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Revenge-Episode 14


Revenge-Episode 14


For days now, nobody has a heard a sound from Nina’s room. The guards and maids of the palace have noticed this and they have brought it to the notice of the King. But he shouted at them and told them that his decree was that none should open that door until after seven days and that as he has spoken so it will be. The maids returned back to their rooms. They were already beginning to worry for the young lady but they didnt have the power to do anything. Some of the maids would go to the door of the room and try to peep through if they would see her, others would they to talk to her through the talking pipe connected to her room, but they would get no response from her. It she sixth day already and they prayed fast for the seventh day to come. While some prayed, others gossiped.

Maid one: I feel so pity for the young girl. I just hope she is not dead in the room already.

Maid two: what I don’t understand is why she would refuse to marry the king. A whole king. Many girls would die to be in her place, and here she is given a life time opportunity and she is throwing it away.

Maid one: what are you talking about?/is it by force to marry the king. Why won’t the king just let her be. So a woman can’t decide to marry who she loves again. This village had turned into something else o.

Maid two: How I wish I was the one chosen by the king, I will grab the opportunity with both hands. Imagine me the Queen and all of you my subjects, would that not be great?

Maid one: I am suprised at you o, so if it were you chosen by the king you would have married him?

Maid two: Before nkor, who nor like better thing?/I will marry him sharp sharp without thinking twice. Na wa for you o, that na question you day ask so?

Maid one: well not everyone is as greedy as you, some people are still full of integrity and stand by what they believe and want.

Maid two: And where has that belief taken her to. See where her integrity had landed her into

Maid one: I really wish Prince Nnamdi knew what was happening and that a young girl is dying in there simply because she refused his father’s marriage proposal.

Maid two: Prince Nnamdi? And who will tell him? You? That one has given up on his father, he has chosen a part different from his fathers and so he does not concern with whatever his father does, or whatever happens around the village.

Maid one: The Prince is a good man. If he were here, that innocent girl will not be locked up in that room to suffer……(unknown to them, the Prince had been standing around and he just heard all they said)

Prince Nnamdi: what girl? Locked up where?

The maids were startled.

Maid one: my prince sir, no one sir and no where sir.

Prince Nnamdi: don’t you lie to me, I have been here for some time now and I heard everything you said so don’t lie to me. So speak up if not I will have you driven from this palace.

Maids: eerrm, uuhmm, my Prince,

Prince Nnamdi: speak up

Maid one: my Prince, the igwe your father will punish us if we tell you anything, please my prince, forgive us please.

Prince Nnamdi: listen just tell me everything and I promise you my father will not know about you, I promise you, I give you my word.

(Then the maid took her time and explained everything that happened the past few days to the Prince. Nnamdi was surprised, he demanded that the room be shown to him and they showed him the room. Then he marched angrily to the guards, demanding the key to the room. The guards saw the rage on his eyes and they gave him the keys. He went into the room and saw Nina on the floor unconscious. Prince Nnamdi ordered the guards to carry her to one of the rooms and the maids to clean her up)

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All efforts to wake Nina up proved abortive, the village healer was called by Nnamdi and after checking Nina up, he told them that she must have hit her head on a hard object and that the injury on the head was already infected. He gave some medications but Nina showed no sign of waking up. Angrily, Prince marched into his fathers room where he was about to sleep.

King AZAZA: Nnamdi have you gone mad. How dare you march into my room like that.

Prince Nnamdi: Father how could you? When did you become so cold hearted and heartless?

King AZAZA: mind your words young man. I am not just your father but your king.

Prince Nnamdi: Damn that father, how could you lock up a young girl simply because she refused to marry you. You locked her up without food and water for days. How can you be so cruel?

King AZAZA: what king AZAZA wants, kung Azaza gets. Nobody refuses king Azaza, whoever does that must suffer.

Prince Nnamdi: hear you father, just hear you. A young girl old enough to be your daughter. How old is that girl? That girl is not up to 30, how old am I? You want to take a very small girl as your wife and because she refused you want to kill her.

King AZAZA: What king Azaza wants, king Azaza gets.

Prince Nnamdi: I hear you father, pray she lives so you can get her, she is in there struggling for her life, everything has been done and she is not responding. Pray she lives because if she dies, your kingdom will hear of your cruelty.
(The Prince turned and walked away, leaving his father staring at him).

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