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Revenge-Episode 18


Revenge-Episode 18


Chief Odogwu had just arrived from the US with his family and the igwe had given him a warm reception. They have just finished a good meal at the dining table and the chief and the king left the rest of the family at the dining to go discuss important issues downstairs. There was plenty of laughing in the palace ad they went downstairs. They took their seats and discussion started.

Chief Odogwu: Its so good to be home, after all this years.

King AZAZA: yes o, we are always grateful to you and so EKEH is your home anytime, any day.

Chief Odogwu: Thank you so much igwe.

King AZAZA: so now that you are back, what is your plan.

Chief Odogwu: (sitting up) yes igwe, I was coming to that. I was meaning to ask for your favour.

King AZAZA: what is it my friend? You know you can always ask anything of me. EKEH is indebted to you. ( they both burst out laughing)

Chief Odogwu: Thank you igwe. Igwe what I want to ask for is the four plots of lands by the village hall. That place is a very good and open place, it will be good to build a school and a fuel station, you know it is high time development comes into this village. And I want to help bring that development. I want to build a big school and a fuel station in EKEH!

King AZAZA: you mean, you want to build for us?

Chief Odogwu: yes igwe. As a sign of appreciation for what you did for me and my family years ago.

King AZAZA: ah that Is good news. You see, not everyone knows how to appreciate. That my friend, is a very good habit.

Chief Odogwu: Igwe, that is not all. You know my family and I don’t really have a house here in EKEH. There is another plot of land two poles after the four plots, I will love to build a house there for my family and I.

King AZAZA: uhmmmm, well, those lands actually belong to some elders of this land, but I will talk to them, I will let them know that this is for the development of this land. They don’t have any choice than to comply.

Chief Odogwu: Thank you my king, I know I can always count on you.

King AZAZA: You have nothing to worry about, the land is yours already.

Chief Odogwu: Thank you so much my king.

King AZAZA: meanwhile, there is someone I want you to meet.

Chief Odogwu: And who might that be.

King AZAZA: my wife to be, an epitome of beauty. (He turns face a guard) tell the future queen there is someone she has to meet. (The guard runs off)

Nina has been transformed into s beauty queen. The attire she wore changed her completely and she looked absolutely beautiful. The guard had informed her that the king wanted to see her. His presence irritated her and she hated him with passion. She has been informed that being a queen was her destiny and she had accepted to marry the King so as to be the worm that eats him from within. She will make his life miserable and make him pay for all he did to her and the people of EKEH. She smiled as the thought of revenge felt sweet in her heart.
She stepped out in style walking down the stairs to see who this visitor was. And them she saw him. Immediately she saw him she recognised him. It was Odogwu, the late king OBAMA step brother and personal advisor, she remembered he had left EKEH with his family few days before the attack. She remembered Ajuwe’s story of how their own kind man had sold them out. It was Odogwu, everyone knew that Odogwu was jealous of his brother Obama. He had always wanted the throne for himself, and so he used king Azaza to destroy EKEH simply because he couldn’t be the king.

Nina remembered everything and understood it all. She recognised him well and she knows that Odogwu will also recognise her. And if king AZAZA should find out that she is from EKEH her life will not only be in danger but Ajuwe and Ikenna. She was confused because the king was waiting for her to step down. Just then the king saw her at the stairs.

King AZAZA: There she is (he points at her) come down my queen, come and say hello to my blossom friend……

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