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Revenge-Episode 17


Revenge-Episode 17


Chimamanda spent some time attending to Nina, before she finally picked her bag to leave, promising to return the next day.

Prince Nnamdi: I do not know why you changed your mind, but thank you! I look forward to your coming tomorrow. I pray the gods show her mercy and heal her.

Chimamanda: Amin

King AZAZA: Make sure you come on time tomorrow. Do not keep my bride waiting.

Chimamanda took another wicked look at him before going out. On their way out, Aguyi held her hand and asked.

Aguyi: my child, one minute you are standing your ground never to help the queen to be, the next minute you are down helping her with so much passion. Why? What did you see.

Chimamanda: Father there is nothing to ask or think about. I just did what my spirit asked me to do.

Aguyi: may the gods bless you my child for not allowing a fellow human die.


Ikenna and Ajuwe had prepared lots of arrows and they have decided to return back to the village.

Ajuwe: Ike what’s the next plan now?

Ikenna: Firstly I will go and see how my sister is faring. When I return I will know what next to do.

Ajuwe: Then I will go with you.

Ikenna and Ajuwe arrived the palace and met Prince Nnamdi outside. Ikenna introduced himself as the brother to the young maiden that the igwe had captured and arrested. Prince Nnamdi could perceive hatred for the king from Ikenna. He took them in and showed them NINA.

IKENNA: what happened to her, who did this to her?(he stood up boiling in anger)

Prince Nnamdi: calm down, she had a slight accident. She fell down and hit her head on a chair.

Ajuwe: (holding her by her hand) my poor NINA , I am so sorry I wasn’t here to help you, don’t worry ike and I are here now and we will never leave you alone again.

Ikenna: this was no accident. I am sure the king has a hand in this, this was no accident.

Prince Nnamdi: we’ve called a healer, she was here yesterday and she will be here any moment from now.

Ikenna: if anything happens to my sister, if anything happens to her. Let me not say anything yet. (He turned and walked out of the room angry, in his way out he stepped on Chimamanda who was walking in, but he was too angry to even say sorry, he just stormed out)

Chimamanda: Ouch, who is this one na, see the way he stepped on me and felt so big to say sorry. Stupid!
(She walked into the room, she greeted Ajuwe and prince Nnamdi, and commenced treatment immediately. She brought out a leaf, squeezed it and out it into her nostril. After a while, Nina sneezed and opened her eyes.) She was so weak…..

Nina: Water, I need water

Prince Nnamdi quickly got up and ran to the kitchen past the maids and brought the water to Nina. She drank the water and felt a bit strong. She turned and looked at the faces around, she didnt recognise anyone except Ajuwe whom she hugged so tight before asking.

Nina: where am I please?

Ajuwe: oh my child, bless the gods you are alive, I was so worried.

Nina: where am I ma,

Ajuwe: you are at the palace, my dear, do you remember anything?

Nina: I think I do, I remember the king locking me up because I refused his proposal for marriage. (She turned and looked from the prince to China) ma, who are these people? Where is Ikenna?

Prince Nnamdi: welcome back dear, my name is NNAMDI.

AJUWE: Nina honey, This is Prince Nnamdi, son of King AZAZA, he has been the one taking good care of you.

Prince Nnamdi: And this is chimamanda, she is the healer who took care of you and brought you back to life, after many other healers have failed.

Nina turned to Chimamanda and thanked her so much for all she’s done for her.

Chimamanda: there’s no need to thank me, I just did what my spirit asked me to do.

Nina: where is Ikenna?

Ajuwe: He just stepped out few minutes ago.he will be back.

Nina: I really want to see him. (She turned to Nnamdi) Thank you so much for taking care of me, please tell your father that I am ready to marry him.

Prince Nnamdi: what did you say?

Nina: I said tell the king that I am now ready to be his Queen.

Nnamdi’s eyes widened, his mouth opened as he stared at Nina like a ghost.

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