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Revenge-Episode 10


Revenge-Episode 10


Nina: I will not go, who the hell does he think he is

Ajuwe: He is the igwe of this land, and you will go.

Nina: Never, I will not go. What can he do to me? The worse he can do to me is kill me the way he killed my people.

Ajuwe: And is that what you want?

Nina: I am not afraid to die o!

Ajuwe: I know you are not afraid to die, but if you die now would you have fufilled the wishes of your beloved queen and your igwe? (Nina became quiet) listen my child, you will go to the igwe and you will hear what he has to say to you, please my child, you have to be wise please! (Just then the ikenna walked in)

Ikenna: what’s going on here?

Ajuwe: nothing my dear, I was just convincing Nina to go to the igwe palace to see him as he has requested!

Ikenna: yes about that sister, I want to accompany you to the palace.

Nina: ah! No oooo, you won’t go, I will go alone.

IKENNA: no Nina, I will go with you, I want to take a closer look at the man who murdered my family and village.

Ajuwe: Ikenna, I don’t think that is necessary at all. When the right time comes, you will meet with the king.

Ikenna: I know that, but I want to still go there today.

Nina: ike, see you have nothing to worry about, just stay here at home, before you know what’s happening I will already be back.

Ikenna: I don’t understand why you are both trying to convince me not to go. Is there something you are hiding from me? Why are you bent on my not going.

Nina: no dear, we are not hiding anything, I don’t just think that its the right time for you to go and see him.

Ikenna: I am not going there to fight or kill him, I just want to see the place, I won’t even talk there, is that so bad? I want to go there and please don’t tell me not to follow you please!

Ajuwe: Nina let the boy go with you, because its obvious his mind can’t be changed. So let him go with you.

Nina: okay, you will go with me but you won’t do anything stupid do you understand?

Ikenna: I won’t do anything stupid your majesty. (They all burst into laughter at the way and manner Ikenna said the last part, but Nina was worried, she didnt like the idea of Ike going with her, but then she knew that she can’t persuade him not to. She prayed for the spirit of his parents to be with him and protect him.

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