended to collapse and she fell right into his hands.

King AZAZA: what is happening? Please take her upstairs. Nnamdi I thought she was well already!

Prince Nnamdi: Father I do not know what is wrong.

King AZAZA: take her upstairs please.

Chief Odogwu: What is going on? What is wrong with her?

King AZAZA: She is not feeling too well, I guess you won’t be seeing her now.

Chief Odogwu: No problems I can always see her at any time.

The Prince took Nina inside with the maids and laid her on the bed. Then he sent a maid to go look for Chimamanda and bring her fast. When the maids left, he held Nina by the hand and prayed slowly for her not to die. Nina observed him gently and wondered why he was so different from his father.

Chimamanda stepped in with her bag of herbs and went straight to Nina. After observing her for a while she asked the Prince and everyone to go out of the room. She knew that Nina was pretending and didnt want to ask her before the Prince and maids. When they’ve all gone out she asked.

Chimamanda: now sit up and tell me why the pretence?

Nina: (she opens her eyes and sat up) I am so sorry Chi, please don’t let anyone know about this.
Chimamanda: I won’t but you have to tell me why you were pretending to be sick when you are not.

Nina: There is someone the igwe wanted me to see that I didnt want to see.

Chimamanda: And who is that? Why didnt you want to see him.

Nina: nothing, its nothing!

Chimamanda: Listen Nina, you can trust me and tell me, I promise not to tell anyone.

Nina: And I said its nothing. Why are you so inquisitive. Please leave me alone and let me be.

Chimamanda: I am not inquisitive, I just want to understand why you are pretending to be sick before the king your husband to be.

Nina: please leave me alone. I owe you no explanation. Just leave me alone, I want to rest now, you can leave my room. (She stood up and opened the door for chimamanda to go out, but Amanda walked up to the door and closed it)

Chimamanda: You may be older than me, but I am still your princess and this is not how to talk to your princess.

Nina stood rooted to the ground and stared at chimamanda, she started to see the resemblance. And then chimamanda removed the hand glove she was wearing, revealing her finger that was cut off by Aguyi as a baby, tears flowed from Nina’s eyes as she held her in a warm embrace.

Nina: oh! Oh! My princess its you, I thought you were dead. When that warrior came back with your finger wrapped in a cloth with your Royal ring, I thought you were dead. May the gods be praised that you are alive. This is a miracle.

Chimamanda: Bring down your voice. So no one can hear you.

Nina: what happened? How cone you are alive?

Chimamanda: The warrior Aguyi, could not do it, he was crying as I was begging him not to do it, and so he cut off my finger, after begging me to forgive him. He said he needed to prove to the king that I was dead, if not he would be killed. So he cut off my finger, and then he took me home to his wife and daughter and they took care of me and loved me like their own. He resigned from being a warrior so that he could take care of me. He gave me the name, chimamanda and told people I was his daughter so as to cover my identity, then he made me wear these gloves to avoid been noticed by people.

Nina: How did you learn to heal?

Chimamanda : its just a gift. The gods blessed me with the gift of healing.

Nina: The gods be praised, I bless them for making me see this day.

Chimamanda: But how come you are marrying the wicked king. Have you forgotten the mission?

Nina: my princess no, I can never forget, my Queen your mother appeared to me and told me its my destiny to be Queen. I guess its part of the mission. Maybe i am destined to be the worm that will eat the king from the inside.

Chimamanda: what about my brother the Prince.

Nina: Ikenna, that’s what we call him now. Like you we had to keep his identity hidden. He is fine and safe. The gods used a good woman AJUWE to help us. You must find her and reveal yourself to her. When you find her you will find the prince.

Chimamanda: But how do I find her?

Nina: The prince, find Prince Nnamdi, demand to speak and talk to my mom. You will find Ajuwe.

They both looked at each other again and hugged again.

Chimamanda: The time of revenge has come. Remain focused. We will achieve victory, EKEH will rise again.

Nina: yes my princess, EKEH will rise again…..

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