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Revenge-Episode 12


Revenge-Episode 12


King Azaza: Ezemoi, you are welcome, please I need your wise counsel on what to do. I have decided to take a wife and I have chosen s young and beautiful maiden, but she has outrightly rejected me. She and her brother spoke rudely to me, and most of all they are not from our land. Something tells me they are from EKEH village. The village we destroyed almost six years ago. Eye of the gods please confirm for me if this is true!

The chief priest began some incantations, throwing cowries and dancing around the palace like a possessed stray dog. After a while he stopped and pointed to Ajuwe.

Chief Priest: Your kind heart will bring you blessings, as you have opened your door to help the ones in need, the gods have opened their hearts to smile at you.
The igwe looked at ezemoi and then to Ajuwe, but he remained calm.
The chief priest ordered that Nina and Ikenna be brought out to the middle of the palace. The guards brought them out and made them kneel before king Azaza.
The chief priest looked from the girl to the boy and then postdated before the boy.

Chief priest: Igweeeeeeeeee!

King Azaza was confused, he could not tell if the ezemoi was prostrating for him or the little boy.

King Azaza: Ezemoi are you greeting me or the little boy, because I don’t understand.

Chief Priest: I greet the king I see!

Then king AZAZA relaxed on his chair for as long as he is concerned he was the only king that was there.

Chief priest: (talking to Nina) I see Royalty all around you, you are destined for great things, you are destined to be a queen. Do not refuse the kings proposal, for it is your destiny…..(to Ikenna he turned and spoke) You have a destiny to fulfil, do not be distracted. Things will unfold at the right time. So not try to rush up anything. The gods are with you, but you must learn to be patient. ( then he packed his bags and was about to leave )

Nina: I will never marry this man, I don’t want to be Queen.

Ikenna: she can’t be Queen, she can’t marry him, how can she marry a man she is not in love with?

Chief priest: you can’t run away from it young Lady, it is your destiny. You will be queen, you must be Queen. That is the will of the gods. ( he turned and walked away, the king let out a wicked laugh)

King AZAZA: I knew you would be my wife. Guards take her to my chambers and have the maids dress her up. Ajuwe take this rude boy and leave my presence. My Queen stays with me.

Nina: nooo noooo nooo ( she screamed and cried) Ike, Ike don’t leave me here, Ikenna, I don’t want to be Queen, I don’t want to stay here. Ajuwe please don’t leave me here, (she kept on crying as they kept pulling her away)

Ikenna: (shouting and crying at same time) no, please let her go, let her go, you’ve taken everyone I love from me, please don’t take her away too, please let her go please.

Ajuwe just held him by his hand as the guards dragged them out of the palace.

Nina was taken into one room and locked there. She kept on crying, hitting the door and shouting for help. Some maids came in and tried to change her clothes but she chased them all away. The king had ordered that until she becomes quiet and calm nobody should open the door or give her any food or water.

Nina remained in that room for three days without food or water. With each passing day she grew weaker and weaker, and she was gradually losing the strength to shout or hit the door. She prayed for a miracle, but non came, then she began to pray for death to come. She rather be dead than marry the wicked king. Everyday a guard will speak to her through a tiny pipe that was connected to the room, asking her if she was ready to submit to the king and also as a means to check if she was still alive.

Nina: I rather die! ( she answers weakly)

This answer always gets king AZAZA furious, and he made a decree that nobody should check on her for another seven days. And so Nina remained in that room for days without food or water. Yet death refused to come. She didnt know how many days were gone, she didnt know if it was day or night she was just there. And then suddenly she saw her, dressed in white looking very beautiful.

Nina: My Queen, oh my beloved queen. I knew you would come for me.

Queen: Nina my beloved, see how you’ve grown, I am so proud of you, you’ve taken good care of my boy and he has grown to become a brave man. Thank you so much my child.

Nina: My Queen, am so tired, I want to go home with you, I don’t want to stay here anymore

Queen: no my child, you have a destiny to fulfil. Your time is not come yet.

Nina: but I cannot marry the king, he wiped out our entire land, he killed you and the king, I cannot marry him, I don’t want to be queen, I rather die. Please take me with you.

Queen: NINA Darling, its your destiny to be queen, the gods made those choices for us and we cannot change it.

Nina: But how can I be queen to someone I don’t love. Let me just die please.

Queen: You have to be strong, there is a great task ahead of you. You have to be strong to fufil it. Do not worry my dear, you will love the king! (then she turned to leave)

Nina: Wait , please wait, I still have questions, (but then the queen was gone. She opened her eyes and realized it was all a dream and she was still locked up in the room, she tried to stand up but discovered she was very weak from lack of food and water. She fell down hitting her head in a bench that was in the room. (Then she passed out).

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