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Revenge-Episode 16


Revenge-Episode 16


Unknown to Aguyi, King Azaza had ordered the guards to follow him and bring his daughter by force to the palace to heal Nina. Aguyi walked home silently with anger in his heart. He got home and met his two daughters with his wife in the kitchen. He narrated all that had happened to them and his wife consoled him, but just then the guards stepped in.

Aguyi: (standing up) And what are you doing in my house guards of the king.

Guard: The king had ordered that your daughter the healer come with us.

Chimamanda: Come with you for what?

Aguyi: Amy my child, I might have mentioned to the igwe that you are a healer and can heal his sick bride to be

Chimamanda: I don’t care father, his wife to be can go and die, I don’t care.

Aguyi: No my child, don’t talk like that, its not her fault, she is just a victim like the rest of us and this gift of yours was given to save lives so please don’t say words like that anymore.

Chimamanda: Father, that king is evil, he is a wicked man, anything that concerns him is evil and I will not have anything to do with him.

Guards: you don’t even have an option. Weather you like it or not, you are coming with us. (He went forward in attempt to carry her, then Aguyi drew his sword)

Aguyi: one touch on my daughter and heads will roll here.

Guard: Aguyi. We don’t want to fight, we just want to carry out the igwe’s order.

Aguyi: Don’t touch my child. We will go with you, but don’t you dare touch her.

Chimamanda: But father, I will not help the igwe

Aguyi: Let’s get there first, others have tried and failed, it is not also a crime for you to try and fail. Let’s go.

And together, Aguyi and chimamanda followed the guards and went to the palace. When they got there, the igwe let out a loud laugh. He looked at father and daughter and then spoke out.

King AZAZA: I had thought you would offer resistance to my guards, am glad you came without any struggle.

Aguyi: Igwe you didnt have to ask your guards to use force on my daughter. Ain’t I the one who told you about her?

King AZAZA: I know you did, but based on our last discussion and how we parted, I believed you will not allow her come.

Chimamanda: Listen igwe, you can force a horse to the river, but you cannot force it to drink water.

King AZAZA: what do you mean by that?

Chimamanda: I mean that you can force me here, you can even imprison me, but you can’t force me to help your so called wife to be.

King AZAZA: (angry) listen young woman, you will help that Nina of a girl, you willbsave her life, and if you don’t, if she dies, be rest assured that you will die with her.

Aguyi: But Igwe I never told you that she is god, I only said she might be able to help, it is not a guarantee that the person must be cured.

King AZAZA: yes Aguyi, she must be cured or else your daughter dies, so whatever magic she wants to use, let her use it and save that girl. Guards, tell NNAMDI, to bring in the girl.

Chimamanda: Never, I will never save your bride. Kill me if you must but I will never touch her.

Nnamdi came in with the guards who were carrying Nina and dropped her before the king. He heard the young healer talking and turned face her.

Prince NNAMDI: please ma, whoever you are, please save this woman. Please, do not do it for my father, but please do it for me. I beg you. Please ma.

Chimamanda: So the igwe is your father. He has said he will kill me if I don’t touch her. Let him kill me because I have nothing to do here

Prince Nnamdi: I swear in my life, nobody will touch you, please ma if if there is anything you can do please save this young woman and do it. Just take a look at her, just one look please and if you still insist on not touching her, then let her die please. Just one look.

Chimamanda looked at the Prince and then at Nina who was lying motionless on the ground. When chimamanda saw Nina her heart skipped, tears fell from her eyes and without saying any more word, she dropped her bag and brought out some herbs and started mixing them. Nnamdi was surprised, even Aguyi and the igwe were surprised at why she suddenly changed her mind

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