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Reincarnation-Chapter 9


Reincarnation-Chapter 9

Theme: Death is not an option


"I thought you said we were going to meet your crew? ". Moran asked when Leonardo drove towards Lawrence Malays, they were now in his car.

After a quick breakfast and a briefing on the type of issues they'd be dealing with, they finally headed to meet the team they'd be working with or rather their team mates.

"Yeah we're going to meet them ". Leonardo replied.

"But you're driving towards the office ".

"Did you forget that there's a station under the office? "

"Oh Yeah " she mumbled.

Leonardo glanced at Cecilia, she was seating on the passenger seat and she was staring out the window.

He couldn't help but notice how beautiful and fragile she looked, no one would think she's capable of entering the crime world.

He was beginning to feel things he hadn't felt in decades and it was scaring him, like when he first carried her; that night he never wanted to let her go, or when they shook hands, there was a kind of wave that passed through him or through them, because they both felt it, he knew she felt it too.

He knew what was happening, he'd only felt like this about a woman once and it didn't turn out great , he was afraid of falling again mostly because of the fact that she would grow old and leave him alone just like his first left him to wallow alone in this world.

'You have to stop this from happening ' his subconscious shot at him.

She was aware that he was looking at her, even though she was looking the other way, she still felt his eyes on her. Her heart was thumping so hard she was afraid it'll burst out in the next second.

'Damn he does affect me'. She cursed inwardly.

As they reached the parking lot, they rounded up to the back of the building. There was an empty space where a big
was painted on the ground, Leonardo parked right on it.

Before any of the ladies could ask any questions the car surprisingly started desccelerating into the ground.

"Whoa! " Moran exclaimed
Cecilia just stared into the darkness as they descended further into the ground with a surprised expression on her face.
The car stopped going down after awhile and no one needed to tell them that they were miles under the ground.

Leonardo ignited the engine and they drove into an underground parking lot.

He was the first to come out of the car, followed by an excited Moran.
The instant Cecilia stepped out of the car, something snapped in her, a new kind of fierceness evolved in her and deep down she knew this was the turning point of her once simple life, she knew that her life would never be the same.
"Shall we? ". Leonardo's voice echoed through the lot.

"Yeah sure" Cecilia answered for the first time since they left her home.

He led the way and they speechlessly trailed behind him.
When they got to the entrance of the station, he took the left path down a dim hallway. They walked farther and farther till they reached a small box shaped room.
Four people were inside the room ; two ladies and two guys. They were all sitting on the only couch in the room.

"Finally" one of the ladies with deep chestnut hair drawled with an eye roll.

"I thought we were all gonna perish before you came ". One of the guys said, his deep voice booming through the room.

"Welcome people!! ". The second guy said getting up.

The second lady just focused on whatever it was she was doing on her phone.

"Sorry we're late, someone overslept ". Leonardo replied grinning sheepishly at Cecilia who was wearing a scowl.

"You know miss Martin, you're really cute when you frown but you're beautiful when you smile, so please try smiling more often ". Leonardo whispered loudly to her and she found herself blushing furiously.

'OK he does know how to use words '. Her subconscious said to her and her inner goddess nodded in approval.

"This isn't the time for pillow talks Leo ".The First guy half yelled glaring playfully at Leonardo.

"I'm detective Conan " he introduced stretching his hands for handshake.

"Cecilia Martin " Cecilia answered politely returning the handshake.
"Moran... Moran Devin ". Moran also introduced.

"Nice to meet you ". Conan said shaking her.

"I'm Erika Williams " the cute lady with chestnut hair said walking to meet them.

With the way she was dressed and even the way she moved, no one needed to say that she was a circus baby girl.

"Hi". Both Cecilia and Moran said in unison.

"That's Sawyer, my assistant " Leonardo said pointing to the other guy who'd moved to the corner of the room to receive a phone call.

"And that's Susan, our computer guru and cryptographer " he added pointing at the second lady who was still too engrossed in what she was doing on her phone to notice their presence, her head was slightly bent and her blond hair covered half of her face.

"Where's Justin? " Leonardo asked.

"He's... " Sawyer who just ended the call, was about saying when a small dagger came flying through the air.

Its flew across the room and hit the wall just few inches away from Moran's face and cutting short a few strands of her hair.
"The Hell? " Moran half yelled looking at the strands of hair which had been cut off and she clinged tightly to the wall as if she was about to enter it.

"Nice shot". Justin Klay said to himself,entering the room through a small door at the back which was barely noticeable.
"This is Justin ". Leonardo introduced.

"The Hitman ". Justin added, with his eyes on Moran
Moran looked up to meet his eyes and her jaw dropped immediately.
"Omg!!! ". She screamed inwardly as her eyes roamed over his figure.

Never in her life had she seen someone with so much tattoos. There we're tattoos all over his body down to his fingers.

He was shirtless, revealing his broad muscular chest and abs.
"So many tattoos ". She blurted out without thinking.

"Yep so many tattoos ". Justin replied with a smirk.

"Hi I'm Moran... Moran Devin " she rushed out unconsciously.
"Hello Moran". He answered taking her hands.

"Nice to meet you Senorita ". He added and brushed his lips over her knuckles.

Moran immediately heated up, all her skin was painted red and even with all her effort she still turned into a tomato.

"That's alright Justin, leave the poor girl alone " Erika said pulling him back as if he was bullying her.
They all broke into a small laugh.
" Sorry about your hair ". Justin apologized to Moran after the had died down.

"No worries, it'll grow back ". Moran replied, shyly tucking her hair behind her hair.

"Yesss, I've got it! " someone suddenly screamed, they all turned to the direction.. It was Susan.

"Logical algorithm, that's the answer!! " she continued snapping her fingers.

"Oh not again.." Justin sighed brushing his hair with his fingers.

"I'll handle her". Erika said going to meet Susan who was already pacing to and fro. She removed two tiny ear buds from Susans ear and screamed into her ears..

"Such the f**k up and come back to earth freak!! ". Erika shouted.
"What?!! Oh.. I... I.. I'm sorry, I just got an idea ". Susan.. finally came to her senses.

"Hi everyone ". She waved when she realized they were not alone.

"Don't hi us, just get us straight to our work place " Conan grumbled.

"Oh yes". She answered and picked up a pouch that was on the couch.

She removed a small remote control from it.

Before any one could ask why, she pressed a button on the remote, immediately the whole room started rotating, the people standing in it did not move but the room itself started spinning, as if it was changing phases.

Few seconds later it stopped and the once small and scanty room had changed into a big spacious room with ocean blue glass walls, three computers and different varieties of electronic gadgets, Guns of different sizes ecsetra ecsetra.

This is the perfect place for underground spies to carry their mission.
"Yay it worked!! " Susan squealed happily.
"How did you do that? ". Justin asked.
"I connected a few coded programs together, then I connected it into the main system, after that I navigated the signals from... ".
"I get it.. I get it". Justin cut her off raising his hands up..

And they all laughed again.

"She's trying to say that the room just acted like a door to this place, and it happened with the help of her new program ". Sawyer defended placing his hands on Susan's shoulder.

"Yeah that's what I meant ". Susan said.

"So this is where we're gonna be working? " Erika asked.

"Yep". Susan replied booting one of the computers.

"So Miss Martin, what do you say? ". Leonardo asked looking at Cecilia.

She looked around from all their faces, to the gadgets, and everything in the room, and her lips slowly curved into a sly smile.
Then she replied
"Let's get on with this baby!! "

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