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Revenge-Episode 15


Revenge-Episode 15


The warrior head was sitted outside his hut smoking his pipe, Aguyi sat beside him with pleading eyes. Warrior head seemed not to care or interested in whatever Aguyi was saying.

Aguyi: You don’t seem to care what I am saying, you are not even listening to me.

Warrior Head: Aguyi. I am listening, but like you already observed, I don’t care.

Aguyi: But how can you not care? I just told you that I needed my reward from serving this land. Before we became warriors we were promised a handsome reward upon death or retirement, but all these years no one has bothered to ask ask how I take care of myself and my family, no one is even speaking of the reward. Please I really need this money and reward. My family needs it.

Warrior Head: But I just told you I don’t care.

Aguyi: and I ask how can you not care? This is my right, my entitlement, I am not begging for assistance, I am only asking for what is rightfully mine, how can you not care.

Warrior Head: (standing up) Aguyi, I am a very busy man, I have somewhere I want to go to so please leave.

Aguyi: I don’t understand you at all. Arevyiu seizing my money and my reward? Because I honestly don’t get you.

Warrior Head: How can I seize your reward? Am I the igwe that gives reward? Don’t you know his palace? Why are you bothering me?

Aguyi: But Okinji’s wife got paid barely two months after his death, Agoba got paid last week after his retirement two months ago, how come no one is talking about me, you that retired last week the igwe has paid you, for me its been 9years already, 9years, how come no one remembers Aguyi, or talks about his own money? What is going on?

Warrior Head: Aguyi I am not the igwe, take your questions to the igwe, don’t come and bother me here. Am I the one owing you? What kind of problem is this?

Aguyi: You and I know I have no business with the igwe, however I will go to him as you have asked. (He turns to leave)

Warrior head: Bia, wait for me, let’s go together, I have business with the igwe too.

(Aguyi waited for a while for him to lock his door and together they went to the igwe’s palace, when they got there, the entire palace was in disarray, Igwe was sifted with one hand on his jaw thinking)

Warrior Head: igweeeeeeee (they both bowed in salutation) igwe I hope all is well. This one you sat like this!

Aguyi: Yes igwe, I hope all is well.

King AZAZA: All is well my warriors, its just this stupid girl I brought to my palace. I wanted to take her as a wife and she refused, and just a little discipline I gave to her, she is already dying.

Aguyi: How do you mean she is already dying igwe?

King AZAZA: they said she fell and hit her head and the head got infected. We have carried our finest healer and yet she hasn’t improved.

Warrior head: And you are worried?

King AZAZA: Not really, am not really worried, its just something Nnamdi said, that of she dies, the kingdom will rise up against me.

Warrior head: hahahahaha, who dares rise up against the great AZAZA, nobody can do tha.

Aguyi: Igwe, nobody can rise up against you but the people will not be happy with you and some of them might begin to plan evil against you.
King AZAZA: That does not bother me at all, but I wish she wouldn’t die because I do not want to have any feud with my son.

Aguyi: igwe, my youngest daughter is a healer, I have seen her cure so many strange illness, I believe if she attends to this girl, she might just get well.

King AZAZA: really, send for her immediately!

Aguyi: I will do that sir. Meanwhile, the reason I came to see you is because of my reward and benefit from serving as a warrior in this land.

The king looked at Aguyi for a while before finally speaking.

King AZAZA: Aguyi, I thought the warrior head had already explained to you everything. But since he didnt let me be the one to tell you. You were given an assignment years ago to kill the princess of EKEH, you performed your duty and then by yourself you resigned from being a warrior, I don’t know if its because of guilt or anything but you resigned. And by that you lost all right to your reward. So you won’t be getting anything at all.

Aguyi: Igwe, I have served this land for a long time, I have fought battles for the land, I resigned because the thought of killing that innocent child hunted me. If for that I will not be given the reward I duely deserve, then I leave you for the gods.
King AZAZA got angry and stood up.

King AZAZA: are you causing me?

Aguyi: Igwe, I have not caused you, I won’t dare.

King AZAZA: in that case mind your words. Now get out of my palace. Get out.

Aguyi smiled, took a bow and walked out of the palace.

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