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Theme: Death is not an option


"No.. Wait.. Please listen.. I didn't do anything please don't kill me" Cecilia Martin, Lawrence Malays Printing press cooperation's top journalist begged as she was being dragged by armed men to God knows where or rather to where she would be sent back to God.

"Please listen I swear, you have to believe me, I didn't do any.. ". And one of the men used his pistol to hit her head and she passed out. Moments later she was shoved into the trunk of a car
Who would have thought this day would ever come, the great Cecilia Martin, the youngest and smartest journalist in Malays cooperation. The only employee of the printing press who could fish out the unfishable information.

Just at twenty four she already has an unquestionable reputation of greatness. She smart, beautiful, reliable, efficient and most of all she was Lawrence Malays Printing Press biggest asset.

Now would all that go down the drain? Was the first thing she thought when she was caught trying to get information about the most dreaded and deadliest underground gangsters of the city.

Just three days ago, her boss Jamie Lynn had called her into his office to inform her about the news of the Black Malton Boys (B. M. Bs) hideout. The B. M. Bs are the deadliest gangsters in the city, for so many years, government authorities, security agencies, both public and private have been trying to catch them but all effort seemed fruitless.

They were the most wanted criminals in the city, anyone who could provide even the smallest details of their whereabouts would be rewarded handsomely .

Cecilia just recently felt the urge to look into their case, anything thing concerning the B. M. Bs was now her concern and her boss and admirer Jamie Lynn did all he could to help her dig into the case. Three days ago he called her into his office. Their conversation went thus ;

"Ceci! " Jamie half yelled the instant she stepped into the big sparsely furnished editor general office.

"How many times have told you to stop calling me that " she retorted slumping down on the couch.

"Pete knows " he replied
"Well, when will you stop calling me that? ".

"When you agree to be my girlfriend " he replied curtly like he was sealing a business contract.

This statement made the sexy brunette who was initially lying on the couch to sit up and cross her legs.

"And how many times do you want me to turn you down before you give up? " she asked in the same manner.

"I won't give up Ceci, I love you and I can't give up pursuing the woman of my dreams " he replied passionately this time.

If another person had said this to her, she would have been sending punches his way right now, but she couldn't do that because this is her boss. It simply irritated her that Jamie constantly pestered her about his feelings for her.

Jamie Lynn Malay the son of Lawrence Malay the C. E. O of the biggest printing press in Pamona was every woman's dream. He was hot, smart, intelligent and stinking rich. His sexy blonde hair, Blue piercing eyes, straight nose, well sculptured jaws, in fact he was an epitome of stunning looks and he was every girl's dream, but not Cecilia Martin's.

She admired him no doubt, she loved him but just as a friend but nothing more. Anybody who heard what he just said would be surprised that the demi god in human form was chasing someone like Cecilia, though when closely monitored one would agree that they were perfect for each other. She is smart so is he, she is beautiful, he's handsome, they were both journalists and they walked alongside each other, but that was the issue for Cecilia.

She couldn't be with someone in the same line with her, someone who's lifestyle is similar to hers she wanted someone different, somebody who could leave her dumbstruck, speechless , someone who would make her feel stupid, a man who could make her laugh and cry at once and that man was most certainly not Jamie.

"What did you call me here for Jamie, I believe I'm not here to listen to your cheesy romantic speeches " she spoke up after awhile of silence.

"Cheesy? Really Cecilia? Is that what you think? " he asked playfully but deep down he was hurt and totally confused.

'Why can't she just give me a chance to prove myself? ' he thought.

"Jamie just tell me why you called me " she breathed out.

"As you wish ma lady " he drawled in his Pamonan accent.

"It about the B. M. Bs" he dropped dryly.

"Now that's an issue worth discussing! " she squealed playfully leaving the couch to sit on one of the chairs in front of the table.

"My feelings for you are not worth discussing? " asked still trying to sound playful.

"Jamieeee" Cecilia breathed out exasperatedly.

"Okay " he replied raising his hands up.

"Just tell me about it already " she squealed again batting her lashes in a way that made the poor guy's heart melt like jelly.

"I received info from a reliable source about the B. M. Bs hideout. " he answered sounding all business like again.

"Really where is it? "

"Well according to the source, it's in McKinley hills and they'll be heading there in three days time"

"Wow, then I've got to be there, just give me the actual place "

He opened the drawer and brought out a brown envelope.
"Here " he said stretching it to her.

"All the necessary information is in there"

"Wow thank you Jamie, I owe you one" she said getting up to peck his cheeks.

'I wish it was my lips ' Jamie thought.

"How about a date tonight " he asked

"Hmm okay just send me the address " she replied getting up.

"Don't worry I'll pick you up by 5, just get ready "

"Okay, and thanks again " she replied already walking towards the door.

On a normal day she would have declined his offer, but the information he just gave her was an 'hot cake'. If she succeeds in her mission it means a promotion, more awards and more money, the least she could do for Jamie is to go out with him. 'Its just dinner and nothing more' she said to herself....

And now here she was, her life was in the hands of unknown armed men.

The information she got from Jamie was indeed useful, in fact coming to their hideout was even better because right now she was holding an information worth millions. But that million would only reach her when she is free. And that is under probability. She got what she came for, quite alright but she accidentally made a noise which attracted the attention of the men and now she's been thrown into the trunk of a car like a piece of garbage heading to who knows where.

The black Lamborghini screeched to a halt in a lonely road, surrounded by bushes on both sides.

The four men stepped out of the car and one of them open the trunk and hauled Cecilia out.

Blood was dripping from her forehead and she was barely awake. He dragged her into the bushes followed by the other three. They walked a little distance into the bushes. Sounds of running water could be heard and soon they came out of the bushes to meet a running lake.

'A lake?' Cecilia thought. 'This is where they brought me? '. 'Now I'm sure they want to kill me '
Different thoughts ran through her mind as she scanned the area for any escape route although she really doubted the odds of that happening. How could she escape from four heavily builded men. Her taekwondo skills would be totally useless on them, she was just like a little fly in their sight.

"Please " she begged weakly

"Don't kill me please, I'll do anything you want please "

"Will you just shut up!! " one of the men shouted

"So you are scared of dying, didn't you think about that before coming to spy on us? " another one asked and she broke down into a sob
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"Awwn.. Poor baby.. She crying " the third one drawled sarcastically and they bursted into a loud laughter.

'Is there no one around here to help me?'. She thought.

"Tsk .... Tsk.. Tsk.. " the last one hissed out scrutinizing her whole figure.

"Come to think of it guys, she kinda looks hot " he said still roaming his eyes over her.

"True talk man" the first one answered.

"Perhaps we should have a little fun before we finally do away with her" the blonde one among them suggested.

"Exactly.. That's what I was thinking.. " The one who'd dragged her added.

"You wanna have some fun before we end you baby? " the third one said and smacked her behind.

She winced in pain and tried to move away but she was blocked by the one who'd brought the idea.

"Where do think you're going uuhhn? " he snarled and grabbed her breast.

"Please stop " she whimpered fearfully.

'Oh God please if you really exist help me and I promise to come to church every Sunday ' she prayed silently.

'Just perform your miracle " she thought silently.

And truly a miracle did happen.

"Were you guys not sent to kill her? " a deep masculine voice echoed through the bushes and moments later a tall, well built young man almost 6' feet, appeared from behind the bushes.

"And you're busy molesting her? I wonder what the Malton brothers would do to you when they find out you're not following their orders " he added walking closer closer with his hands in his pockeks. He seemed so relaxed.
"And who are you to tell us that? ". One of the men retorted
"There's no need for intros my friends, just let the cute lady go, tell the B. M. Bs that you've killed her and carry on with your criminal lives " the young man answered calmly.

"Really, you must be joking " the blonde man said and they bursted into another long laughter, but surprisingly the young man joined in, he even laughed longer than the other men.

"No.. No.. My.. Friends I am not even close to joking " he said after his long hysteric laughter.

The unusual calmness of his voice was chiling but each of the men ignored the feelings. Assuring themselves that one man can not bring them down at once.

"Look man, I'll advise you to just stay out of this else you're gonna be in deep shit" The man who'd dragged Cecilia bellowed.

"I'm only going to say this once misters, get out of here while you're still in one piece ". The young man snarled

"Look kid the only person who's not gonna leave here in one piece is you" the second one half yelled throwing a punch at the young man but he was quick enough to dodge it and retaliated.

"You leave me no choice ". He said throwing the man on the ground.

The remaining three launched at him but he swiftly slipped out of their hold leaving them confused.

And at an inhuman speed he attacked the three of them at once, a minutes later they were down on the ground with twisted ligaments and broken bones.

"OMG, now that's awesome taekwondo moves " Cecilia thought gaping at the young man. It was dark so she couldn't see his face clearly but with his physique she was sure he'd be handsome.

In a flash she was whisked into the air, as the man threw her across his shoulder.

Cecilia felt like she was floating in the air because of the rate he was moving, it was utterly unreal.

'Maybe its because I'm just tired and I'm imaginig things ' she thought.

'He's just helping me '. That was when the realization hit her, a man just appeared out of nowhere, beat up the people who tried to kill her, and now she was hanging across his shoulder her head down, and he was flying? Running? Whichever one.

'But this is strange, what if he's trying to kill me, what if he was sent here to finish the job' her subconscious yelled at her.

Before she could protest or struggle, she felt herself being dropped.

She opened her eyes which were initially shut and she noticed that she was now inside a car on the passenger seat and the man was already on the driver's side, and he had ignited the engine.

"WTF!! " she cursed aloud.

Making him glance at her for the first time since he showed up.

"Any problem? " he asked cocking his head to one side.

"Um... We. Where.. Are.. You.. Ttt... Taking.. Me? " Cecilia stammered unsure of what to say..

Their eyes met and she found her heart beat accelerating in a strange way. The car light was on so she could see his face now but not really clear though.

"I'm taking where you're supposed to be at 11:45pm on a Friday night " he replied nonchalantly and started driving.

She took that as a cue and didn't ask any further questions, she could only hope and pray that she was in safe hands.

A light tap on her shoulder jolted her out of her slumber, her eyes flew open and she realized that they had stopped.

"Get out! " he grunted.

"Huh " she answered dumbfounded.

"Get out of my car" he bellowed.

She wanted to ask where he wanted her to go, when she looked outside to see that the car was parked in front of her apartment.

Many questions immediately flooded her mind. He brought her home. Why?

'Who are you and why did you save me? ' she wanted to say but decided against it.

"T.. Thank you for saving me" she voiced out instead.

'Yeah its okay, now get out or do you want me to take you back? " he replied.

Why's he being rude? She thought.

"No thanks " she said opening the door.

"If I were you I'll stay hidden and lay low for a while, the B. M. Bs are not the type you should toy with, you're lucky this time but you might not be another time " he said as she stepped out of the car and drove off without waiting for a reply.

"I'll keep that in mind " she muttered to herself and strode into her duplex, overly large apartment.

"What a night " she sighed collapsing on her bed.

The image of the night replayed in her mind over and over again.

So if the handsome stranger hadn't showed up she would have been dead by now? She shuddered at the thought.

Who is he? Why did he help her? How did he know where she lives?
Why didn't he ask for something? Does he know her?

All these question kept on popping in and out of her head for hours.

But one thing's for sure, she was undoubtedly grateful to him whatever his reasons for helping her were, she was grateful.

' Maybe I'll lay low and stay hidden for a while as he suggested ' she thought and drifted into a sleep of different nightmares with a handsome knight coming to save her.

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