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Revenge-Episode 13


Revenge-Episode 13


For days Ikenna became busy, cutting sticks and sharpening them to form arrows. He has made a very big and thick bow for himself. He was full of anger and rage. He couldn’t wait anymore, it was time to out king AZAZA where he belonged.

Ajuwe had searched for him for the past three days but could not find him, she had become so worried about his whereabouts. She tried to talk to Nina if she had any idea where Ikenna would go to, but king AZAZA had locked Nina up and commanded that nobody should go and see her or open the door for her. Ajuwe had also asked around neighbours and friend of Ikenna but non was able to tell her where he had gone.
She decided to increase her search by going far deeper into the forest that leads away from the village. She had walked for days alone, tired and hungry. She was about giving up on her search when she heard the sound of the cutting and falling of a tree. She quickly followed the direction where the sound came from, hiding carefully behind leaves. She didnt want to fall into the hands of wrong persons. And finally she saw him. It was Ikenna.

Ajuwe: thank the gods

Ikenna was surprised to see Ajuwe, she looked at her again to be sure she was real and not a ghost.

Ikenna: Mother, what are you doing in this part of the forest alone.

Ajuwe: Ike my child, I’ve been looking for you for days.

Ikenna: But why mama, I haven’t gone missing na

Ajuwe: you left the house, days back without telling anyone where you are going to and you expect me not to worry? Why did you do that?

Ikenna: Am sorry ma, I didnt want you to stop me from what I wanted to do, besides I needed a quiet time to be able to think and focus on my mission.

Ajuwe: Why? What is your mission, what do you plan to do? (Then she turned and saw the carved arrows and the bow) what do you plan to do with these?

Ikenna: Mama, it is time for the King to pay for his sins.

Ajuwe: (picking up one of the arrows? with these? You plan on dealing with Azaza with these tiny arrows of yours?

Ikenna: Mother, these are not tiny arrows. I will bring the wickedness of the king to an end with this.

Ajuwe: Ikenna my son, you have to cool down on your rage. You alone cannot take down the king. You have to take your time, think and strategise.

Ikenna: Did you say take time? Mama time is what I don’t have. The king is about to force my sister to become his wife, against her will. I cannot sit back and let that happen. And let him rope her into his wickedness. I have to do something.

Ajuwe: But what would you do?

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Ikenna: Mama, go home, do not worry about me or what I will do. I will finish what I came here to do and I will return to the village, and the wickedness of king AZAZA will come to an end.

Ajuwe: Ikenna, but how do you plan on doing that? Have you forgotten that the king has warriors? Trained warriors and guards, same Ines who were able to bring down EKEH, you are just a boy, you are not as skilled as they are, how do you think you can get through all of them to the king.

Ikenna: Mama, they may be skilled, they may be talented, they may have Years of experience, but I am graced, I am blessed by my parents, I carry the spirit of my father the king of EKEH, my mother the queen of EKEH, my sister the princess of EKEH, and the spirit of all the men, women, boys, girls and children of EKEH. I am a small boy with many spirits, they have to get through all these spirits to reach my spirit, and before they will be able to do that the wicked king AZAZA will be dead. Go home mama, its time for the king to pay.

Ajuwe: so I cannot convince and change your decision.

Ikenna: Mama, my mind is made up, and nothing you say or do can change my plans.

Ajuwe: From beginning when I accepted you and Nina unto my home, I became committed to your course, so if this is what you have decided to do, then I will stay and plan with you. We are a team, we work together, live together, fight together and die together.

Ikenna looked at Ajuwe as she picked up a stick from the ground, picked up a small knife by the side of the woods and began to sharpen the stick. Ikenna also knew that as he was stubborn so was Ajuwe and there was no convincing her to return to the village. So in silence they sat and carved arrows ready for battle.

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